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Due to high moments of Getting Crap Past the Radar moments and randomness, Adventure Time has many moments that will leave the audience giggling.


Original Short

  • Pen's famous line regarding a certain piece of clothing that he wears on his head.

Pen: Why're you always stealing ladies?!
Ice King: I'm going to make one marry me! Hehehehe!

Pen: That's.... STUPID! (hits Ice King)

Ice King: Your hat is stupid!

Pen: MY HAT! IS AAAWWWEEESOOOME!!! (kicks Ice King)

Pen: What's going on? ...A-Abraham Lincoln?
Abraham: Pen. Your mind has been transported back in time. And to Mars.
Pen: Wh-What??
Abraham: It doesn't matter. What does matter is you need to believe in yourself!

(scene cuts back to Pen in Ice Kingdom)


Season 1

"Slumber Party Panic"

  • "SLAMACOW! WHO'S not good at math?! I was all like 'FOOOUUUR!!' "
  • It might be childish, but the very end made me laugh like a lunatic.

Finn: Starchy, you're not a zombie.
Starchy: I can't help it! Flesh is delicious!
Finn: YOU'RE delicious.
Starchy: Ooh! Don't squeeze me, I'll fart!
Jake squeezes. Starchy farts.

  • "Beeecause the Candy People are made of sugar, you dingdong!!" PB's delivery was just genius.

"Trouble In Lumpy Space"

  • Lumpy Space Princess' argument with her parents (the way they yell helps).
  • And don't forget Lumpy!Finn and Jake arguing at the dance. Their voices are just hysterical.
    • Finn's facial expression while yelling that made it all the more narmy.
  • Finn imitating LSP over the phone.

"Prisoners of Love"

  • The Ice King has just been beaten up quite badly by Finn. While unconscious, he dreams he is flying, and ponders why no one seems to like him:

Ice King: (sighs) What's wrong with me?
Cosmic Owl: Hoo. You're a sociopath.

"Tree Trunks"

Finn: What are you doing, Tree Trunks?
Tree Trunks: I'm helping you by tempting this guy with... my body...

Finn: It's not a guy, Tree Trunks! It's a snake-armed ruby brain beast!

Tree Trunks: Even brain beasts get lonely, Finn!

Finn: Jake! You were supposed to watch her!

Jake: (covered in Tree Trunks's lipstick) She got past me, man. I tried to stop her, but she over-powered me...

  • "[If I could do anything] I would pick... AN APPLE." "....Lame."
  • The imfamous ending where Tree Trunks explodes out of nowhere, complete with Finn's, Jake's, and the Crystal Guardian's shocked reactions.
  • Basically this entire episode.

"The Enchirideon!"

  • The Keeper gives a long explanation of the quest for the Enchirideon, and Finn easily solves the first "riddle," without even saying a word until asked how he knew what to do.

Finn: I just thought you'd look cute stuffed in that lock.

Keeper: Ah, yes. That's how most people get in.

Keypar: Congratulations, Finn the human. Now you have truly reached the end--
Finn: NEVER! [Punches the Keyper] Oh, no. Mr. Keyper, I'm sorry! W-why are you wearing that little Devil costume?
Keyper: These are my pajamas. I was getting ready for bed.

  • After the gnomes destroy old ladies after Finn and Jake rescued them:

Jake: HEY! That kid just saved you guys! You should thank him! Not destroy old ladies! Do you even know what I'm talkin' about? Say thank you! Saaay thaaank yoooouuu.
Gnome: KILL IT!!
Jake: (Jake dodges their zaps and grabs them) GET BACK IN THERE! (puts gnomes back in boiling puddle)

"Ricardio the Heart Guy"

Jake: ...Hoo boy. Hey Finn, come here. I need you to help me slay these peanut monsters at the bar.

Ricardio: I'm going to rip out Princess Bubblegum's heart and make out with it.

"Business Time"

  • One of the frozen businessmen gets promoted by Finn for "taking one for the team" (letting Hot Dog Princess, a Dachshund, kiss him instead of Finn). Cue all the other businessmen trying to smooch Hot Dog Princess.

"Memories of Boom Boom Mountain"

  • "I'M NAKED! HIHIHIHIHIHIHI!" The Naked Wizard can appear only once and steal the whole show.
    • (puts a patch of cloud on top his head) "NOT NAKED!"
  • At the end, after Finn's helped everyone, Jake pipes up.

Jake: I have a problem!
Finn: What's that?
Jake: This dolphin fell in love with me! (points to the dolphin standing next to him)
Finn: That's the opposite of a problem!
(cut to the two of them riding the dolphin like a jetski)

  • "Pigs on my knees! Pigs on my knees!"
  • After Finn explains why he wants to help everyone, Jake whispers to their friends "He still cries when he poops. Thanks for being cool, guys."


  • "Yeah, dude, force that enthusiasm!"


  • This:

Finn: It was just the wind, scardey cat.
Jake: I wasn't scared. I was singing! I was singing my scream song. (yelps three times)

Finn: (quickly; almost deadpan) You're a total wuss, man.

"The Witch's Garden"

  • This gem here:

Gary: Which one of you mortals wants to mate with all THIS?

Finn: Oh, um... how do I say, "You're the grossest thing ever" without offending you?


"What Is Life?"

  • "To the Mesosphere!" "Finally, we can die!"
  • "I could wake up at any moment! .... Naaah I'm still asleep."
  • "Finn?! Ugh! Why can't you ever be a princess?!"
  • "I think I know just the dumbhole we can get some from."
  • The whole “sneaking” bit with NEPTR.
  • “Yeah! Pootin’ on NEPTR to the max!”

"Ocean of Fear"

Jake: Finn, you did it! You conquered your fear!
Finn: What?
Jake: You're at the bottom of the ocean!!
Finn: (beat) (farts) AAAAAAAAAAAHH!!

"When Wedding Bells Thaw"

  • How Finn looks when he listens to music.
  • One scene for some reason had me rolling:

Ice King: Maybe I should go back to stealing girls. It's what I feel comfortable doing, y'know? Being free? With the wind at my back?... Lot's o' girls? Kidnappin' em?


  • "Even though the Ice King is a wad... I'm happy for 'im."


  • This part:

Jake: Ugh. I'd better go after him.
Jake!Sandwich: No, Jake, stay here. With me.
Jake: (deep voice) Oh, my. (makes out with sandwich)

  • That giant cat trying to pounce on Finn. And constantly missing.

Cat: I know exactly where you might be, Jim!

Demon Cat: Hello, Frank the human boy.
Finn: How did you almost know my name?!
Demon Cat: I have approximate knowledge of many things.

Jake: I'll get us out, with key hand! (hand turns into a key)
Finn: I don't see any keyholes in this cage, though.
Jake: Not a problem, man! Lock hand! (his other hand turns into a lock)

  • We see one of the trials Jake went through when separated from Finn. This includes a monster waving around a laser pointer. Which Jake chases into a wall.

"The Duke"

  • Jake tells Finn that tons of people hate him. Cut to one angry red squirrel...

Red Squirrel: Why, Jake? Why won't you print my letters? I... I... I HATE YOU!!!

    • And again...

Red Squirrel: Come on! Pick it up!
(Jake walks right past the letter)
Red Squirrel: You son of a bleep-blop!

    • Not to mention when he and the Marquis of Nuts appeared at the council meeting at the end of the episode.

Red Squirrel: Remember me, Jake?!
Jake: (beat) ....Nope.

Red Squirrel: (angrily foams at the mouth and screams)

  • Also when pursuing the Marquis of Nuts Finn and Jake agree to split right and left. Even so:

Jake: I went left tooooooo!

  • After Jake starts eating from a bowl of nuts belonging to the Duchess of Nuts:

Jake: Ohhhh... Should've asked if these were like, her eggs or something.

    • The entire scene with the Duchess of Nuts is a scream.

"Freak City"

  • "This homeless old man looks hungry, but all I have is this little piece of sugar. Man, I'm friggin' all about sugar, but I'm even more about FEEDING HOBOS!"
  • The Magic Man in all of his jerkassery. The best moment being him disappearing in a wave of fireworks that spell out "EAT IT".
  • This part:

Kim: No, man, please! I frickin' hate Trudy!
Kim: Okay, okay!

    • Pretty much any time Kim talks in "Freak City", but especially:

Kim: Get his eyes! Cut him in the eyes!

  • “Think happy thoughts: little cute bees, little babies, tiny tiny bunnies.”


"Rainy Day Daydream"

"What Have You Done?"

  • This. Just... this.

Ice King: I'll show you the true jerks... (removing tarp from mirror) BEHOLD!! (wind blows candlelight out)
Finn: Uh... it's too dark.
Ice King: BEHOLD!! (accidentally cracks mirror) BEHOLD!!! (mirror shatters)

Finn and Jake: (beat)

  • "These bars can't hold me forever!...hey there's only like two of them!"
  • "I am NO MAN'S bosom."
  • "I can't beat up the Ice King for nothing. It's against my alignment."
  • And when the Ice King thinks he killed Finn:

Ice King: What have I done? I killed my only friend!!
Jake: But what about m-?


    • "...Ah, well. Gunter! Dispose of Finn's carcass!"
  • Pretty much this entire episode.

"His Hero"

Lumpy Space Princess: I need surgery to make my body hot.
Finn: Yikes.
Lumpy Space Princess: Yeah. I know I'm already pretty smokin'.

  • The fact that Finn and Jake were actually doing more bad than good.
  • "A fist raised in righteous anger? Oh no, it's my fist!"
  • This:

Old Lady: (slurp) I didn't throw up! This gruel is very adequate.

"Gut Grinder"

Jake: What if I'm like, stealing gold in my sleep?
Finn: You can't be stealing gold in your sleep. [Eyes widen] I watch you while you sleep.

Jake: What? Yo, Finn, that is creepy, man.

Finn: I can't help it. I take pictures.

Jake: Well, when do you sleep?

Finn: Justice never sleeps!

Season 2

"It Came from the Nightosphere"

  • From the end:

Marceline: I've been meaning to ask you: what's with that pocket on your shirt?
Finn: Oh, Jake's in here. (looking inside pocket) Sup, Jake?
Jake: (farts)

  • The fact that Gunter the penguin has the most evil soul in all of Ooo.

Lord of Evil: What? NO, you can't have my soul, I don't even-- ...Look, just get in here. (tries to suck his soul and Gunter slaps him)

    • Followed by:

"Keep your crummy soul!"

    • "Gunter! Who told you you could fly?

"No one sucks the life from my penguins but ME! And maybe polar bears, because that's just nature, Gunter..."

"I saw Hot Dog Princess get sucked in here, and I wasn't invited?! I was like, 'what the lump!' so I'm crashing this party."

  • Marceline's dad sucking the souls from ants.

"Stompin' on ants, souls souls souls."

  • More Radar-based fun.

Finn: Well, this ant's about to get in his pants!
Marceline:... What?
Finn: Well--you know!

"The Eyes"

  • Pretty much the entirety of Finn and Jake's insomnia-derived descent into madness. But especially Jake's eventual plan to get rid of The Horse:

Jake: Finn, let's kill the horse.

Finn: It's about time I showed that horse who's the man.
Jake: What are you going to do?!
Finn: Say that to me one more time.
Jake: What are you going to do?!
Finn: Do. Doo-doo. I'm going to kick that horse in the bottom!

Jake: Oh, my Grod!

[Finn kicks the horse, and out of its mouth comes...]

Finn and Jake: The Ice King?!

 Ice King: I should go.

  • Jake: "Did you find out I sleep in the nude? It's none of your business how nude I sleep, Ice King! None of your business!

"Loyalty to the King"

  • Lumpy Space Princess punching herself into a sphere to appease the Nice King.

"Blood under the Skin"

"Slow Love"

  • Jake pretending to be a girl snail, then a guy, and then both.

"Say yes say yes say yes say yes!"

    • Complete with Finn's horrified reactions throughout.
    • The pec-flexing during the guy snail part.

"Power Animal"

Jake: Let's go eat Cinnamon Bun.

"Crystals Have Power"

  • Jake's controlled fighting, where he punches a Crystal Guardian very slowly.
  • Also:

Flashback!Jake: I don't wanna hurt nobody!
Flashback!Jake's Dad: Well too bad, because you're going to hurt EVERYBODY!

    • Later on:

Jake: But Dad, you said I'd hurt everybody!
Spirit!Jake's Dad: Yeah, everybody!
Jake: I dunno Dad, that doesn't really help me.
Spirit!Jake's Dad: Everybody who is evil. Try letting me finish a sentence sometime, huh? Hmm?

Jake: Oh. Well, I'm over it then!

    • "Punch them, Jake! Punch everybody! Why not? Come on! Why not?!"
  • The Crystal Guard. It's just too funny with his constant no-face/poker-face while he just stares at Jake.
  • "She's too sassy and powerful!"
  • Also:

Crystal Guardian 1: Hurry up, guys. I've gotta take a crystal donk.
Crystal Guardian 2: Aww man, I don't wanna hear that!
Crystal Guardian 1: Hey, whatever man. I ain't ashamed.

"The Other Tarts"

  • This:

Finn: Jake, did you just sniff my butt?
Jake: Just now? No.
(few seconds later)
Jake: Finn, did you just lick me...all the way up my arm?
Finn: Uh, no.

Tart Toter: This cosmic dance of bursting decadence and withheld permissions twists all our arms collectively, but... if sweetness can win--and it can--then I'll still be here tomorrow to high-five you yesterday, my friend. Peace.

Finn: Yeesh...

"The Silent King"

  • Finn's line when he and Jake are fighting the Goblin King at the beginning.

Finn (singing): WANDS ARE FOR WIMPS!

"The Real You"

Finn: [My present for Princess Bubblegum is] a scale model of the Candy Kingdom! Made out of my saliva!
Jake: So this means you wanna give her your spit, huh?
Finn: Yeah!..... WAIT--NO!

"Death in Bloom"

Finn: More Skeletons. We have to be really really quiet!
Jake: (Beat stare, before farting and causing the whole cave to echo his fart and tremor)
Skeleton: (the many skeletons look behind them and see Finn and Jake) GET 'EM! (start running towards them)
Finn: JAKE!
Jake: I thought it would be funny!

Princess Bubblegum: "I will be back on the Morrow. SCREEEE!"

  • When Jake's memory is restored, Death kisses him on the lips:

Death: Kiss of Death, baby. You've got your memory back.
Jake: I wished I didn't.

"Susan Strong"

  • From the beginning:

Finn: Oh man, these guys are afraid of their own shadows!
Jake: We could rule them like gods!...Angry gods...

  • This part:

Princess Bubblegum: They shall see how terrifying the candy people can be... HA-BLOO-BLOO-BLOO... Hee-hee!

Jake: (quietly, to Finn) They're doomed.

  • Finn shoving “sidewalk brittle” in Susan’s mouth.

"Mystery Train"

  • This:

"Hey, everyone... this is the conductor. I couldn't help but overhear someone here say that I'm, 'weird and creepy?' Heh heh, heh... I'm not weird and creepy. I'm cool and awesome... heh heh. Heh! HEHEH! HEHEHEHEHEH!!"

  • Also this:

"Go with Me"

  • The part where Jake calls Marceline. It cuts to a split-screen conversation between him and Marceline, until Marceline crawls out of the blankets next to Jake, still in split-screen, and scares him. Finn's response is simply:


    • "Soooo.... HEADLOCK!!"

"Belly of the Beast"

  • Finn and Jake doing karaoke.

"All of our favorite foods are totally dead / They cannot procreate in little food beds."

"The Limit"

  • After Finn, Jake, and two hot dog knights enter the center of a labyrinth, they are each given one wish.

Finn: (to hot dog knights) So you guys should wish for your buddies back, right?
Knight #1: I wish for a box! (gets cardboard box) Sweeeet!

Knight #2: I wish to blow up! I mean, get big. (explodes)

Finn: Wow... You guys are really stupid.

Knight #1: What do you mean?



"Mortal Folly"

  • After Ice King gets kicked out a window in PB's castle:

"No, not the latch!"

The Lich: Shhh.

"Mortal Recoil"

  • The Ice King apparently sees things with his old, wizard eyes, what he sees when he admits this is just fucking hilarious.

"It's just crazy crazy crazy all the time. (sighs) All the time."

    • Though this is Harsher in Hindsight now that we know that the crown that causes the wizard eyes made him see visions in the past that eventually made him go insane.
    • His reaction to 13 year old Bubblegum:

"Aw, dang it! Well, I'm outta here. Goodbye, everyone." (leaves hospital)

    • Pretty much everything he does in this episode is hilarious. Even when he's doing something awesome, like freezing an evil PB in ice, his face is hilarious.
  • When Jake peeps at PB when she's in the bathroom:

Jake: I'm looking in!
Jake: Oh, my GLOBE!

Jake: You don't even know, man.

Finn: DUDE!!

"Heat Signature"

  • Lumpy Space Princess losing her beans.

Lumpy Space Princess: MY BEEEEAAAAANS!!!

Season 3

"Conquest of Cuteness"

  • Near the "battle" scene:

Finn: Get ready, y'all! Together we fall!
(Cinnamamon Bun falls over)
Lumpy Space Princess: NOT YET, CINNAMON BUN!!

  • Jake thinks he sees a murdered goat

"'Jake:'" Oh no! It's a dead goat, man! It's guts are all over the place! It's all cut up and spread around! Oh no... It's just a blanket. I Think I left it here last night.

"Morituri Te Salutamus"

Jake: We sniffed out that trap like CHAMPS!

  • When Finn and Jake are in the hollowed ground:

Finn: Okay. I have a plan. We'll do what the fight king says and defeat his ghosts to earn our freedom. ...You're gonna follow my plan, right?
Jake: Mm-hmm. But hey! If you replace me with a dummy, I could stay down here and dig for lava, then I'd forge a molten hula-hoop!

Finn: ...That's an entirely different plan... than my plan...

"Memory of a Memory"

Ash: Tonight I'm taking you for a night on the my place.

Ash: Ashicus Flyicus.

Ash: I outbrained you.


  • Finn and Jake have a Let's Meet the Meat moment when they eat food from someone called Meat Man. It doesn't bother Jake at first, but that night he has nightmares about eating him. Finally comes the punchline later in the episode:

Jake: (wide awake, staring out with a cup of coffee) Hey, Finn... you awake yet?
Finn: (Yawns) I'm tryin'...
Jake: ....I had a dream about Meat Man...
Finn: Yeah?
Jake: ....I think I'm gonna stop eating Meat, Man.

Ice King: Look, a supermodel! (Scorcher doesn't move) Look, a hoverboard! (Scorcher doesn't move) Look, the APOCALYPSE! (Scorcher doesn't move) (Beat) Somebody got hit in the boing-loings. (Beat) Hit in the boing-loings. (Beat) Boing-loings. Boing-loings. Somebody got hit in them. (Scorcher finally looks away and gets frozen)

"Too Young"

  • From the end:

Princess Bubblegum: YO, EARL!!
Lemongrab: (from far away) WHAT!!!
Princess Bubblegum: HEY... YOU'RE FIRED! YA BUTT!
Lemongrab: (from far away) UUUUUAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!

  • Most of Lemongrab's dialogue is hilarious.

Lemongrab: Huh? (puts on glasses) (reads quietly to himself) "You... really... smell... like... dog buns..." OoooooOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!

    • Especially with his voice—he sounds like an awkward teenager.
    • Even the most mundane things he says are hilarious, because of the odd enunciation and volume/pitch changes: "Aaaaaie am next in line too thee throne! Sooou... I will be in charge... UNTIL PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM turns... EIGHTEEN AGAIN!"
  • Finn and Princess Bubblegum dress up as Bedsheet Ghosts to make Lemongrab leave. Do they scare him? No. They beat him up.
    • The way he whimpers on the floor, curled up in a Troubled Fetal Position, coughing pitifully. A hilarious contrast to the charismatic, screaming loony we previously saw. It's one of those scenes that's so unexpectedly sad that it's impossible not to laugh.
  • Lemongrab tells Peppermint Butler that he doesn't know where food comes from. Peppermint Butler begins to explain this, until Lemongrab FREAKS OUT, cuts him off, and says, "ATATATAT- NOOOOO! That is why I am royal, and YOOOU are SERVAL!" Actually, ANY scene involving LG and Pepbut is hilarious. They're such a great comedic duo.
  • The entire "spicy" sequence, culminating with Lemongrab sucking on Peppermint Butler. Then comes the icing on the cake: "ONE MILLION YEEEAAARS!! DUNGEON!!!!!" (cut to everyone in jail)

"He's eating the dirt! Spice it now!"

"The Monster"

  • "PIZZA!!!!!!!"
  • Lumpy Space Princess trying to apply teen gossip drama to the family of wolves that was raising her.
  • "This'll be as easy as... um..." "EASY AS CHILDBIRTH!"
  • This conversation:

Finn: So these were talking wolves?
LSP: No, they were normal wolves. I could tell what they were thinking from their body-language. Stop interrupting, Finn!


  • This part:

Ice King: Now I'm gonna dress like Jake! (starts undressing)


  • The Ice King saying that Jake is afraid of real emotion.
  • "Aww man, he fell asleep with his eyes open."
  • "Aw, junk! Did I summon butterflies?"
  • Gunter's random dance at the end after he finally breaks the unfreezing potion.
  • This part:

Ice King: Who's hungie? Jake, you hungie?
Jake: (annoyed) I'm hungry.
Ice King: Haha, fair enough. Well how about I make us some omletes?
Jake: That.... sounds pretty good actually!
Ice King: I'm gonna put my foot in it!
Jake: >:(

"Wizard Battle"

  • From the end:

Princess Bubblegum: ( kisses Finn) That's for being sweet. ( slaps him) And that's for cheating!

"Fionna and Cake"

Ice King: So, what did you think of the fan-fiction I wrote about you guys?

    • The fact that the Ice King blatantly said "fanfiction" just made it twice as funny.
      • Let's not forget the end of his story:

"I hope Ice King will sweep me off my feet, and take me to the farthest corner of Ooo, where we will do nothing but kiss and eat a whole bunch, until we get fat and die!" The End!

"What Was Missing"

  • When Beemo gets his controller stolen:

Beemo: NOOOO! D:

  • Also:

Jake: (cries) You've all forgotten 'bout the MUSIC! I QUIT THE BAND! (runs backwards until he's out of sight) I'm just pretending!

    • Most of Jake's 'jerk rocker' persona counts as this.
  • The Aesop near the end.

Marceline: I totally get it. He may have stolen our treasures...
Princess Bubblegum: ...But by doing so he showed us...
Jake: That the real treasure... was friendship!

Door Lord: (happily) HMMM!! HM-HMM-HMMM!

(cut to Door Lord tied up and beaten to a pulp while the gang retrieves their treasures)

"Apple Thief"

  • At the beginning:

Finn: What are you cooking?
Jake: It's good, dude! I learned it from Rainicorn.

Finn: I'm not eating that. It smells funny.

Jake: Duude, this took me like--

Finn: Let's go over to Tree Trunks' and get some apple pie! Apple pie! Apple pie!

  • The way that they just left Raggedy Princess in a hole after asking her how she ended up there.
  • The various references to Jake doing such things as snatching old lady's purses.
  • This. Just this:

Tree Trunks: Does this mean... I'm innocent?
Jake: As innocent as a baby's buttcheek.

    • Another one, just a few seconds later (are they trying to kill us?):

Tree Trunks: Uh, you boys better stick around, if you want a bite of my apple pie. (pats Banana Guard with trunk)
Banana Guard: She slapped my butt.
Other Banana Guard: (thumbs up)

"The Creeps"

  • When the gang announces their mystery names:

Lumpy Space Princess: I'm Duchess Gummy-buns!
Cinnamon Bun: I'm Cinnamon Bun!
Lumpy Space Princess: (slaps Cinnamon Bun) What's the name on your INVITE?
Cinnamon Bun: Oh, it's, uh... Guy Farting.

    • Also: Cinnamon Bun coming on to LSP when he finds out she’s not dating.
  • When they look for LSP.

LSP: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!! I'm dying!!!! (toilet flushes, LSP exits bathroom) Oh, gross, ugh. My lumping body's all hollow now. I need to put something in it.

"From Bad to Worse"

Lumpy Space Princess: I'm gonna be so hot! SO FREAKIN' HOT!

  • "Sorry, LSP... PB... Jake... LR... PP, Poo-poo, Doo-doo..."
  • End of the episode:

Princess Bubblegum: And now I shall present the royal medal for Heroic Bravery! FINN THE HUMAN!

Finn: Yes.



  • This scene:

Susan: Hyoomans! I'll be back!
Jake: And I'll be...uh... a dolphin! (head morphs into a dolphin's shape)

  • Jake's song is pretty awesome. "Oh, I'm on a boat with a couple o' wackos, shakin' my hips and dipping my fat toe, in the wateeeer..."
  • Jake declaring that he's only going along with Finn in order to be "Disruptive and obnoxious!"

"Jake vs. Me-mow"

  • The fight scene:

Finn: (gets his face scarred) You're only making my face look cooler!

  • "I've found this note stabbed to my door... man."

"Thank You"

  • The ice golem's "don't be noticed, don't get involved" expression while sneaking past Finn and Jake's fight with the Ice King.
  • The alarm clock bird, and the way it gets clobbered every morning.

"The New Frontier"

  • Finn's claim that they won't have to worry about the banana man, as he'll just hit the sun if he keeps walking toward the horizon.

Jake: Finn, did you eat breakfast this morning?
Finn: No, why?
Jake: You're forgetting how the sun works.

"Holly Jolly Secrets"

Ice King (on video): (singing) Daddy, do you even love me? Well, I wish you would show it...

  • Phil being included in the characters' new Christmas traditions.
  • Beemo interprets Ice King's "tears" to be a complicated code involving arranging spaces and Ms that is printed to form an ASCII art picture of Gunther:

Finn: But what does it MEAN? (tears up picture)

  • Part 1 concludes with a cliffhanger as the Ice King encases Finn and Jake's treehouse in ice and the camera zooms into Jake's screaming mouth. Part 2 opens with Jake still screaming, and then suddenly breaking into Alouette.

Finn: Huh. I guess you do know all the words.

"Marceline's Closet"

  • Finn sees Marceline naked. His reaction is priceless.

Finn: (completely deadpan) I'm not goin' back out there.

Finn: DUDE! You shape changed to look like me?!
Jake: (beat) Well, yeah!

    • The dialogue just before that is hilarious as well:

Finn: (whispering) Is she awake?
Jake: (also whispering) Why are you talking??!
Finn: I'm wondering if she's awake!
Jake: Well, if she's awake she can definitely hear you talking!
Finn: I'm whispering!
Jake: Well now we're both quietly screaming!!
Marceline: (matter-of-factly) I can hear both of you...
Finn: (still whispering) DISGUISE YOSELF, FOOL!

"Hey guys, I had to run out, but I'll be back in a few minutes. I had to run out to buy some ketchup. Is it possible to be allergic to tomatoes? My sleep patterns are always super weird when I eat tomatoes. Do you ever have those lucid dreams? Anyhow, DON'T GO INTO MY HOUSE."

  • Jake being bitten and not being able to cry out.
    • And instead opting to let out a silent scream, with tears in his eyes.

"Another Way"

  • This scene:

Cyclops: Beg for mercy, or I'LL KILL YOU.

Finn: (beat) (mumbles)

Cyclops: What??

Finn: (mumbles)

Cyclops: Huh? I can't hear you!

Finn: I said.... MY WAY!!! (punches cyclops and makes him cry)

"Ghost Princess"

  • At the beginning:

Ghost Princess: (moans)
Jake: Are you haunting us?
Ghost Princess: Yeeeees...
Jake: Oh. Okay.

Jake: Wait a minute, say that again.

"Dad's Dungeon"

  • Jake makes a YouTube Poop out of the tapes Joshua left in the dungeon.

Joshua: I made you boys something... it's babies. Full of babies. The family sword. It's made out of babies.

  • In one scene:

Jake: Alright, dude. Dad told me not to tell you this, but--
(An imaginary Joshua appears.)
Imaginary Joshua: DON'T TELL 'IM!
Jake: (Beat) (flatly) You're not real. (turns imaginary Joshua into imaginary Lady Rainicorn)


  • Jake, attempting to win the Fire King's favor, asks him what his favorite thing is. He says koala bears.

Jake (pretending to be a koala bear): Eucalyptus! EEEEEEUUUUCALYPTUS!
Fire King: I don't like koalas anymore.

  • At one point Flame Princess turns some fire denizens into flame cats just for whispering, which prompts Flambo to say this:

Flambo: Heeey, so that's where I came from!

    • Flambo's voice and general mannerisms remain funny throughout the episode.

Flambo: I cast flame shield on ya's. Also I spat on ya's.

  • When Jake checks up on Finn through the Beemo-cam, he sees a first-person view of Beemo sneaking up behind Finn to poke him up the butt.

Beemo: Duck... Duck... Duck... *Camera cuts back to Jake* GOOSE!

  • Finn screeches*
    • There's also just before that when Finn angrily punches his tear ducts.
  • At the beginning, when Beemo promises to watch Finn while Jake is out.

Beemo: *pounds fist against his palm* If anyone tries to hurt Finn, I will kill them!

  • There's Jake singing about finding a love interest for Finn.

Gotta find a honey for my homey! A baby for my buddy! (incredibly deep voice) A lady... for my laddie.

Season 4

"Hot to the Touch"

  • In one scene:

Finn: Oh, Jake. Look at her. She's innocent. Like the steam off a puppy's nose, looking for ham in the snow.
Jake: Guy drops ONE piece of ham in the snow and he NEVER HEARS THE END OF IT.

  • NEPTR's back!

NEPTR: I am the ultimate hide-and-seek champion! 15 months, 4 days, and 9 hours, and you guys could not find me! Haha!

  • Even Finn's last encounter with the Flame Princess, one of the saddest scenes in the entire series, has one very funny moment: The Princess assumes that Finn is a water elemental because, as she tells him: "You cry and cry all the time". Visibly embarrassed, Finn nervously denies this.
  • Near the end of the episode:

Jake: Oh, my Glob, man, everyone's DEAD!! They're all BURNED! THERE'S BARBEQUE'D BODS EVERYWHERE!!


Jake: Heh, I'm just kiddin'.

"Five Short Graybles"

  • Finn and Jake watch Beemo do strange things in their bathroom. At one moment, he "uses" a toothbrush.

Jake: Now he is using my toothbrush!
Finn: No man, that's my toothbrush.
Finn & Jake: *beat* Eugh!

  • Cinnamon Bun's, mouth, stomach thing...
    • "B-But... you didn't even... you didn't even... taste it..."
  • Penguins giving the Ice King a bath.
    • Before that the Ice King smells his own odor and assumes it's coming from Gunter. He attempts to remedy the situation... by putting Gunter on an ice floe and sending him out to sea. When Gunter comes back he's understandably pissed.
  • "Gunter, stop PLAYING THE KEYBOARD!!!"
  • LSP's song, and how she ultimately wins the talent show.
    • And then It Gets Better when Finn and Jake finish their ultimate high-five out of nowhere and they win instead.
  • PEE-ING!

"Dream of Love"


"Return to the Nightosphere"

  • ANYTHING involving the jail guard.

Jake: Yo, is there an outlet anywhere for this?

  • Finn's reaction to the full landscape of the Nightosphere.

Finn: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Preeeety neat.

  • Finn and Jake realizing that they're next in line... to go into another line.
  • This part:

Finn: How long have you been in this line?
Big Demon: How... long? (starts crying)
Finn: Oh, butt-traps. Jake, stretch us to the front.
A lot of demons, collectively: NO CUTTING!!

"Daddy's Little Monster"

  • The scene where Marceline proceeds to offer "Pain, Pleasure, or Weird Punishment" as the new Lord of Evil.
  • The part where the guy who berated Finn and Jake for trying to cut was not let back in line:

Demon: Sorry, dude, you got out of line, I--
Guy we're talking about: DANG IT!!

  • What about the scene when Marceline finds out her dad tricked her?

Marceline: Dad, you tricked me?
Hunson: *shrugs*
Marceline: Dad, that sucks.

    • Or the moment right before that after he removes the amulet from Finn.

Hunson: I wonder what happened to him? Kids these days, am I right?
Jake: Dude. Seriously.

  • Finn and Jake finding out just what those bananas are.
  • Finn's Non Sequitur rap:

(Jake beat boxing) "Yeaaaahhh... Uuuuuhnnnn... Political Rap, yo... yo... Demon apathy! Yo zappity! Get ready! Government! Where you went? Yo... Farmer's market! Ride bikes. Get on it. Geodesic domes. Science! You HEARD?!"

"Hug Wolf"

Jake: Finn? Say somethinge to reassure me!
Finn: I'LL HUG Your Mom!

  • The scene with the protective candy dad defending his daughter with a candy cane shotgun complete with him making "pew" noises as it actually shoots.

Gumdrop dad: SHE'LL NEVER MARRY!!!

  • This:

Random person in crowd: WITHOUT CONSENT!

  • "Can I get a hug?" "JAKE!!!!!"
  • And, of course, the Gainax Ending, which doubles as horror.

"Princess Monster Wife"

  • The Ice King makes his wife a dress using a sewing machine. Then he sews a sock to it. Then he sews the actual sewing box to it. Then he sews his BEARD to it.
  • The Ice King's song. The lyrics and atmosphere are heartwarming, but its execution is hilarious. He's singing to a tape recorder playing a cheesy, pop ballad song, and he even has back-up vocals on a different tape recorder.
  • All of the Ice King's names for his penguins.
  • The "normal people."
  • "Somebody broke into my house and stole my lumps!"
  • Jake's nonchalant reaction to nearly headless PB: "Heh, heh... gross!"
  • "Lady parts."
  • PMW gives the wrong parts to certain princesses.
  • Muscle Princess kissing her arm.


  • The candy babies acting... well, like goofy, out of control babies- one of whom is painting the candy mama's face.
  • The fat candy mama in general- especially her nonchalant reactions to the chaos in the nursery.

Mama: Settle down, everyone!

  • The creation of Goliad in the flashback:

Finn: What did you use to create her?
Princess Bubblegum: Oh, just the usual Candy Person soup.
[Scene switches to Princess Bubblegum dumping various pieces of oversized candy into a vat. Along with Cinnamon Bun.]

  • The scene where Finn is trying to distract his mind away from PB's plan. He imagines various odd things, such as PB's head turning into a dolphin, PB turning into a bunch of little PBS, then melting, Finn rolling up the grass and smothering PB with it, and several dancing Finn babies.
  • The fact that PB's attempt to create a replacement for Lemongrab backfired in the worst way. Most fans couldn't think of a scenario that was worse than Lemongrab taking the throne. Then Goliad came along... Apparently, Lemongrab is still the rightful heir, which is exactly what PB was trying to avoid by creating Goliad.

Comic Book Series

Issue 1

Ice King: My fan fiction!!

  • Finn has a few noteworthy one-liners. "Have you tried NOT sucking for a change, Lich?"

Issue 2

  • Finn absent-mindedly drinks Desert Princess's sand shake, and immediately spits it up.

Issue 3

  • Battle rap!

Issue 4

  • "Well, I GUESS you could say The Lich should've worn a wide-brimmed hat today, because he's spending an awful lot of time... IN THE SUN."