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Action Man is associated in some way with G.I. Joe and/or Action Force. Dr. X is connected to Cobra.

Mostly because Hasbro evidently considers all their big toylines to take place in the same universe... or metaverse... or something, but there are a few other points.

Action Force definitely takes place in the same universe as GI Joe, and started off as a series of GI Joe redecos. Before Action Force, there was Action Man, the original GI Joe redeco.

Likewise, the names Action Man and Action Force are rather similar; perhaps Action Man was an early project conducted by the British Department of Defence, and when he proved successful, they expanded the project to an entire team - a force of Action Men, if you will.

Alternatively, Action Force came first, and Action Man was the top member; he was so good, in fact, that he was selected to regularly conduct surgical strikes where sending in more than two men and a dog was logistically unfeasible.