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The Addamses really did love Debbie.

When Debbie strapped the family into electric chairs, and asked them whether any of them really loved her, Gomez calls for a show of hands, and all the other family members try to raise their hands. Thirty seconds into Debbie's (unbelievably selfish) Start of Darkness monologue, Grandmama seems totally on her side, and the entire family seems to sympathize with the multiple murders she's committed for sheer greed. Debbie had a hint of the family in her, but was just too selfish to see that she'd found a home and family that could love her for what she really was.

Wednesday and Pugsley really did just want to play with the baby.

It's been demonstrated that their definition of "play" involves axes and electric chairs. There's no reason for them to assume that their brother would be any less Nigh Invulnerable than the rest of the family. So, while there may be some legitimate sibling rivalry, the attempted guillotining and repeated drops from high places are just normal Addams playtime.

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