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  • Commissar's exit from the RP. He finds Grey Fox, kills him, uses his own blood to write an ominous warning to Orange Star and then leaves with the agency responsible for causing chaos in Orange Star.
  • Whenever somebody uses their Super CO power, expect something awesome to happen.
    • Or Tag Powers, the users get a combined moment of awesome.
  • The alternate universe Emi got one pretty recently. Having spent the past few weeks build a relationship with Ken, the current Emperor of Yellow Comet, receiving both shelter and technology to aid her in her fight against Black Hole, then then proceeds to do a complete Face Heel Turn - albeit not a sudden one - invade and conquer a heavily populated island and capture Ken in little under two days.
    • She also captured Hanako, which was just the icing on the metaphorical cake.
  • How about the time Don infiltrated SMART's laboratory. Or perhaps the way Ken "infiltrated" the same lab - by driving a tank through the wall.