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Adult Swim takes the piss on Anime fans because they're still hurt about The Big O Season 3 not being bankrolled.

The most horrifying part is that Tim & Eric are the tomatoes.

The execs at Adult Swim really want to know what anime fans like about anime...

And so they periodically make shows that have animesque subject matter and are clearly not in the Animation Age Ghetto, but are also clearly Western Animation. They want to find out exactly what fans of anime like other than the country of origin.

Adult Swim is responsible for the downfall of Cartoon Network.

Think about it: without Adult Swim, the Mooninite Bomb Scare would have never happened, and Jim Sample would have never had to step down as the head of Cartoon Network.

To be more precise, Aqua Teen is to blame.

Toonami isn't coming back, Adult Swim is just geting our hopes up.

It would take a lot of money to help make new bumps each week, just for late Saturday nights/early Sunday mornings, and according to a leaked schedule for May 26 by TV Guide (most guides have TBA in the three empty slots).

With much of the schedule looping for the next three hours (except for the FLCL and Bleach switch at 2AM/5AM).

Knowing [adult swim], they're milking it for all it's worth. When in the last few years has Adult Swim ever cared about anime fans in the last few years?