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The toys:[edit | hide | hide all]

  • Ear Worm: "Action Man - The hero of the world!"

The animated series:[edit | hide]

  • Epileptic Trees: Several, all surrounding Action Man's undisclosed past. For example, at the end of one episode, after Ursula informs AM (from a distance) that he was a spy infiltrating Dr. X's Skull-Men unit and was never truly a member of the organization (as his fractured memory flashes had led him to think), she's seen weeping while holding a photo of Action Man's mother, implying that she might be his sister.
  • Foe Yay: Action Man and Ursula.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The way Natalie is dressed, see this image [dead link], considering Pamela Anderson and Malene Espensen would start dressing this way, making them literal Captain Ersatz versions of them.

The CGI series:[edit | hide]

  • Complete Monster: Dr. X is the mastermind behind all the evil in the series, committing all his crimes in the name of evolving humanity into perfection for him to control. Before initiating his more monstrous actions, X, requiring a new body for himself, kidnaps a young man named Brendan Caine, subjects him to torturous experiments that turn him into a Super Soldier, then transplants his own mind to Caine's body. X then becomes free to spread his influence worldwide, and immediately forms his Council of Doom, after which he begins various attempts to "test" humanity to determine which of them is most suitable to become part of his "Neo Humanity". These so-called tests range from trying to start a nuclear holocaust and flash freezing the entire planet, to infecting millions with a virus he hopes will lead to them ripping each other apart, leaving only the survivors for him to horrifically transform into his personal super soldiers. Showing numerous times that any well-intentioned claims are utter hypocrisy, not only does X regularly attempt to kill hundreds of innocents out of nothing but spite toward his Arch Enemy, Action Man, but X's plans to "improve" humanity always amount to simply replicating his own mind onto everyone else. In the finale of the series, X finally loses whatever sense of reason he had when he decides to drag an asteroid to crash into the Earth and wipe out everything, including his own Council of Doom, then just rebuild humanity from scratch with himself as the base reference. A complete and total psychopath unable to comprehend the fact that imperfections are what makes humanity special, Dr. X was so convinced of his own godlike infallibility that he failed to realize just how maniacal and petty his goals were.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome/Ear Worm: The opening and ending theme(s) for the show.
  • Narm: Dr. X calling Alex Mann by his actual name while he's a dude in distress would be more impressive if he did not call him "Mr. Mann".
  • Nightmare Fuel: Brandon's transformations. Also, the Psycho Electro pulling off a Last-Note Nightmare by showing off his electroplated skull.