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"Give me a hug, hero!"

Although there is plenty of creepy stuff on this show, there is still room for some Sweet Dreams Fuel.

  • From the original short:

Princess Bubblegum: Thank you, brave knight!
Pen (Finn): I'm not a knight. I'm a boy!
Princess Bubblegum: Well, then, thank you, brave boy. (kisses Pen)

  • From "What Have You Done?":

Jake: Finn, if I came across your lifeless body, I'd clasp you dramatically for a kajillion years.

  • Marceline reconciling with her dad in "It Came from the Nightosphere".
    • Kinda ruined when Finn chops Marceline's dad's face apart, but still.
  • By the end of "Henchman", Finn and Marceline have become friends. It's actually kind of sweet, if in a creepy sort of way.
  • Finn, Jake, and the Ice King all curled up next to each other sleeping at the end of "The Eyes". Incredibly creepy in several ways if you think about the reasons the Ice King is there in the first place, but still cute nevertheless.
  • The end of "Crystals Have Power", after Finn kicks the Crystal Gem Apple out of Tree Trunks' stomach, freeing her from its influence. With the promise of apple pie upon their return home, the trio exit the crystal dimension via a conveniently-placed portal, holding hands all the way through.
  • The last line of "Rainy Day Daydream". "Good dog."
  • In "Trouble in Lumpy Space", the Lumpy Space Princess and her spoiled friends in Lumpy Space try to help Finn and Jake get an antidote to the Lumps. When LSP is rude to the guys who use the antidote to look smooth, Finn yells that the whole incident is her fault. Her response is heartwarming and a little sad:

LSP: I was just trying to help, but whatever. [sniff] No. No, NOT whatever! I know I mess things up sometimes, but I'm really trying! And you're supposed to be my friend! [crying] Not like the fake ones I have here! So do what you want! I'm going to Promcoming! [floats away in a huff]

  • The ending of "Storytelling":

Jake: Once upon a time... [sees Finn sleeping] ...the end.

    • I actually found the entire episode heartwarming.
    • Blankie, rubbies...
  • The end credits music, although not played on CN, is pretty heartwarming.
    • The opening theme gets heartwarming about halfway through.
  • Princess Bubblegum claiming that Finn has won her heart and kissing him at the end of "The Real You".
    • Even her sentence, "I need the real you."
  • The end of "Enchiridion". It's adorable and awesome and exactly what Finn deserves.
  • The end of "Susan Strong", where Jake says that we're all wild animals in response to Finn's question if Susan was a wild animal or human. Finn's response really makes it though.

"Yeah, I guess we are. Brother."

    • Finn's song about Susan definitely qualifies.
    • The whole "Susan Strong" episode. Finn was so INCREDIBLY happy to be with Susan, his eyes constatly glimmering when Susan learned something new and just was there for him. Of course, until ending when everything was crushed.
    • Also notice Jake's expression just after Princess Bubblegum asked Finn if he has stories about his relatives. He instinctively knows how Finn will react and prepares to comfort him.
  • The flashback in "Memories of Boom Boom Mountain" where Jake's parents find crying baby Finn and Martha kisses him to make him feel better.

"You just kissed a boom-boom baby. So don't expect any more sugar from me, sweetheart, until we wash your dirty, dirty face."

  • The end of "Video Makers". Beemo can't stand to see Finn and Jake fighting, so instead of editing their tapes into an action adventure or a romantic comedy, he just puts together the scenes where Finn and Jake are helping each other out and just being friends. He also sings a song that is pure Sweet Dreams Fuel.
  • After all of the sheer horror the episode offers, the end of "Mortal Recoil": After Finn and the Ice King defeat a Lich-possessed, One-Winged Angel Princess Bubblegum, the doctors are able to put her back together, but as a thirteen-year-old girl. Finn notices that they are the same age now, and she just says, "GIVE ME A HUG, HERO!" And they hug!
    • Don't forget, "I care about you, Finn."
    • How about "The ultimate weapon against evil... The power of ll-lll-l-liking someone a lot!"
    • I actually think it's rather heartwarming when the Ice King releases Princess Bubblegum at the end of "Mortal Folly", even if his absolute ineptitude causes her near death immediately afterwards.
  • I dunno about you but...

"Apple PieeeeIn the oveeeen Tell me you can taste the loviiinnnn'~!"


Marceline: I for one, think you're pretty great.

  • This little bit from "Dungeon":

Finn: At least if I die, I'll have died with my best friend.
Jake: Me, too.

  • This from "Conquest of Cuteness":

Jake: You sound just like Mom sometimes.
Finn: Yeah... Good ol' Mom.
Jake: She always knew just what to say.
Finn: Yeah... Goodnight, brother.
Jake: Goodnight...

    • Additionally, from the storyboard:

Finn: I miss her.

  • The ending to "Morituri Te Salutamus" when the gladiators are freed, and they can finally stop fighting their best friends. We last see them ascending into the sky, finally able to rest in peace.
  • Finn using his memories to show Marceline the memory Ash tricked him into stealing and saving her from him in "Memory Of A Memory". Heck, Jake willingly entering Marceline's memory to help her, despite him previously being terrified of her, probably counts.
  • The title card of "Too Young".
    • And the episode itself. It's all just one big heartwarming moment.
    • The biggest one being that Princess Bubblegum could've reverted herself to 18 at any time, but was staying young because she loved getting to actually have fun with Finn.
    • Also, all of the candy people donating pieces of themselves so that Princess Bubblegum has enough candy mass to turn 18 again.
    • Which is immediately topped by the "love hug", the heat from which was required to turn PB back to normal. It symbolized that Finn and PB experienced true love together at that moment. Also, they kissed.

Princess Bubblegum: I just want to say how much fun I've had hanging out with you.
Finn: Me too!
Princess Bubblegum: But... I wish I could stay... like this... with you, but...
Finn: I... I know, Princess.

    • The one storyboarded scene where the creators decided to throw Lemongrab, Jerkass Woobie / Butt Monkey extraordinaire, a bone, that was cut to save time. After basically getting assaulted in the Candy Castle hallway, he cries and coughs on the floor for a little bit. Then, he tearfully unpockets a rice cake and starts to eat it, and it's the only time we see him genuinely happy. "Jealous of my rice cake, little ghost pranksters?" Considering how sucky his whole life has been, this one little scene is heartwarming.
      • Recently, the Adventure Time crew announced that Lemongrab is going to return in season 4. Just the fact that they actually like him enough for him to come back is kind of sweet, considering that he's hated by pretty much everyone in-universe.
      • The fact that the Jerkass Woobie characters in the show, like Lemongrab and the Ice King, have so many fans IRL, despite being despised in their own universes, is rather touching. They're horribly awkward weirdos, yet some people still really love them, even though they don't realize it.
      • This little quip from the show's leading character designer. In another instance, upon being asked which characters he related to, he said Lemongrab- although a bit reluctantly.
      • In the words of storyboard supervisor Adam Muto: "I think it's sweet that so many people are worried for Lemongrab's well being. Whatever happened to Lemongrab. We need to talk about Lemongrab. Lemongrab's delicate condition."
  • "Come home. We lumpin' love you." --Mom & Dad.
  • From "Gut Grinder":

Finn: Look, Jake. You've been my best friend for as long as I can remember. That's enough evidence to prove to me that you're not a monster.

  • Finn's fourth kiss from Princess Bubblegum in "Wizard Battle".
  • Gumball's song for Fionna while they're riding Monochromicon into the twilight. Even though it was the Ice Queen in disguise, it's still pretty sweet.
    • The moral of that episode. You are who you are, and don't need to be noticed. When and if the right someone comes along, you'll know. When Adventure Time pulls an actual aesop, they do it well.
  • "You ah-ah-ah-ah-are my best friends in the world..."
  • "I wear them all the time, as pajamas."
  • At the end of "What Was Missing", the reveal that the Door Lord didn't take anything from Marceline, she just wanted to hang out with everyone. Her reaction pretty much sells it.
  • "Jake vs. Me-Mow": Finn still carries their mom's music box in his backpack.
  • The Thanksgiving special "Thank You". There are plenty of heartwarming moments. The episode takes an overall Lighter and Softer tone in comparison to the rest of the series and it's one of the few episodes to have a SOLID Aesop; that being to put aside conflict and enjoy the company you have, regardless of what they have done (highlighted in the relationships of Snow Golem/Fire Wolf and Finn/Ice King). Finn kissing the Ice King in a good will gesture shouldn't be viewed as weird, but caring. They've been at each others throats the entire episode so it is natural that any gesture means something.
  • Finn's refusal to let Jake die just because of a Croak Dream in "New Frontier"... and the fact that Jake finally stops trying to die when he realizes that Finn is going to drown as well.
    • When Jake sees Finn underwater with him:

Jake: You can't stop me, Finn!
Finn: No, it's okay! I'm here to stay by your side. *hugs him tightly*

  • At the end of "Holly Jolly Secrets", Finn and Jake create the Ooo version of Christmas because they had one fleeting moment of empathy for the Ice King.
    • The shot at the end of the episode. Finn, Jake, The Ice King, and PB wearing cozy, ugly Christmas sweaters, drinking hot cocoa, and GENUINELY GETTING ALONG. That's right. Finn and Jake used to fight the Ice King all the time, and the Ice King used to harass the princess constantly, but here they are... getting along, and enjoying themselves.
  • In "Paper Pete" Jake is willing to read an entire encyclopedia about the culture of Rainicorns so he can help teach his and Lady's future kids all about it. Granted, he gives up and says he'll just fake it at the end of the episode, but it's still a sweet notion.
  • The ending to "Ghost Princess". Finn and Jake are tasked with discovering Ghost Princess's the cause of her death so that she can pass on, and as they do so, Ghost Princess slowly begins to socialize with and fall for another ghost by the name of Clarence. Towards the end of the episode, Finn and Jake begin to piece together two pieces of a dagger they found during their investigation, only to discover that Clarence was, in fact, Ghost Princess's murderer. The show then cuts to a flashback of Ghost Princess while she lived (who is referred to as Warrior Princess during the past), and it is revealed that Clarence and her had been lovers during their past lives, but were pitted against each other during a battle in an unnamed war. Clarence stabs her, and she dies in his arms. The show then cuts back to Ghost Princess, who says that she forgives Clarence, and as she begins to pass on, she reaches out to Clarence to take him with her. Unfortunately, her hands phase through Clarence, and they find that he cannot pass on yet until they discover the cause of his death as well. Luckily, Jake manages to catch on at the very last minute and reminds him, triggering another flashback which causes Clarence to remember that he died a somewhat miserable, undignified death (that's Played for Laughs, oddly enough), and, having come to terms with it, he embraces and then kisses Ghost Princess, and they rise into the heavens together, saying their thanks to Finn and Jake before leaving.
  • Joshua's final message for Finn in "Dad's Dungeon."

Joshua: Finn! If you're seeing this pre-recorded holo-message, it's because you finished the dungeon that I made for you. I'm proud of you. You're gonna do great things in this world. I love you, son.

    • The last fight in Dad's Dungeon, too. Complete with Jake beatboxing and using Joshua's message for added vocals.
    • Jake's vision of Lady Rainicorn that convinces him to tell Finn the truth.
  • After having his advances rejected by Princess Bubblegum yet again, Finn becomes depressed, and spends most of "Incendium" weeping in the tree house while Jake goes out of his way to find Finn a new love interest. While his dedication alone is pretty heartwarming, the crowning moment comes at the end, where, after trying (and succeeding) to court the Flame Princess for Finn, Jake discovers that she is highly destructive and quite dangerous and runs back home to apologize to Finn and warn him of the coming danger. Finn, however, is still inconsolable, and lays down on the floor, up until Flame Princess breaks into his house and burns his pictures of Princess Bubblegum. After a quick fight, Finn sees her in her true, more humanoid form, and admits he likes her, causing her to blush and then quickly retreat. The line at the end of the episode is what makes it so sweet.

Finn: Dude, I think I have a crush.

    • After Jake tells Beemo to look after Finn, Beemo says: "If anyone tries to hurt Finn... I will kill them!" For a thing that claims to be incapable of real emotion, the little fella sure seems to get emotionally invested in Finn's plight.
  • The ending of "Beautopia". Just, the entire ending. She's been human all along.
  • "Hot to the Touch": The fact that NEPTR is still so loyal to Finn even after being gone for so long.
    • There's one point where Finn is describing to Flame Princess his love for her. She even manages to smile and glows a bit. In addition, Finn is bouncing up and down laughing, like this could be it. He might actually find a girl to love him.
      • I like you. I just wanna hug you, and... sit on the couch and play B-MO with you.
    • Flame Princess saying, "You would defy nature for me?"
  • Dream Of Love
  • Jake comforting Finn who has lost hope from standing several days in queque to Lord of Evil. Jake felt like a real parental figure in this scene.
    • And the final scene between Marceline and her dad, with him assuring that he loves her for her, and not for what she could do with the Nightosphere.
  • Finn's Be Yourself speech to the bear in "In Your Footsteps", along with the adorable hug that follows. Unfortunately, it's all immediately subverted within a few seconds, but it was still cute.
  • In "Hug Wolf," when Finn develops a fever, Jake is visibly concerned about him, and tells him to go to bed. Seeing Jake keeping an eye on his buddy when he isn't doing well is rather sweet, and how Jake made sure Finn got into bed and had his rest. It was pretty quick, but it shows how close the two are, and how they really are family.
  • Finn scratching Jake's fur in "Web Weirdos" with Jake napping on his knees. At least until he hurts him with his incredibly long nails.
  • "Princess Monster Wife". We finally get to see how the Ice King really WOULD treat his princess- he would love her unconditionally and be an absolute sweetheart, and comfort her whenever she is upset. There's no doubt about it- the Ice King really IS a good guy, underneath all that stupid.
    • PMW is suffering from terrible self esteem issues. What does the Ice King do to help her feel better? He makes her a dress, sets up an ice runway, and has his penguins applaud for her as she struts her stuff.
  • "Happy Birthday, Stormo."

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