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  • So on America's Most Disgusting Unsolved Crimes early in Addams Family Values, Captain Oveur says that the Black Widow targets wealthy men, seduces them, marries them, and then kills them on the wedding night for the insurance/inheritance. But then later during her slideshow Debbie makes it pretty clear that she marries for love (or whatever) and stays with it for a couple years before killing her husband when he really pisses her off.
    • It's possible after the times she got pissed off and killed her husband, Debbie decided "okay, no one seems to really love me so I'll just marry guys and kill them to take their money." Or something like that. Remember she did try to kill Fester on their wedding night. The ones on the slideshow were the ones she really cared about when she married them.
      • She also killed her parents before that. I think the idea is that nobody can live up to her insane demands, so after repeated disappointment she just starts killing them off to begin with.
    • Also, y'know... Debbie's crazy. It's entirely possible that she hooked up with each guy with the full intent to kill him once they were married (and the time she spent with them was really just in the leadup to that where she was seducing them or living with them), but still got angry that they "weren't treating her right" despite her intent to murder them. Hypocrisy is sort of the least of her sins.
  • The idea in Addams Family Values is that Fester is desperate for a girlfriend, leading him to settle for Debbie. Yet in the first movie, didn't Gomez say in the past he was jealous of Fester's great love life? Remember, Fester was dating the twins Flora and Fauna Amore, and Gomez stole them away? Then suddenly Fester can't get anyone else because...why? This is a family that managed to marry off Cousin It, after all.
    • I think Fester was sort of flirting with both Amor twins, but it hadn't developed into anything serious, but Gomez wooed them both out of jealousy... you can interpret that jealousy as "I'm the smooth, attractive one, how dare they flirt with my brother and not me?!" Basically, as Gomez getting huffy the first and only time a girl(s) preferred Fester to him.
  • I know it's just meant to be silly dark humor, but what the hell happened at the end of the second film? Whose hand was that that reached out of the grave to grab Joel? It can't be Debbie's, since she was reduced to a pile of ash and credit cards. Was it Thing? This has been bugging me for years.
    • I'm answering only from memory here but there seem to be two possibilities: (1) It was indeed Thing; (2) She had played a little game of Wake the Dead of her own as preparation for the prank, and put the reanimated corpse in the grave.
    • I assumed it was just someone she asked to hid in the ground for exactly this purpose. Like Pugsley, say.
  • In Addams Family Values Debbie says her Time Life tape contains FIVE THOUSAND melodies. How can this be? The longest cassettes I've ever seen in my life were those two-hour blank tapes. If it's like that then that still means each melody (on average) must be less than a second and a half long--and that's not accounting for the ton of blank space they always left at the beginning and end of both sides of commercially released cassettes. Even the Hooked on Classics medleys weren't that swift.
    • I don't think she ever actually says that it's just one cassette. It could be like the Harry Potter audio book cassettes, where the fourth book had sixteen cassettes to it.