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Sweet Feelings by overlyemotionalanon

  • Recommended by chisuburaido
  • Synopsis: After all his years protecting the Land of Ooo, Princess Bubblegum decides to thank Finn for his services...but has Finn matured enough to catch on to her advances?
  • Pairing: Princess Bubblegum and Finn (obviously)
  • Comments: Featuring aged-up versions of the characters (for story purposes), this lemon handles the romantic aspect of Finn and PB's relationship rather tastefully, focusing more on their chemistry rather than "mindless screwing." While it does get pretty "hot and heavy," it never goes overboard with its sexuality, which is nice. Overall, it's a nice fic that's sweet, slow, and maybe a little bit awkward (in a good way), despite a few pacing issues.

Finn and Marceline by Planet Cool

  • Recommended by Carth
  • Synopsis: Jake experiences jealousy and loneliness after Finn starts spending more time with Marceline.
  • Pairing: Finn and Marceline friendship. So far, anyway.
  • Comments: That synopsis is woefully inadequate, but an attempt to explain what this story's about and where it goes would result in my copying the fic word-for-word. If this isn't the best AT fic out there, it's at least the best gen fic. Has the zany feel, snappy dialogue, and subtle bawdiness of the best Adventure Time episodes, not to mention brilliant characterization and action packed action sequences of action. The perfect cure for the end of the season.

The Last Human by Ruby Sword

  • Recommended by Deep C, Xalts
  • Synopsis: "Following Princess Bubblegum's unexpected marriage to a stranger, a seventeen year old Finn decides to move on from his heartbreak by trying to discover the truth about his heritage, and if he is, in fact, the last of his kind. Finn's POV".
  • Pairing: Finn and Marceline.
  • Comments: This fanfic is quite well written. The dialogue sounds just like it was taken from the series, the new characters are quite interesting and are not Mary Sues. Finn's first person perspective is handled quite well, along with the love triangle between Finn, Princess Bubblegum, and Marceline. At this rate, this fanfiction deserves its own Tropes Article. -Deep C

Not Going Anywhere [dead link] by kokadee

  • Recommended by Tetronix
  • Synopsis: Marshall Lee decides to pay a visit on Finn.
  • Pairing: Finn and Marshall Lee
  • Comments: This one-shot is both heartbreakingly sad and adorable at the same time. I personally don't like the Finn/Marshall pairing, but the author manages to pull it off.

Connection by Bainaku

  • Recommended by dwarfstar
  • Synopsis: Princess Bubblegum makes some discoveries about her relationship with her vampire bud on one of their midnight excursions.
  • Pairing: Princess Bubblegum and Marceline
  • Comments: A heartwarming exploration of Marceline and PB's attraction towards each other, complete with cute science references that are oh so typical for PB. The writing style is also elegant, wordly and detailed, but very far from Purple Prose.

The Elder God of Chaos by Neverthrive

  • Recommended by Deep C
  • Synopsis: "A character from Marceline's past is coming to destroy the land of Ooo and Finn must stop it, no matter the cost. Marceline X Finn. For the Tree Stumps contest".
  • Pairing: Finn and Marceline.
  • Comments: This is actually a pretty good fanfic. While there are some spelling errors, the flow of this story is well done. The OC known as the Elder God of Chaos is pulled off quite nicely and is anything but a Mary Sue. The part with Billy telling Finn that there is no other way to save Ooo but to sacrifice himself is fairly heart-breaking. I would recommend this fanfic for certain. Plus, the ending with Finn becoming a vampire actually caught me by surprise.

Second Chances by Neverthrive

  • Recommended by Deep C
  • Synopsis: "Finn has adjusted to his new un-life with Marceline, but now a mysterious new group prepares to resurrect an old foe, threatening to devastate Ooo once more".
  • Pairing: Finn and Marceline.
  • Comments: Direct sequel to "The Elder God of Chaos". Once again, this is a pretty well done fanfic and everyone manages to stay in character. The action scenes and the dialogue between Finn and Marceline are fairly amusing.

Be My Escape by The Master Hama

  • Recommended by Jinxed Minx
  • Synopsis: "It was like it needed to rip her apart to get out and then tear him to shreds, too. If you could feel that kind of yearning, you would've taken the chance already."
  • Pairing: Finn and Marceline.
  • Comments: In this fic, The Master Hama shows the dire consequences of being the last human in Ooo. Very well written, and Marceline's and Finn's slightly twisted relationship is both Heartbreaking and Heartwarming. Definitely worth a read.

"So We All Are Growing Young" by CherryIce

  • Recommended by Bur
  • Synopsis: "Marceline may be a thousand years old, but Princess Bubblegum has been eighteen for a very long time."
  • Pairing: Marceline and Princess Bubblegum
  • Comments: This is a very sweet, dreamy sort of story from the point of view of Princess Bubblegum that explores several things, but mostly her love of knowledge and duty to her kingdom. I wish it was longer!

"The Stasis Project" by Cyrus Campbell

  • Recommended by hisaishi
  • Synopsis: "Finn has always wondered about his existence. When the past reveals his identity, he must make a choice. Stay with the ones he loves or the ones he wants to love. All the while, one man's imagination tugs at the strings, creating clouds of discord."
  • Pairing: None so far.
  • Comments: The story is yet to be fully realized but it's first chapters have gained well written reviews. The humor sounds like the actual show and doesn't try to force anything on the reader. One user, Ruby Sword (writer of the above The Last Human), points out a Homestuck style of humor. In addition, there are decent references, including Regular Show and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. While one user says it's a crossover due to Mordecai and Rigby's appearance, the author has made known that it is mainly Adventure Time and thus, an Adventure Time fanfic. The only complaint is update time. Months could go by before another chapter resurfaces. In addition, the plot has yet to be fully realized. Overall, the style is nice and the plot shows promise.