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Client: This is going to sound weird, but we'd like an anesthesia machine cake.
Mary Alice: Oh, like that one? (aside: We've done this twice.)

  • Fandom Rivalry: Invoked: Mary the decorator is a major, possibly lone New York Yankees fan among many Boston Red Sox fans, the most vehement of which is Mary Alice the secretary.

Mary, upon spotting a Red Sox flag that would decorate a New Yankee Stadium cake: "What is that awful, ugly flag doing there? (replaces it with a Yankees flag) There, that's better!"
Mary Alice, through clenched teeth: I don't think she realizes how many Red Sox fans there are here. Including me.

  • Nightmare Fuel: The Da Vinci surgical robot, which looks like a cross between General Grievous and SCP-212 (don't worry, it just wants to make origami with your naughty bits, as its used in urological surgery).
  • Promoted Fanboy: Despite having a successful television show, Duff and co. geek out quite shamelessly when meeting other famous faces.