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Pretty much every other minute of any movie (save for Ace Jr.), thanks to Jim Carrey in all his hammy glory. But to name a few examples:



  • Ace and Melissa on their way into a very ritzy party:

Melissa: I'm really going out on a limb here, Ventura. Camp's social events are strictly A-list.
Ace: "Gee, Chuck. The date started off good, but just before we got to the party, she seemed to tense up!"

Melissa: I swear, if you do anything to embarrass me in front of Camp-

Ace: What? Like this? (makes faces)

    • Randomly during the party, Ace reaches over and screws up a cello player's performance for no reason other than pure whimsy. (Jim Carrey improvised that.)
  • Ace's reaction to finding out that Einhorn is a man. Including chewing a whole pack of gum.
  • "Hi im looking for Ray Finkle..." *Shotgun barrels slide through the opening* "... "And a clean pair of shorts."
  • "Do I have something in my teeth?"
  • The entire Ashram Monastery scene. Ace showed up in the place a broken man after the Raccoon incident. While its a Tearjerker what happened to him then, everything in the Monastery was hilarious. First off Greenwall shows up to offer Ace the recent case. He meets the Grand-master and tries to describe the man he is looking for, only to be met with the usual response. He says his name, only to get the usual "We have no names." moniker. He describes him as an American, only to get the "We are all children of the same lifeforce." speech. So Greenwall mentions Ace's habit of talking out of his ass, which Grandmaster realizes. "Oh him." In a tone that implies he was annoyed at Ace's antics. He leads him to Ace's meditation chamber. When Greenwall offers him the case, Ace refuses. When Greenwall offers him $20 000, he's tempted, but still says no, thinking he is still needed here. The Grandmaster tries to, as politely as possible convince him to leave, offering to pack, claiming he has Omnipresent Oneness and even gives him his own Medallion Of Spiritual Accomplishment. Ace touched by the latter offer decides to leave and Grandmaster offers to tell the others. Ace pleads him to break it to them gently. Cue a Gilligan Cut of the other Buddhists cracking out the champagne and celebrating his leaving, which surprises Ace. It seemed that his antics were so annoying that even the peaceful patient monks couldn't stand him. However it does become a moment of Heartwarming later on when Ace Meditates to contact the Grandmaster. Grandmaster was still willing to help him out regardless of how annoying he was.

 Ace: I never seen them act like that before. Denial can be an ugly thing.

  • When Ace first meets the Wachati Chief and assures him (despite his fear of Bats.) that his sacred bat is good as found. The Chief spits on him, at first Ace seemed offended, but Greenwall was quick to tell him that's how the Wachati express affection. The prince also spits on him even saying he likes him to make the point clear. Ace, not missing an opportunity starts horking up, with the father and son staring and smiling in anticipation, while Greenwall is just shocked wondering how much he has in him. We don't see what happens but the camera cuts to them all leaving the hut laughing their asses off each wiping phlegm off their faces.