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  • Most of the show, arguably. The episodes "Tears of a Clone", "Incident at Chlorine Lake", and "Flippers of Fury", as well as the ending of "Voice of Treason", are probably some of the best.
  • The episode, "Incident at Chlorine Lake", where Bill the Lab Guy is in an observation cage, watching the Trophy Bass. Then it starts ramming the cage, super dramatic music plays, and Bill yells, "Oh no! I was afraid of this!" The combination of absurd imagery, the music, and Bill's tone of voice makes it a really funny scene.
  • "Yay! The mayor's toast! Boooo! So are we!"
  • Bill un-brainwashing the citizens by calling in his personal friend, Lou Rawls, to unhypnotize them by singing his own subliminal song.
  • After the Mayor unveils the big baby at a circus sideshow:

Thunder Girl: What a cute baby.
Stinky Diver: What a grotesque parody of human life!

  • Any time the Chief says "BLAST IT!"

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