Acid Reflux Nightmare/Playing With

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Basic Trope: Eating too much before bed gives a character nightmares.

  • Played Straight: Bob eats too much spicy food before bed and has horrible nightmares.
  • Exaggerated: Bob eats a single M&M before bed and has a horrible nightmare that from lasts the rest of the series.
  • Downplayed:: Bob eats a little too much before bedtime has a mildly weird dream.
  • Inverted: Eating before bed gives Bob good dreams.
  • Subverted:: Bob eats too much before bed, and dreams about monsters, but the monsters quickly turn into hot girls.
  • Double Subverted:: ...But it turns out he's afraid of hot girls!
  • Parodied*:???
  • Averted:: Bob does not have any nightmares.
  • Invoked: Bob wants a weird dream so he eats as crazily as possible trying to get a crazy dream.
  • Exploited: Alice wants to ruin Bob's sleep, so she adds extra spice into his supper knowing it will give him bad dreams.
  • Zigzagged: ???
  • Discussed:: "Bob always has a bad dream after eating too many jalapenos."
  • Conversed:: I remember having a dream like that after eating too much Havarti before bed.