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  • It may just be me but Gravelyn mentions that Chuckles was her own creation and how her daddy Sepulchure was proud of her making her very first minion was very sweet. Especially when Chuckles returns, saves his mistress AND gets a promotion to boot.
  • Any of the wedding events are like this. This includes:
    • The first ever wedding between two characters.
    • Cysero's wedding and Nursey explaining that she loves her husband for who he is.
    • Nythera and Ryuuji's wedding, especially when Ryuuji would give his own magic to power Nythera up and used remnants of their three trials to make a ring for her.
  • Ai No Miko reunited with her father once the player defeats Kitsune.
  • The first part of the 2011 Frostval Event has you bringing the spirit of Frostval to Gravelyn. And it is adorable.
  • The ending of the 2012 Heroes' Heart Day event. In the end, you help Romeo and Juliet get a truly happy ending.

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