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What time is it? CRACKPOT THEORY TIME!

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Even Finn (and possible Susan Strong)is/are not normal Humans by today's standards.

They were just not mutated visually. Think about it. Finn is incredibly strong and agile for a kid his age. Not to mention his flexibility. Susan Strong, on the other hand, does not exactly have the standard musculature of even body builders. I might've written it off as her life style, but the Hyoomans certainly aren't that strong.

Finn will lose to the Lich in the Season 4 Finale, the Land of Ooo will descend into madness and Finn will disappear.

However, he will return in Season 5, older and stronger and ready to kick some Lich-ass! Furthermore, it will be a major shout-out to the fans, about how growing older isn't about losing your dreams and submitting to authority, it's about gaining the power to fulfill your dreams...I really want that to happen.

  • Also, Finn gets his arm blown/burned off, which sparks his disappearance.

Susan Strong is a human, not a hyooman.

Why because Finn and Susan are the only ones with hair. The hyoomans didn't, just gills.

  • Alliteratively Susan Strong has gills and hair, fin did seem preety confused by what he felt
  • She's half human because Billy is her father. Hence all of her differences from the rest of her tribe.
    • What?
  • Or Susan is a mutant hyooman, a genetic throwback to humans without gills. She might think that that's what Finn is, too.

The mushroom war and the magic coming back were two separate events.

the magic came back 1000 years ago, but society was able to carry on. The Lich became... well... The Lich, slowly gaining his powers over a couple hundred years, until about 600 years ago. By then his powers were at full capacity, and he tried to take over the world which RESULTED in the mushroom war as a last ditch effort to stop him. It did, but it also plunged the world into chaos, the magic reacting to the nuclear fallout found across the globe. Over the 100s of years before the series, the magic has been affecting and being affected by the nuclear fallout forming the kingdoms we know. This would explain the age of the Ice King vs. Marceline. She may not have been a vampire before, but her father was already pure evil and immortal -- these were half-passed to her giving her MUCH slower aging, and a Chaotic Neutral, she most likely became a vampire just to piss off her father, probably around the time she met Ash. This effectively froze her age. The lich didn't immediately attack the world again because he needed the time to rebuild his own body -- devastated by the nuclear explosives -- and regain his powers.

  • If Marcie was born to the Lord of the Nightosphere, then why isn't she an Apocalypse Maiden?
    • The ultimate mindscrew of the viewers would be to setup an entire season on a Prophetic Fallacy. Finn and Jake find an old prophecy about a princess who will destroy the world. After several adventures they find all the signs point to Marcie. At some point they'll have her tied up and because she really really loves Finn then sure, she'll let him kill her, but can he please explain why he needs to? At this point Finn blabs it all out and Marcie reveals that she's already stopped all of this, centuries ago. She kisses him, then tells him that she can never be with him, because he doesn't trust her.

The ice queen is so effective with her powers BECAUSE she is a woman, not because she is a Villain Sue

Taking an evolutionary look, men were hunters -- very linear thinking -- while women were gatherers -- very versatile thinking to accomodate everything they had to remember. She's not so effective because she is an Author Avatar for the ice king, its because she can think up out-of-the-box ways to use her powers. The ice king himself mainly just blasts ice and creates snow golems.the ice queen came up with different, creative ways to use the same set such as:using the spike as a way of entry -- the ice king has been seen to just fly in, using snow golem as cover for swapping with prince gumball, using the ice to form disguised objects like Fionna's sword, and so on and so forth. Women just have an overall more versatile process of thought.

Me-Mow will return November 21, 2012.

This is not so much a crackpot theory as it is a statement of an important character's definite return date. In "Jake vs. Me-Mow", which premiered on November 21, 2011, Me-Mow explicitly that she would have to retake her assassin test in a year if she failed. She failed miserably but lived to tell the tale. See "A Princess will die in Season 4..." in order to gain the scope of the return of Me-Mow.

  • Except November 21, 2012 is a Wednesday. Unless the show gets rescheduled before then, her return will have to be the 19th.
    • They could also bring her back sooner by claming it's been a year within the show. Waiting a calendar year puts them halfway into season 5, which is quite a wait.
  • I was the first one to post this WMG and I'll admittedly be to first to joss myself. Seeing that Season 4 is starting in April, the odds of an 8 month long season is all but impossible.

Finn will be the next BILLY

When Finn becomes older and has gone through more training and experience, he'll mature to be more like a new Billy.

Adventure Time is in fact a Tabletop Game campaign, being run by none other than Sally of Darths and Droids fame.

The strange and wondrous world of Ooo seems just like something Sally would think up, and this is just too good to pass up, considering the show's many D&D/TRPG reference. Finn is obviously Jim, considering his Idiot Hero streak, and considering his crush on PB, she's most likely played by Annie. That leaves Pete, Ben, and possibly the Darths and Droids GM to account for. Sally has been, much to Pete's chagrin, been pulling most of the encounters from the darkest and Strangest corners of the monster manual(s) and/or been homebrewing them.

The world of Adventure Time is the same as the world in the short story Petra by Greg Bear

In Petra, god has died, magic has returned, and simply imagining things makes them real, and inanimate objects are sentient. Watching the episode where Jake imagines the floor is lava and it burns Finn made me realize this.

Betty was a member of a science team, and was directly involved in designing the weapons used in the Great Mushroom War.

With small hints throughout the series suggesting she may have been a scientist, as well as suggesting that some of the characters may be her living descendents, it could prove to be an interesting development for such characters to learn of their ancestry, as well as the potential role Betty may have played in such a cataclysmic event.

  • When have there been suggestions about Betty's descendants?

A Princess will die in Season 4, leading to much darker overtones to an already dark series.

With the fact that Finn and PB's relationship becoming strained and a new love interest has shown up in the form of Fire Princess, you would think that the season finale "Incendium" was going to end with a bigger ending than a cliffhanger. Instead, the original premiere was coupled with the episode "Jake vs. Me-Mow", a way for the producers to let you know that the only character who wants to kill princesses is still alive and well. The question that remains is who will be killed. If PB is assassinated, the entire fan base may call the show Ruined FOREVER but Finn and Fire Princess will end up together. If FP is assassinated, Finn will be crushed and will probably curl up in a ball of sadness at the loss of his new love interest. If a different princess is assassinated (the more likely route), the kingdoms will have to unite against Me-Mow and the Guild of Assassins (she would be assassin first-class granted full membership). Either way, looks like a kingdom could fall and the Season 4 finale will be action-packed while answering many questions.

The Season 3 Finale, "Dad's Dungeon will either involve Princess Bubblegum's father or Marceline's father.

And it could be possible that there will be some sort of big secret(s) within the dungeon. Anyone who wants to guess what the secret(s) could be, please post your guesses here.

  • Alternatively, the title is a reference to Finn's father. What with it being a season finale, major revelations in Finn's origin aren't too hard to imagine. The big secret about this dungeon is, why the hell Finn's dad was in a dungeon in the first place.
    • Well, considering that The Lich has a habit of showing up in the season final...
  • Alternatively Alternatively, the title is a reference to the father with the most screen time Jakes father and Finns step father Joshua
    • Confirmed! It's about him challenging Finn and Jake to go through a dungeon. Nice guess, sir or ma'am.
    • Jossed, its not the finale.

Finn never broke free of the Lich's control

The Lich thought he was too good to waste, so he placed him in a hallucination where he was breaking free, when he ripped out the top of the Lich's head he was actually choking Ice King and PB to death, and when he fought giant PB he actually killed Jake, who had stretched out big and tried to stop him; anytime he kills a monster or does something good, he is actually killing the good guys under the Lich's control.

== There were two apocalyptic events ==. According to Pen, the Ice King is 600 years old, and Marceline is at least 1000. In "Holly Jolly Secrets", we learn that the Ice King lived in a seemingly normal, modern city and was a normal human being, 600 years ago. However, in "Memory of a Memory", we see Marceline as a young child, with blue skin and pointed ears (but no bite mark), in the ruined rubble of a modern city. This was at least 1000 years ago. The only conclusion is that after the first apocalypse, which was probably the Great Mushroom War, humanity rebuilt and was decimated a SECOND time, which may have been some cataclysmic event involving the Ice King. This could explain the gunfire and Ice King-like screams in "The Enchiridion"'s outro. Furthermore, the frozen businessmen that appeared in "Business Time", who were some of the first hints at the series' post-apocalyptic story, may have been frozen by the Ice King as part of this second apocalypse.

  • Maybe that place 1000 years ago is their home in the Nightosphere.
  • Maybe the IK froze the businessmen and possibly other humans to save them from the Mushroom War, before he completely lost his mind, meaning the Ice Kingdom could be a completely frozen city under-which the denizens have been preserved for centuries.

Fionna & Cake

What do you think the genderflipped characters' relation to the main cast is?

  • Alternate dimension versions of the main cast.
  • They're the previous generation. In Susan Strong Princess Bubblegum makes reference to the exploits of her "great uncle Gumball." This was the name that replaced the hilariously suggestive "Prince Blowpop" for her gender-flipped character. I'm guessing Marshal Lee is the Vampire King that Marceline kills to gain her title (as revealed by Pen). This may also be during the time of the Rainicorn-Dog Wars, explaining why Gumball would be riding a Monochromicorn.
  • There's no relation to the main cast (except for Bubblegum and Blowpop). All of the gender swapped characters exist in the same time period directly in the same areas, they just never happen to cross paths. Fionna & Cake live on the opposite side of the Candy Kingdom in a house similar Finn & Jake's. Marshall Lee is just a radical dude with a bit of an attitude, he was cool but kind of jerky guy turned vampire who may or may not have dubbed himself king. Princess Bubblegum shares the duties of running the kingdom with Prince Blowpop, he's just older and does some more of the work, so he can't always be out at parties and such. And the Ice Queen lives in the ice mountain castle thingy directly behind the Ice King's. Of course it would never work between them, he wants a princess and she wants a prince.
    • No relationship just a gender-flipped alternate reality.
    • All of this has been Jossed. As hard as it seems to be all of the gender-flipped characters are from a story written by the Ice King; in the universe of the story, however, Fionna is aware of the Ice King (and wants to marry him), so that indicates that they exist within the same universe.
      • Well maybe not entirely jossed in terms of previous generations; I'm assuming the Ice King would be old enough to know a previous generation of people, and though a stretch, hey, he could have based the fanfic on the people he knew from some time back, and maybe had a crush on Fionna or something. Alternatively, names like "Gumball" and "Bubblegum" might run in the family/be common names amongst bubblegum-human hybrids. And other than sounding provocative, isn't "Blow Pop" a brand name? Or is it just a word to describe lollipops with bubblegum filling?
      • And Ice King could be stealing ideas from alternate dimensions. After all, he has those wizard eyes.
      • I am extremely amused by the fact that there's a wiki page on that.

The Lich King won't be defeated by the end of Season 2 and will return in Season 3 as the Big Bad of the season.

He's been built up way too much to die in a one-hour special.

  • Or possibly he is defeated, but not for good and returns for season 3 as the Big Bad.
  • Confirmed, sort of. He was beaten, but performed a Body Surf into the Snail, so he's not finished yet.

Finn is a Super Saiyan.

He's totally a super saiyan.

  • Re watch "To Cut a Woman's Hair he is not a super saiyan, he has long golden hair and no eye brows he's totally a Super Saiyan 3

Marceline is waiting for Finn to get older before turning him into a vampire.

Marceline's neck-holes make it very likely that vampirism is transferred via the typical rules. She doesn't just tease Finn for her own sick amusement (though that is a factor). She's trying to keep him interested until his physique is more compatible with her own so she can bite him and have a companion for the next thousand years. This is why she gave him such bad advice when she thought he was trying to woo Princess Bubblegum, then later insisted that he'd get bored with someone as smart as the princess. Her over-the-top negative reaction when he turned his efforts to her had two purposes: first, she was legitimately angry that Finn used the exact same routine on her that he did on Bubblegum (making her his 2nd choice), and she wanted to see if he'd be freaked out by her bizarre formless self. Now that he's shown that he still likes spending time with her doing things he can't do with Bubblegum, Marceline can resume both their friendship and her plan to transform him. You're welcome, Finn x Marceline shippers.

  • Update: The Finnceline shippers are now losing now that Princess Bubblegum is Finn's age.
    • That isn't that big of a hit, considering Finn's relationship with PB before she deaged.
      • Even if it were a bit of a hit to that ship, Too Young hit the Reset Button on that little problem.

The Censors were kidnapped and replaced with former writers of SNL.

Seriously, there is no other way to get away with some of the jokes on the show.

Finn's autotuned singing voice is a Take That at Glee's use of Auto-Tune.

Or perhaps a Take That at the general (over)use of Auto-Tune in pop music nowadays?

The Great Mushroom War was fought over literal mushrooms.

When the magic came back, probably due to the reawakening of the Cosmic Owl, it came in the form of new species of mushroom growing all over the world. When they grew in great numbers the land around them became a wellspring of magic, creating the various microcosoms of Ooo- for example, a species of Ice Mushroom grew where he Ice Kingdom now sits, and that's what allows even normal folks like Finn to perform ice-ninja magic there. Localized anomalies, such as talking mountains and superpower-granting mud puddles, also came into being. Those who ate these mushrooms took on their attributes as well, resulting in populations of candy-people, blue warrior people, nut-people, and so on. The war over these mushrooms caused much of normal civilization to collapse, but for the most part society simply mutated into the kingdoms we see in Ooo today. Finn is capable of such heroism despite his lack of magical powers specifically because he's among the last remaining humans. This is also why so many of the show's females are so into him despite his youth, awkwardness, and lack of gainful employment- he can theoretically produce viable offspring with any of them.

  • Somewhat subverted due to Word of God saying that Princess Bubblegum cannot have children.
    • Though, he was probably poking fun at the way the question was worded. They just asked about Finn having babies with bubblegum. They did not put 'Princess' or even capitalize the word bubblegum. Pen was probably referring to the inanimate candy rather than Princess Bubblegum when he answered the question. "if finn had babies with bubblegum would they come out weird?" "I dunno man, I don't think bubblegum can have babies"

Ooo is an alternate universe's Matrix.

Or atleast something extremely similar. The Mushroom War was between sentient mushroom robots and humanity. Humanity lost, and the Mushbots sealed the last surviving human, Finn, in a pod. Now he lives out his wildest dreams while the Mushbots control the planet, and study his mind or something.

The Great Mushroom War wasn't fought with nuclear bombs

It was fought with the "C-bombs" from Calvin and Hobbes. To clarify, C-bombs were a throwaway gag in one strip, where they were said to be destructive Fat Man-size projectiles of Calvin's imagination. It stands to reason that a global war fought with these things would result in almost everything gaining life, sentience, and intelligence. Finn and Jake are the reincarnations of Calvin and Hobbes, and share their dynamic. Because of the fact that no other residents of Calvin's hometown have gone on, or at least haven't appeared yet, Finn and Jake don't have any memories of a past life other than being friends and exploring the world around them. However, several people were Flanderized from their pre-war personalities into magical and powerful beings: Marceline was probably an Emo Teen who was cosmically retconned into being an actual vampire, her dad was a Corrupt Corporate Executive who ordered the C-bombings in the first place, Lumpy Space Princess was a spoiled teen experimenting with drugs, and so on.

tl;dr the bombs were powered by magic and exploded in a cloud of fairy dust instead of boring old radiation.

The Whywolves have one and only one final goal.

This goal is to prevent the coming of Karkat Vantas. Why? Because he is so incredibly rude he would kill every Whywolf in the world just by existing on the planet.

  • Why would Karkat be in Ooo anyway? Besides Rule of Funny, I mean.
    • Ok, that would mean spoilers for Homestuck, so if anyone here reads it, don't highlight the spoilers. Despite the prophecy to the contrary, the Kids will succeed by merging with the Trolls' session and winning the new session produced. This victory will result in the universe that contains the planet that will develop into Ooo being created and all the players, including Karkat, will be granted access.

In the new episode, Loyalty to the King

The "Nice King" will turn out to be a disguised Ice King controlled by Lich King.

  • or, Alternativley, the Nice King IS the Lich King (notice how he's only seen in a CASTLE?) he could either be
    • Disguised in the castle, tricking Finn and Jake into releasing him from his castle
    • The castle has a spell that makes the Lich King "Nice" until someone dumb enough (Finn and Jake) lets him out.
  • Jossed. The Nice King is just the Ice King with his beard shaved off.

The Mushroom War was...

A contest to see which country could make the biggest mushroom cloud. As you can see, no one won.

Royalty is just evil.

All the queens and kings that Finn and Jake have met so far have been antagonistic to varying degrees; Marceline, the Ice King, Gary the Mermaid Queen, and even the Lumpy Space King/Queen were a little rude.

  • Even Bubblegum?
    • ESPECIALLY Bubblegum.
    • Finn made Bubblegum evil in Death in Bloom. She had no idea she was infusing herself with the essence of an undead flower.
    • Nuts shows that Bubblegum may not be evil, but she's definitely crazy.
      • Not necessarily. The contents of the bottle could have turned her "temporarily ugly" on the inside (which was my interpretation of the episode, and that Princess Bubblegum really is that sweet).
    • Bubblegum is evil and intelligent. Meaning that she realizes people believing that someone is evil is a bad idea. That's right, Bubblegum's Genre Savvy.
      • Well, she's not evil, per se, just incredibly unstable and very devoted to her citizens. Think Neutral Good Cute Psycho.
    • I think you should rename this "kings and queens are evil". You only listed kings and queens. Bubblegum is a princess and she isn't evil. And I'm surprised no one has disputed the Marceline one. I think she's evil enough to be on that list.
    • Season 3 has quite a number of antagonistic king characters
    • If it makes you feel better, the Fire Kingdom has the Fire Count and Fire Princess, both viable and completely aware villains. From what I've seen of the Flame King, he could go evil at any moment.
  • Bubblegum is the big bad. The Lich wasn't purged from her, he escaped.
    • Gunter and Peppermint Butler hide their evil, at the command of their far more evil overlords.
    • PB plays around with life and death in her free time, when she's not plotting to undermine the other royals.
      • Maybe royalty isn't evil. Maybe PB just has an EXTREMELY warped moral code- thus explaining the zombies, Lemongrab, the Tart Toter, torturing the Ice King, the skeleton in the dungeon, etc...
  • Jossed, jossed, jossed. The Ice King is a nice guy with good intentions, but he's an insensitive idiot. Princess Bubblegum is mostly good, even if she does occasionally have severe lapses in morality. Same for Marceline, to a lesser degree. The Duke of Nuts is a total sweetie, and many other princesses we've seen are, as well. Lemongrab may be a jerk, but most of his harmful actions can be excused by his "delicate mental condition," and his intentions, REALLY boiled down, are good. Although royal people in Adventure Time are messed-up, complicated people, they are, generally, good people.

Princess Bubblegum will never be queen.

Looking through the episodes will reveal that the characters always refer to Bubblegum as "Princess", yet there is no king or queen in sight. This is because her parents only had one child before their mysterious disappearance: Bubblegum. But, the law system in the Candy Kingdom rules that no woman can rule the kingdom by herself. So, although she does have some control over her subjects, she will still remain a princess until the King and Queen return, if ever (In fact, she couldn't even do that until she turned eighteen, so they had Manfried as a temporary ruler. To this day, he still hangs in the main hall, monitoring Bubblegum's behavior and offering favors whenever he can).

  • Alternatively, royalty can simply be an acquired position in the politics of Ooo. The original pitch refers to her as a millionaire nerd, though it also calls her Bettie. She can't become a Queen because she simply didn't buy the position, rather than because of the above reason. This happened often in Real Life, even in surprisingly recent times: John Von Neumann's father Max bought a noble title from the Austrio-Hungarian Empire, for instance.
  • Also possible that the Candy Kingdom is just a principality, and hence prince or princess is the highest noble title that exists there. Many of the Italian City States worked like this for a while.

Everybody is just a video game character in this show.

To be specific, we've got all the archetypes: Finn is player one, Jake is player two, Princess Bubblegum is the Damsel in Distress, and Ice King is the "Bowser" of sorts.

  • Alternately, Finn is Maxwell.
    • No in 10000 years, Finn evolves into Maxwell.
  • The regularity with which Finn apparently takes on the Shark and Science Cat in "My Two Favorite People".
  • Also, Lady Rainicorn as a native Korean speaker, when Koreans are known to be fatally attracted to MMORPGs.
  • How has nobody mentioned the very evident Video Game Settings?

Adventure Time takes place in the future of the Ugly Americans universe.

After the demons have brought on the End of Days.

The Lumpy Space episode is a really young boy's view of an elder girl going through puberty.

Lumpy... contagious that could be taken as 'cooties'... suddenly having no time for him and getting a boy-focused social life...

Penn from the pilot and Finn from the series are two different people.

Penn is most likely Finn's older brother. Penn grew up and left Finn in the care of his best friend Jake while he went off to do some important mission that has taken him years. Could also explain why Princess Bubblegum seems older in the series.

  • However, this raises the question of where Penn was during Finn's "baby boom-boom" scene.
  • It does explain why Penn shouts more mathematical expressions than Finn does, and why Finn is bad at math, unlike his brother!
  • Actually, Princess Bubblegum seems a lot younger...
  • Alternatively, Penn and the Princess Bubblegum from the pilot are the parents or other recent ancestors of Finn and/or Princess Bubblegum from the series, who are survivors of the recent apocalypse, which would explain why Penn knows who Abraham Lincoln is.
  • Not to mention that Finn and Jake were seen playing an Abraham Lincoln game on Beemo.

Eveyone is in purgatory.

Ooo is just a plane of the afterlife, and only Jake is aware. Remember in the episode where they searched for the book? He said, "Everything here is designed to mess with your head. None of it is real." He wasn't talking about the trials, but the world in general. And the De-Corpsinator brings people from Earth to Ooo.

Finn is a Replacement Goldfish for Penn.

One of Penn's unseen adventures after the pilot ended... poorly. However, Jake was able to escape with his Nice Hat and get it to Princess Bubblegum, who manages to clone him. However, Princess Bubblegum also recognizes that he isn't exactly like Penn, and gave him a different name to reflect that - a small reminder that Finn isn't Penn, and to not begrudge him his differences. She's likely still working on some way to bring back the original; see also the Decorpsinator Serum...

The very last scene of "Tree Trunks"... a comforting lie that Jake tells Finn, who goes into a Heroic BSOD after the actual ending. He's trying to soften the blow, and comes up with In A Better Place -- a magical happy place.

  • Word of Penn says that it was an executive mandate to not let the show end with Tree Trunks' death, but that he likes the ending. He flip-flops over whether she's dead or alive, though.
    • And as of "Crystals have power she's alive, and became Queen of the Crystal dimension. Also evil.

The whole series is Finn on a sugar-induced afternoon, with his dog and a Commodore 64.

They're obviously dead, and in Valhalla.

The instruments in Ice King's castle are remnants from an old band he started.

As to who was in the band, I don't have a clue.

    • Marceline was in a band, PB has a Band Shirt as we found in "What was Missing", and in "Holly Jolly Secrets", we find that The Ice King was very much possibly alive BEFORE the Mushroom War (There is a plane and operational factory visible out the window in his last Diary entry).
  • Maybe he met Betty while he was playing a band. This explains why he wants his princesses to like his band.

The businessmen in Business Time were former Team Rocket executives.

A giant robot that sucks up fuzzy creatures? They found an opportunity to use their favorite tactic after Finn and Jake hired them. These guys were the ones behind the scenes who delivered gadgets for Jessie, James, and Meowth to use. When Giovanni found out that the businessmen were wasting resources on failing strategies, they were sent off on one last mission to capture an Articuno.

The skeleton in Princess Bubblegum's passageway is Finn from the future.

Princess Bubblegum is actually a malevolent dictator, who arranged, through a time paradox, to make herself her own daughter, ensuring her eternal succession. In the future, Finn will discover this terrible secret, only to be executed by Bubblegum on returning to the past to Set Right What Once Went Wrong .

  • Alternatively, it's Penn, from the pilot, for the same reason. Jake missed his human friend and got one that was almost exactly the same.

Lumpy Space is actually a quarantine

Lumpy Space isn't even space at all. This is obvious due to no change in gravitational pull for Finn. Lumpy space was originally a quarantine during a strange outbreak long ago. The lumpy people were long forgotten and did not come back until Princess Bubblegum decided to bring them back. Her family was the only one with records of the lumpy quarantine. She first came into contact with the lumpy people and more specifically LSP. We know this from Bubblegum and LSP's friendship which is strange considering the lumpy people don't want non lumpers in their domain. We also never see any other lumpy people outside of the lumpy quarantine.

The lumpy people were not happy with being kept a secret/forgotten and this is why non lumpers aren't allowed. The secrets of the past are all over the lumpy quarantine due to the fact that whatever caused the apocalyptic state did not happen in the lumpy quarantine.

Bubblegum needs the info from the lumpy quarantine to learn about the past. The problem is that she is a target in the lumpy quarantine, she already tried going there once before. She can't go back so she makes excuses in order to avoid going back.

In order to protect the candy people, Princess Bubblegum did not reveal the secrets of the lumpy quarantine to anyone. Her only connection to the lumpy quarantine is LSP.

Ricardio is not the Ice King's Heart

To elaborate, the Ice King was a Woobie and wanted to marry a princess. As he was dying, Ricardio said he could get him a princess as well as immortality. Ricardio then fuses with him, takes over the Ice King's mind, and threatens to kill everyone.

I got this idea from watching the episode Ricardio and was I the only person who noticed that Ricardio acts exactly like the Ice King we know? Only without his Woobieness? Not to mention that Ice King - Ricardio = ULTRA MEGA WOOBIE. Also, watch Prisoners of Love and you'll see that the Ice King goes from "Play the song the way I've shown you." to "PLAY IT OR I'LL SQUISH YOU INTO JUICE!" in a matter of seconds. Methinks Ricardio is doing a wonderful job taking over his mind.

The Lich King will be revealed to have been very much like Finn prior to his Start of Darkness

Allow me to explain, according to rumors, The Lich King was the one who warped the world from the one we know, to the one of Ooo.

It's possible that he was a happy-go-lucky child (and Reality Warper), who just happened to be a lot like Finn, sharing many of the ideals and fun-loving spirit his future nemesis would come to possess.

Upon encountering the harsh truths and raging difficulties growing up possessed, with all the threats of disease and nuclear annihilation never far from his mind or attentions, the boy who would be the Lich King 'flipped out', and so did his powers. In 'running away' the world about him shattered, reconstituting itself into a nonsensical, but nonetheless beautiful and intriguing pastiche of anything and everything.

Unfortunately, all the darkness and pain of the former reality persisted, living on in the boy. Unable to take the weight of the grotesque possibilities, his personality shattered, reassembling itself into what he perceived to be a suitable antithesis to everything good and noble he had longed to establish: The Lich King.

He was either sealed by the brave efforts of Ooo's residents, or reinvented himself as a sealed creature, an oddly iron-wrought staple in an otherwise haphazard universe, ready to unleash all the evils he has come to believe as the norm for the ultimate enemy.

It would be interesting to see, if he's ever unleashed, that underneath all his evil and hatred, is the form of a scared young boy, still trying to run away from his powerlessness in his old life.

  • Who's the Lich King? I've never hears him mentioned in the show.
    • According to the Blog, he's going to be the upcoming Big Bad.

Would someone kindly put a link to this blog?

The entire series is one boy and his favorite uncle playing a big game of make believe

Finn is just a silly kid playing a game with his cool uncle (Jake) and making everything up as he goes along, which is why everything is Princess Bubblegum is the girl across the street he has a crush on, Marceline is some cool older girl who occasionally teases Finn, the Ice King is Finn's crotchety old neighbor and Lumpy Space Princess is Finn's Valley Girl older sister.

  • Tree Trunks is Finn's grandmother, and the episode is his attempt to cope with her recent death.
    • Furthermore, Lady Raincorn is "Uncle" Jake's Korean Girlfriend who's hasn't learned the language yet. The Barbarians in Memories of Boom Boom Mountain are some of Finn's rambunctious cousins on the other side of his family, and the mountain man is another uncle who's a real stick in the mud (and 'has problems' according to Jake).
    • The house people are a dollhouse town tourist trap that Finn and Jake went to visit. Donny is the Jerkass mentally challenged security guard working there. The Whywolves are a gang of punk teenagers who trashed the place while Donny was on break.
    • NEPTR is a robot that Finn bribed Jake to buy for him, while Beemo is a Gameboy. The Cosmic Owl is the mayor...
    • The Linch King is a serial killer that escaped jail. Around this time Princess Bubblegum started dating Finn.
    • This interpretation adds a new layer of sad to "New Frontier."
    • The Flame Princess could be a girl that moved next door that Jake tried to introduced to Finn after Bubblegum either broke up with Finn or moved away. May have ended badly.

The Ice King is really Mumbo Jumbo from Teen Titans.

There are so many things to consider between the two, it's hard not to believe that Mumbo may have change his appearance and ran away during one conflict with the Titans just to get away from them and never have to deal with them again. All he needed to do is to grow his beard, change his magic style, and live far off in a frozen kingdom with the only goal in mind to steal princesses and make them his bride.

  • But then Robin got turned into Finn, Beast Boy is stuck as Jake, Raven is Marceline, and Starfire is Princess Bubblegum. Cyborg failed to make it after the apocalypse.
    • He's stuck in Titans Tower with a dead battery, like in "How Long Is Forever?".

Jake was the one who picked Finn up as a baby

Now, according to the flashback, we see two Jake-like parental figures pick up Finn, but the fast-talking J. Jonah Jameson-esque voices suggest that this was just Finn splitting Jake into separate parental units. Not sure if this counts as WMG, though...may just be a case of Don't Explain the Joke.

  • How does the way they talk suggest that?
    • C'mon, man, he was a BABY. Do you really think his memory was that good? Maybe when Jake told Finn just to think about what HE wanted, that just got mixed up with his limited recollection of the scenario. Like some kind of Animal Farm thing.
      • Finn does have unusually sharp memories of his Boom-Boom incident, or at least a deeply-forged self-fulfilling-prophecy version thereof.
        • It could be that Finn was raised by a community of dogs like Mogli in the Jungle Book and Jake was a neighbor to the family that took in Finn and became his best friend.
          • I figured that Jake was the son of the two dogs that found Finn. When Finn was 8 years old, the two dogs had a pup named Jake. This would mean that by the time Finn was 12, Jake would be 4 (or 28 in dog years, which he claims to be in the pilot).
    • Word of God says that Joshua and Margaret (the two dogs) are indeed Jake's parents, who raised Finn. Which makes Jake Finn's foster brother. Heavily implied by the fact that right after this flashback, Finn and Jake pretty solemnly call each other "brother" (although Jake has done so less reverently on multiple occasions).
      • And in "Conquest of Cuteness", when Jake and Finn refer to "Mom", they are obviously talking about the same person, clarifying even further that the Mom they're talking about is Jake's mother.

The Adventure Time universe eventually evolves into the Scribblenauts universe.

The art styles are vaguely similar--as time went on, the Ooo people got shorter and squatter and less noodly. Advances in Nice Hat technology allowed for three points instead of just two, and different colors (such as red, and blue for Lewxam). Plus, Ooo already has enough random and Crazy Awesome stuff to fuel the Scribbleverse for a long time.

Tree Trunks knew the result of eating the crystal apple the whole time

Tree Trunks knew eating the Crystal Apple would make her explode and deliberately manipulated Finn and Jake into helping her find it so she wouldn't leave behind a corpse. Tree Trunks knew she was getting on in years and realized her time on this Earth was nearing its end, however she was horrified at the prospect of being swarmed by flies after death and devised a plan to prevent her body from being swarmed after death.

Finn has abandonment issues

So we all saw Finn as baby boom-boom, right? All alone in the forest and stuff. Sure, he's upset over that, but there's more to it. In The Jiggler, Finn seemed to go berserk when the mom didn't want the kid back, screaming 'MOMS ARE SUPPOSED TO LOVE BABIES'. Why? He empathized with Jiggler, and was trying to make it so the baby wouldn't have to be alone in the forest and fall over onto its own boom boom, as he did.

  • When I watched it, it seemed more like he was saying "Mom's supposed to love baby!", which is evidence of psychological regression, alluding to deep seated issues. Also, it is ambiguous as to whether the singular 'Mom' and 'Baby' refer to the Jiggler and its mother, or Finn and his missing mother.
    • After watching that, I'd be more surprised if he didn't have abandonment issues.

Here's the episode judge for your selves, to me it clearly sounds like "Momma's supposed to love baby"

Marceline is an architect of Ooo

Given that Marceline is at least 'a thousand years old' by her own words (as flexible as that may be, given it was part of a lyric in a song), it is quite possible she might have had a strong part in creating Ooo, and might even know how civilization was previously destroyed (and her current personality might be an aspect of that, more on another WMG). The fact that her mark shows up on at least two relatively arbitrary places means that not only has she lived in that area, she may have built a significant part of it too. Her theoretical acts of construction brings me to...

The Land of Ooo is a form of repentance of the survivors from the apocalypse

Think about it. People made of candy? Talking mountains? A whole world of lumpy suburban stereotypes? Cliche notions of good and evil? The people who survived the apocalypse may have felt regret over how their world came to be and end, and instead strove to build a simpler world with much more fantastical elements. This might explain why Marceline doesn't identify with good or evil; if she did live pre-apocalypse (and it just happens to be our world) then she might be rebuking the idea of alignment because of how it might have been twisted around in her time.

  • This is supported by the fact the Land of Ooo is set After the End just no one knows about that, yet...
    • You should probably have guessed it by now, though. There are definitely enough hints.

Finn will grow up to be...

King Radical. After going insane and conquering the Land of Ooo (possibly after Jake dies), he renames himself King Radical, and renames the land "Radical Land". Later on, he gets sent back in time, and finds our time period incredibly boring, so he vows to make our world radical... by making the apocalypse happen early.

  • Jake is alive and well, he's the dirtbike. And Lady Rainicorn is Sparklelord.

The Snail is...

Penn! After something goes wrong during one of his adventures, he's turned into a snail (probably by that stupid Donut Witch), leaving Jake to assume the worst. After vainly attempting to get turned back (which fails because, well, he's a SNAIL), he resigns himself to watch over his younger brother's efforts to follow in his footsteps.

The series will eventually turn into a Serious Business Mind Screw show

Most (if not all) of the sillier stuff from the episodes so far will be retconned into being some kind of hallucination that Finn and Jake were both experiencing. Princess Bubblegum and the people of Ooo don't really exist. In reality, Earth has indeed been devastated and Finn and Jake are simply two of the few people still alive (there are other survivors as well, one of which will be the series's Big Bad). These hallucinations are coping mechanisms that allow them to live their day-to-day lives without giving into despair.

  • The mindscrew might come from Lich King and his supposed role in making the world into what is like in the show. Plus Finn could be the only remaining human so that will be pretty sad.

The land of Ooo is a form of purgatory.

You have you fufill your life's greatest dream to leave, as evidenced by Tree Trunks eating the crystal apple.

The Lich King is Penn from the short.

Okay, merging several of the above WMGs...after the end of the short, Penn was killed. Jake transferred some of his magic powers to Penn in an attempt to save his life. It backfired horribly, turning Penn into an evil, zombified wizard. Jake himself locked Penn away, then wiped his own mind of the events, and set out adventuring with Penn's brother, Finn.

  • Unlikely, according to this animatic for the upcoming episode "Hero" Billy/Hogarth was the one who imprisoned the Lich King (And one time he fought a bear)
    • Also, the pilot isn't canon.

The episode 'Wizard' was a Batman Gambit on behalf of the Lich King.

This theory has three layers to it. The first is that the tower in which the wizards were trained was also the one in which the Lich King was sealed away. While this wasn't mentioned in the episode, it's still possible if one assumes that none of the wizards knew it. The second is that Reaper (the skeleton that appeared at the beginning and end of the episode) was one of the Lich King's servants. And the third is the WMG itself. The Lich King knew that Finn would seize the chance to get wizard powers, and he also knew that Finn's actions would lead to the destruction of the tower. So, he sent out Reaper to offer Finn and Jake magical powers. Of course, everything went according to plan, and the Lich King was freed. He'll turn up soon enough. Any minute now...

Princess Bubblegum is going to turn out to be Cute and Psycho.

Skeleton in "Ricardio the Heart Guy". Just you wait.

  • Her insane bloodlust in "The Duke of Nuts" gives some credence to this...

Finn is a bullied and/or abused kid, and the Land of Ooo, Jake, Ice King, etc. Are all figments of his imagination.

Most likely scenario and best for the mind, bullied. No friends at school, he's ridiculed constantly. His adventures are just daydreams and whatnot. The other characters represent various people in his life:

  • Jake is his dog
    • Possibly his older brother, since he identifies as such in season 1.
  • Ice King is a Jerkass teacher
    • Or possibly a sleazy one, considering his predilection for young girls.
  • Marceline is his babysitter
    • Alternatively, she's an upperclassman who bullies Finn but is friendly about it, unlike the actual villains in the series, allowing her to remain a "good" character in Finn's fantasy.
  • Princess Bubblegum is a girl at school he has a crush on
  • Lumpy Space Princess is his semi-obese older sister
    • She hit on him in "To Cut a Woman's Hair", so it would be make more sense if she was his classmate. Unless you guys are into the former.
  • Tree Trunks is his grandmother
    • In lieu of this, perhaps her disappearance was her death via an exhaustion induced heart attack, her explosion symbolic of a violent fit and the last part a fading memory. After her death Finn simply tuned out the corpse from his perception, similar to Nectar in Haze.
  • Ricardio is a creepy janitor at his school
  • Lady Rainicorn is Jake's favorite dog toy
  • Mama's supposed to LOVE baby! She's supposed to LOVE baby!
    • The entire Jiggler situation smacked of a kid finding an abandoned crack baby in an alleyway, almost kill it by feeding it drugs found near it (thus why he called the grape a purple thing, it was actually a capsule), nurse it back to health and try to return it to its mother, only for her to have a psychotic fit and nearly kill them, calming down once she'd had her fix.
  • The two dogs from "Memories of Boom-Boom Mountain" could be Finn's foster family.
  • The Duke of Nuts is the really nice but jittery classmate of Finn and Bubblegum's that always eats her pudding but tries to make it up to Bubblegum.
  • Donnie could be a bully who's a grade higher or less than Finn and he picks on the grade lower than him.
  • The Viking Marauders may also be in Donnie's class and the main viking's dad is the mountain that's too sensitive to the others rough-housing.
    • The girl mountain is his wife.
  • The Witch with the doughnut garden is the creepy old woman in Finn's neighborhood.
    • Or perhaps a baker.
  • Penny could be the little girl with a bad habit of stealing things.
  • The Magic Man is the town's con-artist.
  • Billy is an older cousin who is an incredible athlete.
    • More than likely an uncle or something similiar. His community minded methods are due to him watching Finn's father's downward spiral until he became what Finn sees as the Lich, leading to a violent confrontation with Lich and his own shame over hurting his own flesh and blood.
  • Depending on how the arc is played out, the Lich King could be Finn's abusive biological father and the "castle" he is sealed in is a prison or rehab center.
    • Perhaps the cold association is due to abuse by exposure, forcing Finn to sleep outside in winter, perhaps? His face being torn off could have been as a result of a confrontation with Billy (explained above) causing him dental and facial damage. His body surfing into a snail could imply that he slipped into a coma as a result of his fight with Finn, apparently dead to Finn, but in reality he still poses a threat.
      • Perhaps most worrying is Bubblegum's age change...perhaps a sexual assault at the hands of lich caused her to mentally regress.

Pendleton Ward is taking a letter from Suntra.

Well, let's compare the similarities: the oddball Chiptune soundtrack, the Mind Screw artwork (which also shows Seussian influence) the shared Widget Series status, the sweet, but not saccharine overtones (especially prevalent in the Suntra's "Other Victories"), heck, even the folk roots of the acoustic guitar parts(comparable to the orchestra on Suntra's "Tottori," from a Symbolic Interactions compilation). One could even make an argument that the two use the same synthesizers.

Jake will grow extremely sick due to old age, and Finn will need to find the Fountain of Youth to save him

If the series goes on for several years, the characters will age, and if Jake ages in dog years and not human years, he'll get older a lot more quickly than Finn...even get weaker from old age and in danger of dying. It seems hopeless until Princess Bubblegum tells him about the legendary Fountain of Youth, and Finn needs to embark on a race against time to get the fountain water to Jake and make him young again before he dies. To make it worse, Jake is so sick he can't come with him.

Finn has some of the fountain water too, and the characters don't age again; Finn and Jake will have access to the Fountain so they can stay young and be heroes forever. Might also make a good finale or TV movie.

The Magic Man is a fairy

He's a Jerkass, he's magic and he uses his power with no regard for others. He comes as a beggar, asking for food and if you do give him some, he still curses you.

  • According to the Magic Man, he cursed Finn because he gave him the food.

Princess Bubblegum's sanity is directly related to her level of attractiveness.

Most of the time, she's a fairly cute girl. However, in Duke of Nuts, once she becomes ugly, she's obsessed with punishing the Duke to the point of ax craziness and laughter. Alternatively, she may just be like this all the time, and is simply extremely good at hiding it.

During the Duke of Nuts, for whatever reason, Princess Bubblegum was temporarily off her anti-psychotics.

Perhaps she was switching to a new medication and she had to ramp up to a high dosage, or maybe the medicine had to taken every day and she simply forgot that morning. This explain why, towards the end of the episode, she was back to normal; she, or an attendant, had remembered to take them/give them to her. Of course, violent ax craziness is not the way real-life psychosis works, but media tends to portray it this way.

The apocalypse was caused by the magic coming back

However it was that magic emerged, its emergence caused the sudden arrival of a wave of magical creatures and sociopaths that society had no defenses against. By the time defenses for the innocent were good enough, purestrain unaltered humans were rare and most socio-political structures (cities, nations, etc) had been shattered.

  • This actually explains quite a bit. This is likely several generations after the end, at least 1000 years if Marceline's age is to be believed, with most of the original cities completely gone. The dungeon in Dungeon is actually partially the remains of one of the last underground cites of purestrain humans that held out the longest but was eventually destroyed too. The appearence of technology from at least the 1980s shows that technology advanced at least that far either before Judgement Day or since then. In fact, Finn himself might not be a purestrain human, and he wears his hat to cover up some sort of defect or mark that shows that though he is close to purestrain, he is still not purestrain.
  • That hat doesn't cover anything except his long, beautiful blond hair.
  • Penn has mentioned Ooo being how it is partially due to the return of magic, so there may be something to this.

The Crystal Apple Tree is the original Tree of Knowledge

From "Slumber Party Slumber", we learn that candy people explode when scared. When Tree Trunks ate the apple, she learned everything about what happened to the Land of Ooo. She was so horrified by the revelation that she blew up.

The apocalyptic war was a nuclear one.

I mean...come on. Mushroom War?

  • Supported in that there are nuclear bombs visible among the wreckage in the first landscape that the "camera" passes by in the intro.
    • Also, an image of the earth from outer space shown during "The Real You" shows a giant gaping crater that takes up about a quarter/a third of the world.
  • Combining this with an above theory, couldn't the nuclear war be over the magic coming back?

The apocalyptic war was with the Mushroom Kingdom

Same as above.

Finn is the sole survivor of the apocalyptic war.

Think about it, Finn is the only human on the show and he has no parents, if the Land of Ooo is the aftermath of a apocalyptic war on earth then some how his parents gave birth to him on the last days of the war and Finn some how was able to survive due to Jake taking him in.

  • Pretty sure Marceline is supposed to be a survivor.

The mountain is the spirit of pacifism

I don't mean Gundam SEED style pacifism where all pacifism means is complaining about violence while still slaughtering people, I mean the kind of pacifism that says that if you poked someone too hard he'd cry.

  • Someone got bored of him teleporting behind them and complaining whenever violence happened (possibly the magic man) and then the bored person sealed him into a mountain because being in a mountain limits one's ability to complain about violence to the area directly near the mountain. No idea what the girl mountain is though, she could just be the spirit of back fetishes and the person was creeped out instead of bored.

The Lich King will be the show's Knight of Cerebus

As tentative episode titles have hinted the show may take turn for the darker and the Lich King hasn't appeared in the show yet. It isn't too much of a stretch to theorize that he'll lead the show down a slightly more Darker and Edgier path.

  • Supported by Word of God in the form of the series presentation linked above: "The Lich King is not funny.". However, the same pitch also includes artifacts like Lady Raincorn's cooing and Princess Bubblegum and Marceline having a rivalry over Finn, and Princess Bubblegum's real name being "Betty".

The Lich King will be revealed as Finn's father.

This show is too Troperific for it not to be true.

  • Either that, or he knew Finn's parents/knows their fate.
    • Or, if we're really aiming for Knight of Cerebus status, Finn's parents will be elite minions under the Lich King's control.

The Ice King will have a Heel Face Turn after Finn and Jake figure out they just need to talk to him.

Learning to make alternate solutions in this manner will be important in dealing with the Lich King.

All royalty were on friendly terms. The Ice King became evil after being betrayed by the Lich King.

After so many years, he's feeling lonely, but only knows royalty on friendly terms, but the new batch has replaced the people who knew he was good at one time.

The events of Adventure Time takes place on the Gigantic Northern Continent of Flapjack's world

Even though I hate that I came up with this WMG, it's just too good. I still prefer to think of them as seperate. And, oh yeah, Candy Wife is Princess Bubblegum's mother.

Lady Rainicorn craps jelly filled doughnuts

Jake and her get stuffed in an empty closet during Slumber Party Panic, and completely inexplicably Jake is eating a jelly filled doughnut when he comes out. I have thought about this quite a while, and this is the only explanation that makes sense. Other solutions that I have dismissed: Jake keeps a supply of jelly filled doughnuts on him at all times, Jake craps jelly filled doughnuts, There was a jelly filled doughnut in the closet (if it was from the candy kingdom, it'd be alive), Lady Rainicorn keeps a supply of jelly filled doughnuts on her at all times. Then again, it's just a show, I should really just relax.

  • There could be non-sentient doughtnuts in the Candy Kingdom. Afterall Princess Bubblegum has a supply of pudding that the Duke of Nuts often eats. ...Wait.
  • Actually I just watched that episode and you can see Jake reaching off-screen to grab the donut from (presumably) a zombie's corpse. It's only for a second though.

That part with the dimple plant in "Henchman" was Foreshadowing a serious moment.

When the Lich King surfaces he will inflict The Corruption on a character we're familiar with. Finn will have to kill them while they're still adorable, making for one of the biggest Tear Jerkers of the series.

The Lich King is Marceline, The Vampire Queen's Father.

Why? They're both undead and they're both royalty. More conjecturally, Marceline is the odd one out among the female royalty in the show for being called "Queen" rather than "Princess", perhaps the reason is because she wants to emphasize the power she's taken from her father. Of course, she could be Queen of the Undead and and not the Lich King's daughter, but this is Wild Mass Guessing not Lame Mass Guessing.

  • Jossed, we see Marceline's real father in it came from the nightosphere.

The Magic Man is The Lich King in disguise.

The king is trying to get all the heroes in Oo to question their moral stance, and either become apathetic or make Face Heel Turns. This is being done to prepare for an upcoming military campaign. The idea is that the heroes will either be too apathetic to fight back or will fight on his side.

The whole Lich King storyline is going to be Jossed

Either he won't show up at all, or he will but he'll be just a comedic Harmless Villain.

  • Nope. Oh God Nope.

Marceline is a survivor of the Great Mushroom War

Either something during the war turned her into a vampire, or she was bitten some time afterwards. The reason she's lost her moral code is due to the horrors she witnessed during the War having driven her a bit... Joker-ish.

    • Or, she could have been turned before the war, and thus survived it due to the vampirism.

The Cosmic Owl of the Universe devoured the humans

According to the Whywolves, if they overpopulate, then the Cosmic Owl will devour them all. Maybe when they said devoured, they don't mean it literally, but metaphorically. The Cosmic Owl is somewhat a being that destroys overpopulation by means that are completely indirect. The Cosmic Owl probably caused the humans to go to war and in turn devoured them by making all of them kill eachother.

Princess Bubblegum's hair and dress are an extension of her skin.

This came up in a discussion of how Jake and the Ice King are the only regular characters who can get away with being nude, and nothing was determined to contradict the possibility. She does wear her full poofy dress under a lab coat instead of changing into pants or (if pants would be inappropriate for a princess of Ooo) using a smock or safety apron. The only thing I've actually seen that might disprive this is that at least the top of her dress was still pink after she was hit by the ugliness potion, but since we didn't see the dress for more than a couple of seconds after she got hit and never saw it off of her when she was wearing the healing suit or the bathing suit, it's possible that the bottle broke over her head and thus presented as a descending malady.

Marceline the Vampire Queen was never really evil.

She's just a righteous dame who likes to play games, and Finn and her non-evil fans are the only ones who got past her dark and spooky exterior to realize this.

  • According to Word of God, to become the Queen/King of the vampires, she had to kill the previous king/queen.
    • Maybe the previous king/queen was evil.
  • I've asked if the vampire king was Marceline's vampire dad. Hopefully he gets to it soon, he hasn't answered questions in a while...
    • Nope. Marceline's vampire dad is the Lord of Evil, not the Vampire King.
    • Which brings us to...

Marceline is The Guy.

And Finn is The Kid, only he doesn't want to kill Marceline because he doesn't KNOW she's The Guy (girl?). It would also explain why everywhere in Ooo is so hideously dangerous- if it takes place in the I Wanna Be The Guy-verse, everything must try to destroy you in SOME way. Alternately, Billy is The Guy but Finn won't kill him either because he's a major fanboy.

  • Alternatively, Billy is Grandfather The Guy, Finn is the Kid, and the Ice King is the Guy.

== Marceline is evil to the core, and has tricked Finn into thinking she just likes messing with people for future ease of control. == Just to cover another base (although those pixies were jerks).

Nobody in Ooo or the surrounding lands are evil, or even mean.

Marceline the Vampire Queen is just a righteous dame who likes to play games, the Ice King just has a thing for kidnapping princesses and sees brainwashing curses as a form of curative hypnotherapy, and even the jerk in "City Of Freaks" really was trying to teach everyone a lesson, although he had no idea what it was by the end and was just trying for a satisfactory ending.

  • Explain The Lich King then.
  • He was trying to make them recognize that people could be jerks. ...Which is sort of a compelling argument for your point, really, if there are enough people who simply wouldn't understand that for there to be a community of them.

The Whywolves were just trying to help restore the proper order of things, they neither eat houselings nor are eaten by the Cosmic Owl.

Because the Cosmic Owl explanation came out of nowhere and makes no freaking sense if looked at literally (instead of, as an above poster put it, a metaphor for the natural balance reasserting itself, such as by way of the Whywolves starving).

Obnoxygen is only made by incredibly rude plant people.

Because normal plants make... Y'know, I'm not even going to bother.

Dungeon holes were created to contain the most dangerous mutants that started to appear during the onset of the apocalypse

  • This would make sense, especially if the pipe-thing going down to where the human-mutants from "Susan Strong" live is actually an abandoned dungeon hole.

Knife storms are caused by psychic anomalies emanating from the Cosmic Owl.

Mortals perceive these anomalies as unified yet controllable hallucinations. That is, their hallucinations are perceptible to others and directly affected by imagination, though what is imagined by others cannot be seen, only felt and heard. The knives are the visible form of the anomaly itself. What causes the Cosmic Owl to emit anomalies is unknown, but it could be important.

The Land of Ooo is the world of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, far into the future

Finn is the last remaining human survivor of the Great Mushroom War (as I believe Pen said it was called). Without any intelligent beings to communicate with, his mind would deteriorate and he would gradually go mad, so he subconsciously (or perhaps consciously) created the entire Land of Ooo and populated it with fun imaginary friends to interact with to keep himself sane.

Old Hag Syndrome is caused by Marceline...

...sitting on your chest at night with her Nightmare Face on, for the explicit purpose of creeping you out.

Adventure Time is really a d20 game played by some nerds in a basement with wacky imaginations

Finn is a Lawful Good Paladin (which is why he's so stringent in his actions and code), Jake is a Neutral Good dog (or some variant of a race) druid, Princess Bubblegum is a Chaotic Good Sorcerer, Lady Rainicorn is her animal companion or familiar, and the Ice King is a Neutral Evil Wizard.

  • I think Princess Bubblegum may be the Dungeon Master's main NPC since she's the one that usually gives Finn and Jake their missions.
  • I personally have Finn pegged as a barbarian of at least level 17 (rage, tireless rage, no armour or armour light enough he can wear it under his t-shirt) and maybe even up into epic levels, considering he went toe-to-toe with Marceline's cosmic abomination of a father and didn't get salsa'd.

Pendleton Ward is a BIG NERD

THINK about it.

  • The entire world is a zany, earthlike collection of thematic lands which collectively contain infinate potential for adventures; like fantasy RPGs. There is a lot of magic, very few guns, and a reltaively low level of technology. The world goes from sandbox-ish to wild to crapsack to wonderful episode-to-episode. Characters shift personality baced on what the plot demands. Both like d20 games.
  • Finn goes dungeon-crawling and exploring the deep woods, all while going on quests and fighting monsters. Those are the staples of the classic adventure videogame. Beemo. Just Beemo. Barring Ward's love of mindscrew, much of Adventure Time is rife with nerdy adventure-game influences. So many, in fact, that it would lead one to believe that perhaps Ward is taking influence from other, d20-esque sources.
  • Billy was a great hero because, in part, he had the guts to fight a BEAR.
  • Either way, you have to admit that the Demon Cat of Approximate Knowledge would be an amazing d20 boss fight.

Jake is female.

In one episode, he refers to his and Finn's bond as "a mother-daughter thing." Finn gave Jake that name, because his name in his own language is difficult for a normal human to pronounce. However, part of the culture barrier led to him getting a name of the wrong gender. He also believes Finn to be human (hence mother-daughter), because in the initial conversation, he said something that amounted to, "I'm the same gender as you are."

    • Then why is Cake a girl?
      • Very tomboyish male cat.
        • ...Don't you mean an effeminate male cat?

The Land of Ooo was created by a young Reality Warper

A child that went completely insane during the nuclear war that decimated the planet. Out of the ashes this child created Ooo, a land filled with childish delights, like candy people and talking dogs, but with a chaotic and more brutal edge to it, what with the eldritch abominations, murderous monsters, and raining knives.

  • Or it could be that, that far into the future, every pure human is either an ascended being or a reality warper. Finn is just an untrained lost orphan, and can still easily connect to Jake's imagination, and control it from his own mind. If the land of Ooo wasn't such a huge distraction, Finn could easily master his powers.
    • Note what happened in The Creeps once Finn started to freak out.

The magic that protects the King of Thieves

Not only does it produce a barrier that keeps thieves out, but it also invokes thief behavior within city bounds.

Jake is bisexual.

Tiffany was Jake's former boyfriend, which he thought would make both Lady Rainicorn and Finn jealous. Also, his crush on Billy.

The original Lich King design was Censor Decoy

The designers were worried the real design wouldn't get by the censors, so they made an incredibly lame design [1] so that when the censors heard how dangerous the Lich King is SUPPOSED to be, they said they wanted something a little scarier, leading to the horror [2] [dead link] we all know and fear today.

The show takes place inside Finn Hudson's head.

The kid is daydreaming and usually lost in his own world most of the time, this is probably what he's imagining. He's not really that creative with names so that's why Finn is named after himself. The show's art style is really Finn doodling on his homework.

  • That makes so much sense when you think about it. Princess Bubblegum, a really nice talented girl who has a streak of genuine crazy, is supposed to be Rachel. The almost evil chick with issues who shows him kindness now and then, Marceline, is Santana. Brittany is Lumpy Space Princess, the Ice King is Karofsky with flamboyant ways and bullying manor, and Jake is his cool best friend Puck. Lady Rainicorn is how he originally viewed Kurt, but no longer does.

Jake was once owned by Marceline the Vampire Queen.

Or they were in a similar relationship to Finn/Jake. In her introductory episode Evicted! the way she says "No one...makes me...let go...of JAKE!" sounds like she knows him from the past.

Marceline is Vanessa Doofenshmirtz, and Ooo is what used to be the Tri-State Area.

The Great Mushroom War ravaged Danville to a point where everyone either died or was mutated into some kind of other creature (except for Finn). Marceline's dad adopted and turned her into the "Vampire Queen" after stealing Dr. Doofenshmirtz's soul, but after the fry incident Marceline got revenge for her real dad's death by sending him to the Nightosphere. After that, she mostly mellowed out, becoming the Marceline we know and love today. Taking this a bit further, Candace was mutated into a human bubblegum hybrid because of some gum she swallowed. The Candy People, mostly being children and the elderly, named her their ruler because of her height.

  • If nobody else considers this prime fanfiction material, then I will officially lose all faith in humanity.

Tiffiny was really the Lich King

Lich King disguised himself as a little Boy... Girl... Whatever to steal Jake away and make Finn weak. The reason Lich King didn't use his evil powers of evilness is because he didn't want to blow his cover and therefore have to take on Finn, Jake, and Lady Rainicorn.

"The Gut Grinder" is actually a parody of the economic recession.

The premise for the episode is that a highly loved individual is blamed for stealing gold. The person who is actually stealing the gold is the wife of a government official.

Most Episodes to Date Have Been a Part of the Plan of the Lich King

Think about this one: The Pilot was before the Lich King's plan was put in place, so there really isn't one in that one.

  • Later, during the first episode where Finn carries that name, we see that Princess Bubblegum seems to be under some sort of a curse (he tampered with the potion to make it fail so spectacularly - Bubblegum merely said "The answer is four" to make herself seem smarter; she just tried the same potion again because she didn't understand why it failed.
  • Trouble in Lumpy Space is probably not the Lich King's fault, unless he caused a plague of the Lumps or something.
  • Prisoners of Love is where Ricardio the Heart Guy comes in. He is a servant of the Lich King, now sent to corrupt the impressionable Ice King (see above WMG - the Ice King is a woobie). The Lich King wants to create a power vacuum in the land of Ooo so that he can return and take power for himself.
  • In Tree Trunks, it turns out that Tree Trunks is an old guardian from the time that the Lich King was trapped. He implanted a desire to eat of the crystal apple into her dreams, knowing that any mere mortal to eat such a powerful object would die. This eliminates one of the spells that traps him.
  • The Lich King is watching Finn throughout the Enchiridion because he now sees Finn as a threat. During the Jiggler he also watches, and just might have placed a curse on the Jiggler to deteriorate faster, or the mama so that she had a harder time recognizing her baby. The fact that the curse, whichever is was, is broken scares the Lich King.
  • During "Ricardio the Heart Guy" the Lich King tries a more direct approach to starting a power vacuum. It fails, but he still has the Ice King under his thumb.
  • The rest of the episodes can all be thought of as part of his plans by any stretch of the imagination, such as the possibility of a curse on the business men to make them go crazy. The Wizard episode deserves special mention, though - I think that the old men who are keeping the asteroid away are also either the Lich King's servants, or guardians with Tree Trunks. Either way, he wants them dead or released. He probably didn't count on Finn moving the WHOLE CITY to escape it.
  • I also do not think that Marceline is wise to the Lich King's plans, and therefore wants to become trusted by Finn, not kill him, so that she can give him warnings away from the Lich King when the time comes. She also wants to protect him from his plans while she is around (e.g. when she takes his house she actually tries to remove that giant "worm king" at the end, and incapacitates him enough that he only asks for hugs instead of blood.
  • But what about the "Billy" episode itself? Why did the Lich King want to bring back to action the one man who could beat him?
    • In the original concept, Billy sitting on that throne was what was sealing the Lich King. Things would've been just peachy had Billy simply gotten up.
      • Actually, according to the original storyboard, he was sitting on his shapeshifting nemisis Proteok.

Gunter IS the Lich King

Marceline's dad did say he had the most evil soul he had ever seen. If he is, he probably had his powers diminished somehow, though the wickedness never left. Besides, Beware the Nice Ones.

  • Not to mention Gunter wanted M's Dad's soul. Probably to regain his lost power, all though he was still strong to stop M's Dad from sucking out his soul.
  • Perhaps Gunter is the Lich King's phylactery. Who would expect you to hide your soul in a penguin?
    • If we're going by this, maybe the Lich King tampered with the Ice King's crown? The Lich King wanted to make sure that a powerful ice wizard wasn't on his tale. As he lacked the power to destroy the artifact, he did the next best thing: put a curse on it so whoever wears it will go insane. This may explain why Gunter follows the Ice King around.

Gunter is just a penguin.

Marceline's Dad is Faux Affably Evil. As usual, he was toying with a soon to be victim. Gunter is nothing more than a Badass Normal penguin.

The males in the universe have the babies

Both Finn and Jake have mentioned that they want to have something's baby.

  • As of "Chamber of Frozen Blades", it could be either way - Gunther, who was believed to be a male penguin, laid an egg; but when the Ice King informed Finn and Jake of it, they questioned whether Gunther's a woman.

Billy lost the fight against the bear

That's why he's all sad.

The Ice King is Mr.Freeze

You've got /co/ to blame for this one: Determined that if he cannot live with his wife, he too must sentence himself to a cryogenic eternity in a pod next to his lover. He freezes himself, hopefully to be awakened when the world is ready to find a cure for her. Hundreds if not thousands of years later, Freeze is awakened by an errant rock smashing his pod. His wife's machine is nowhere to be found. Distraught, Freeze emerges into the world, only to see that it has been utterly destroyed in some pointless war. In a rage, he freezes the surrounding area, turning it into a kingdom of nothing but ice. Seeking to replace his lost love, Freeze has fixated on finding a new "princess" for himself, and so he enters into the new world to find his mate. That is, until one young hero and his dog dared to stop him...

  • That doesn't really work out, based on what we now know of the Ice King's past from Holly Jolly Secret.

Marceline is lying about being a vampire.

As the "Nightosphere" reveals that her father is actually an "Eldritch Abomination" and not a vampire, it would only make sense that Marceline either is half Eldritch and half vampire, or just a young version of what ever her father is, could it be that she is lying to the Land of Ooo in order to not frigten them too much.

Finn is Princess Bubblegum's younger brother

Its more likely then you think, both of them have unseen parents.

  • Possibly Jossed in that Finn has been romancing Bubblegum somewhat more as of late, and Cartoon Network would probably draw the line at Brother-Sister Incest.
  • And she's begun to suspect that he is her missing brother lately and so has become much less snugly.

The Ice King, The Marauders, and Tiffany are all the same species.

This just seems obvious to me, at least in the case of Tiffany and the Marauders.

  • Word of God says the Marauders and Tiffany are necromantic cyborgs. No word as to what the Ice King is, other than being 600 years old.

The Ice King and the Forest Wizard from the episode "Storytelling" are related.

Posibly cousins if not brothers, one decided to be the king of the forest animals and the other decied to be the king of the polar regions.

The Apocalypse was Rusty's fault.

Since it was caused by military use of The Ooo Ray,which is also why the land is called Ooo.

Princess Bubblegum is a Tyke Bomb.

Princess Bubblegum's parents... weren't the best as supported by this Formspring answer by Adam Muto, a storyboarder for AT, confirming that PB has parental issues. The reason she's such an overachiever is that her parents raised her to be the best possible queen of the Candy Kingdom so that, eventually, she could take over all of Ooo. They told her she could always do better and, when she didn't do well enough, verbally abused her. The verbal abuse had the added side effect of making her emotionally unstable, thus making it more likely for her to decide to wipe out kingdoms on a whim. One day, her parents disappeared. As such, she became the "temporary" ruler of Ooo, as her parents had not been confirmed dead. (This is why she is called Princess, not Queen.) Several years passed, and most of the Candy Kingdom considers them dead-- but Princess Bubblegum, who loves them despite all they did to her, refuses to accept the title, believing that they will return someday. In the meanwhile, she works as hard as she can in the hopes that when her parents return, they will love her.

Finn is NOT a human (or at least not completely).

It would explain a lot about him.

  • His hat could be any number of things:
    • something the species requires him to wear
    • something that covers horns, antennae, etc.
    • simply part of his head
      • He's shown with the "hat" as a baby, and it still fits his head well, so that's a pull towards this theory.
  • His noodly limbs. Sure, other characters have them, but most other characters in the series are not human.
  • The theme song DOES explicitly state that he's a human, but it's arguable.
    • That bit may just be there to cover up if he really is something other than human.
    • It may be there just to fit in with the tune.
    • It may also mean "human" in the sense of "bipedal creature descended from apes with opposable thumbs and both sentience and sapience", rather than a specimen of Homo sapiens sapiens. There's probably several dozen distinct species that are referred to as "human".

Finn was born mutated.

Finn's parents were rejected from the Land of Ooo for being humans and sent to the nuclear wasteland seen in the opening of the show. When Finn was born, they snuck out of the wasteland to the forest and left him there so he wouldn't be exposed to the radiation any longer... but it was too late. Due to being the child of someone who dwellled in radiation for years upon years, he was born with weird horns and noodly limbs.

The puddle Jake rolled in when he was a baby wasn't mud...

Just sayin'.

Finn's real name is "Pen"

He thinks he's the last human alive, and renamed himself after forgetting his name (or some other reason).

The Lich King is not going to show up again.

Billy killed him, remember?

  • Liches store their souls in phylacteries, which cause them to form a new body after their old one is killed, and they can only be killed when the phylactery is destroyed, not the body. That's pretty much a universal element of lich lore.
    • Billy also only "Cast the Lich King Down" in his theme song. No mention of how. And, of course, the season 2 Finale confirms this: Billy just punched the Lich into a tree so hard he stuck there.

Tree Trunks is still alive...and she is the real Big Bad.

The most recent promo has Finn and Jake go to a "Crystal World" and Jake claims to recognize the currently unseen villain residing there. She'll reveal that she had them take her to the apple so that she could absorb its powers and begin her plans of taking over the crystal world and, eventually, Ooo. Her sweet old lady personality was just a facade so that she could charm the boys into helping her get through the forest.

  • Or, alternatively, She is STILL a sweet and kindly old lady, but the power of the crystal has skewed her vision and she thinks that changing Finn and Jake into crystals will help them some how, or she's lonley and just wants her old friends back, but they can't stay with her unless they are crystal.

Tree Trunks is not the real Big Bad from the above.

It's just way too obvious. The villain will turn out to be someone completely unexpected, like... I dunno, Ricardio? Or maybe some entirely new character just to mess with us.

  • Turns out it was exactly what it looked like..., but only the part about Treetrunks being the villain in the episode's promo, not the part about her being the series's Big Bad

The Snail is Lich King

He escaped and is watching finn for his revenge

  • CONFIRMED. Sort of. He wasn't originally, but after he was defeated a second time, he performed a Body Surf into it.

Adventure Time = A Boy and His Dog

Young, violent, male protagonist? Check. Talking dog companion with tendency to flip out? Check. Post-apocalyptic world? Check. (After the End) Female holding the protagonist's reins? Check. Mutated, freakish citizenry? Check check check.

  • Or alternatively...

Adventure Time is in the same world as A Boy and His Dog, but a different place and era.

Oo is clearly much more recovered, more mutated, and less vicious than the wartorn wasteland of Kansas, which was only a few decades after the Great Mushroom War. Oo must have been much more thoroughly devastated and allowed more time to recover to be so completely different from our Earth. Oo is actually northern Italy, many, many centuries afterward. The Ice Kingdom is in the Alps. The ocean we see every now and then is the Ligurian Sea. The Candy Kingdom is somewhere around present-day Milan. And the Italian downunders? Susan Strong's ruined underground home should show you how well they fared. (They even seem to be speaking some simple, bastardized form of Italian!)

  • Finn was probably ejected from his own better-hidden downunder as an infant, then left in the wilderness to die. Who knows why.

Gunter is The Man Behind the Man

He was the dark force behind the Lich King gaining the power to... do whatever it is he did. However, when Billy defeated the Lich King, Gunter needed a new pawn and started manipulating the Ice King to turn him into the next great threat to the world. He hasn't had much luck.

Everyone in Ooo can warp reality by imagining it

But none of them are aware of it. Magic and nonhumans exist because the people imagined themselves nonhuman, or at least their ancestors did; presumably, imagined things become visible if multiple people imagine them. Whatever made reality so incredibly mutable was presumably a part of the Great Mushroom War.

Finn is missing an eye.

In this closeup in "The Enchiridion!" when Finn enters the Final Boss's 'Mind Zone', Finn seems to have Mismatched Eyes, one blue and one green. This was probably just a stylistic decision, but in the next episode, Finn has a glass eye collection while Jake has an eyepatch collection. Maybe Finn decided eyepatches weren't cool (for the record, they totally are) and gave his collection to Jake when he switched over to glass eyes. Also, in various episodes, Finn appears to have at least one glass eye in his backpack.

The world before the apocalypse was that of Family Guy

In an episode of Family Guy, there was a Manatee Gag in which the setup is that Peter has gotten a spiritual message before. The clip shows Peter as he claims there is a message in his Alpha Bits cereal saying "Ooo." Brian says they're Cheerios, but actually, they were Alpha Bits and it was a spiritual message. Specifically, one giving a vague hint of the future state of the world. Hey, talking dogs and weird shit exist in both shows, so why not?

  • Wait, Peter was right? Mind blown. Hmmm...maybe some of the Family Guy characters are the ancestors of Adventure Time characters. Jake is definitely Brian's descendant, due to the anthropomorphism and interest in different species. Finn could be descended from Chris, as they share blonde hair.

Adventure Time will be/was/actually is an Anime.

The only evidence I need is the fact that a lot of things are screwed up but still makes sense in some way. And the fact that it still sells.

Princess Bubblegum is a Manipulative Bastard.

She's never actually that sad/angry; she merely acts this way to get Finn to do what she wants.

Adventure Time is set in the same universe as Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Food people, crazy stuff going on on a daily basis, it all adds up! 20 bucks says one of Master Shake's stupid schemes brought about the Mushroom War.

Marceline has a grandfather who is even more evil than Marceline's Father

  • Or alternatively, her grandfather is the Lich King.

Finn's Parents were attacked by Rainicorns

  • Taking that further, Rainicorns are the reason why humans are all but extinct

When the Lich King is unleashed, Billy will reappear

He's the only know character to have defeated the Lich King, it's only logical he'd be the first one Finn will turn to for help in defeating him again. Ether that or let Marceline's father loose, but we still don't know if the Lich King's power serpasses his.

    • Support for this comes from the fact previews for the episode show Finn wielding Billy's Gauntlet.

Finn and Jake will set the Lich King free

Because it seems like something they'd accidentally do.

A Gondor Calls for Aid will occur to defeat the Lich King

He's said to be so evil and powerful that the Ice King and Marceline will run for their lives, it only makes sense it'd take more than just Finn and Jake to defeat him.

Season 2 will have a Downer Ending

The Lich King is unleashed and conquers Ooo in the season finale. Season 3 will have him as the Big Bad and Finn leading the resistence against him, and liking Taking a Level In Badass as well in the precess. Yes, I know I'm doing a lot on the Lich King, but it seems they're really building up to him.

    • Subverted. The ending was rather bittersweet, but it's pretty much confirmed that the Lich King will return. Someday.

The Lich King will be an Anticlimax Boss

Just a thought, but perhaps he'll be relatively easy to beat. However, it may likely be in a justified way. Like he is extremely powerful and dangerous but Finn can beat him due to being the last remaining human or perhaps being the chosen one. Ether that or he's revealed to be The Chosen One or something along those lines. Anyway, just saying there are possibilities here.

Finn is The Chosen One

What he's chosen for I'm not clear but it's been said over and over that he is 'the greatest hero in all of Ooo', something he hasn't completely lived up to just yet. So perhaps the people saying this can see something that we aren't yet aware of.

Susan Strong is Finn's mother.

It's hardly a wild guess. They're both blonde, and the only (maybe) humans to show up in the show. A large hole in this theory would be that Susan has never seen sunlight, while Finn somehow got to the surface to be found by Jake's parents...

  • Not neccesarily a plot hole- even if Susan was his mother, his father wasn't living amongst the Fish People...
  • Another possibility is that Susan is Finn's sister. When the humans were dying out, their parents placed one child on the surface and the other in a subterranean safehole.
    • Or they were both placed underground, but the adventurous Finn managed to wander out of there somehow, and then he was stumbled upon by Jake's Parents
  • Susan got her name by saying "suh...sun!" while talking to Finn. She wasn't saying "sun," she was saying "son!" She knows Finn is her son and was trying to communicate as much.

The underground fish people USED to be humans, until something mutated them

Finn was part of this tribe of humans, but he became separated from them before whatever caused them to mutate happened. As a result, Finn is the last pure human. Since Susan has hair throughout the episode, it's possible she's still human too, but is unaware of whats under the others hats just like Finn was.

  • Other Hyoomans (as they're called) had hair, but didn't once they took their hats off. According to Word of God, the hair was attached to their hats.
    • And these hairy hats are used to retain water to keep their gills moist. Without their hats they have to run quickly back to their caves.

Ever since finding out that human meat is delicious, Jake has been plotting to kill Finn so he could eat him.

This gets a lot of support from the episode "Mystery Train," in which Jake treats Finn to a train ride leading to a "surprise." At the end, the tracks go straight over a cliff, and the only thing that saves them is a gelatin person that acts as a cushion. Finn praises Jake for the planning of that, only to be told that it wasn't planned for them to be saved. Finn says, "So we could've-" as Jake interrupts, "Died horribly? Yes... happy birthday, pal!!" Jake definitely could have survived the fall by either shrinking to a microscopic size or jumping out the window at the last second and turning his arms into wings, as well as an unlimited amount of other survival strategies.

  • As much as I love this WMG, there's a few holes: 1. Why would Jake plan a party at the end? 2. Why didn't he jump out before they landed in the gelatin person? 3. The yummy meat would be squished by train parts.

Adventure Time is an alternate timeline to Good Omens in which the main characters failed to stop the Apocalypse.

The Mushroom War was the nuclear war triggered by the Four Bikers of the Apocalypse, followed by the final showdown between Heaven and Hell. Most of the world was destroyed as a result, prompting Adam to use his powers to try and rebuild it, only this time making it more interestin' by adding magic and vampires and talking dogs and the like. Unfortunately, rebuilding the world from scratch caused Adam to overuse his inherently evil powers, resulting in a loss of sanity and his transformation into the Lich King.

Just look at the Land of Ooo for a moment. does it not look like something an imaginative eleven-year-old with Reality Warper abilities would create?

    • Or, Ooo could be Regular Show in past. Land of Lollipops, anyone?

Marceline is going to suffer some sort of mental breakdown or depression, similar to Britney Spears

Just look at how she shaved half her own head!

The Rainicorn-Dog Wars were the Dogs' last effort to protect their remaining human masters from the gluttony of the Rainicorns

And the Dogs clearly lost the battle.

When the Lich King is unsealed, he will have a Drama-Preserving Handicap

Perhaps his Phylactery will be locked up on the other side of the planet, giving him too much lag to fight effectively and making Finn and Jake legitimate threats to him. His body is a rotten corpse; without the reaction time to obliterate them before they get in close, he's probably not going to last very long. Unfortunately for Ooo, he'll be smart enough to avoid a fight in this state.

In the series finale, Finn will either be exploring a new land, die, or forever teleported to another dimension.

Then Princess Bubblegum will create a statue in memory of Finn, a hero and the last human.

  • Alternatively, Finn finds a time machine and decides to go back in time to live the rest of his life with humans before they all die out.

The whole land of Oo is Jake's dream (and Finn is dead).

Certain characteristics of the show coincide with things that occur in dreams. The focus on food, for one, is at the front of the mind for every dog, hence the dream world is populated with food characters. This is jumbled in with items remembered from the real world such as the technology and ruined buildings. Jake's personality oscillates between good friend and total jerkass, a trait of a dream where the dreamer is inconsistant with how he views himself. Focusing on Finn, he dies (or appears to die) more frequently than any other character, as Jake's memories of the real world cause him to keep reliving the death of his friend. As such, in order to reinforce his perception of Finn and make him seem invincible, he alters the dream so that Finn always comes out okay despite the monsters attacking and the wounds inflicted.

Defeating the Lich King will require finding a magical weapon that can destroy his phylactery

  • Because, let's face it, the only thing that can make this show more awesome is Finn wielding some huge Zweihander.
    • Well it's not a Zweihander, but he is given Billy's Gauntlet by Princess Bubblegum.

Finn grows up to be Andy Dwyer.

Finn will be alone in the Series Finale.

  • So far, it's Jossed by Finn/Princess Bubblegum

Marceline is secretly a lesbian

  • Why else would one of her future episodes be called "Marceline's Closet"? Huh, huh?
  • She also speaks somewhat flirtatiously to PB, sets up Finn to fail with her, and then gets angry when Finn tries to ask her out. Maybe she has a crush on, or history with, Princess Bubblegum. Also in one episode she wears a plaid shirt, which is commonly referred to in the LGBT community (albeit jokingly) as "lesbian lingerie". In addition, she is a vampire, they're not known for being picky about the gender of their partners. Or maybe this lesbian troper just really really wants her to like girls.
  • Alternatively, she could turn out to be Bi.
    • Well she did have a boyfriend, so she would be bi.

The blown-up section of the Earth is the United States of America

  • The blown-up part seems to be east of Madagascar. Either the U.S. relocated to East Asia, that section is way bigger than it seems, or this WMG is wrong.
    • I think that what appears to be Madagascar, is perhaps a future version of New Zealand that fused together. Especially since you don't see Europe near the crater (In the case that it were Asia that was blown up). Therefore, it's most likely the United States of America.
    • If it is Madagascar, it could be the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, thus placing the show into an Alternate History where the Cold War went hot.

The Lich King is inspired from the Horned King from Disney's Black Cauldron

  • Especially since neither of them are funny.

The Lich King knows about the history of the Great Mushroom War and was there to see it (When he was originally human)

  • And the Lich King will tell Finn all about it, which leads to...

Finn will be spiritually broken by the the Lich King

  • And as time passes, he will become more disillusioned, refuse to go on adventures, ignore all of the fantastical creatures around him, and maybe even give up on life as a whole.
    • And along with his "breaking", the world around him fades as his innocence fades away as he ages into a teenager (he seems about 11 or 12-ish right now) and Ooo (which was just a figment of his overactive imagination) will slowly disappear.
      • Now that you mention that, it could be possible that Ooo never existed and Finn made it up because he was going insane (being the last human on Earth does get pretty lonely.)
  • Maybe Lich King will do that so he can ENTER OUR WORLD. Think about it: if Finn's imagination controls Ooo, then either A. This is the most hardcore case of make-believe ever or B. Finn is sealed somewhere in a government lab in order to make sure all the awful shit that happened in Ooo doesn't effect our universe. Finn is the one keeping the Mushroom War to happen to us. And if the world of Ooo fades away with him, OURS WILL AS WELL.

..It would make for a really depressing finale, if you think about it.

The Great Mushroom War was fought between humans and Evo Mushrooms.

  • Not only that, everything and everyone in Adventure Time, aside from Finn himself, is an Evo.
    • Dear God, that would be awesome. And that sort of explains the sentient candy.

When they say the Lich King is not funny...'s a red herring. We all expect him to be a Knight of Cerebus, but he'll really turn out to be just as incompetent as the Ice King, but The Comically Serious - the humour comes from him not cracking jokes no matter the situation, a la Batman.

The Lich King's being unleashed will trigger a World-Wrecking Wave

Princess Bubblegum said if Finn failed to stop him, everyone will die. This seems like a very good manner in which that could happen. We might not see it or killing him reverts things to normal.

Party Pat and the bears are worshipers of the Party God.

  • You got that idea from this, didn't you?

Ooo is the Pokemon world centuries before Arceus.

Eventually, Arceus manifests, and reshapes OOO and begin the Pokemon. Because of Finn's heroism, Arceus decides to give humans a new chance as a species, with the Pokemon as a means of testing them in much the same way Finn was tested by the odd and strange creatures of Ooo long before.

  • That means that just by beating gym leaders I am living Finn's legacy? Thank you, that just gave me a real reason to play B/W. =D

Someone will be Killed Off for Real by the Lich King

It was said by Word of God that the Lich King would have a major effect. So it's possible that he'll actually kill someone. Judging by the previews, it looks like Princess Bubblegum might be his victim. After this, cue Finn having a Let's Get Dangerous moment/Roaring Rampage of Revenge and kick the tar out of Lich King.

  • Or it could be that the Lich King will traumatize someone, physically (losing a limb) or mentally.
  • Actually, Princess Bubblegum is set to appear in a Season 3 episode, though it could be only a memory of her...
    • Or the Lich King will raise her from the dead as his Dragon.
      • Jossed. Princess Bubblegum was harmed as a side-effect of The Lich King's posession, but became more suitable for Finn's age. However, he did kill Finn's new Empathic Weapon, so the guess is correct; the Lich did kill someone, but not a main character.
  • Further support from the title card of Mortal Recoil...

The Lich King will have Horror's hand

I thought of this when I saw the gauntlet Princess Bubblegum gave to Finn.

The Lich King will be made into a Draco in Leather Pants by fangirls...

I hope to God this does not happen...

  • DILPs usually have that status due to being hot. The Lich King is anything but unless you're a necrophile.
    • He is voiced by Ron Perlman.
    • Well, no one seems to have tried that yet.

Billy will return in the two parter...

But not to fight the Lich King. What the Lich King does to Princess Bubblegum will send Finn into a Heroic BSOD (look at how he reacted to the knomes "destroying Old Ladies" before, imagine how he's going to react to the one he was entrusted to destroy melting the one of the best friends he's go). Billy will show up and give Finn a Rousing Speech and perhaps some tips on how to stop the Lich King, causing Finn to Take a Level In Badass to beat the Lich King.

The Lich is not magic

He is a mutated undead human from the aftermath of the Mushroom war.

Finn will progressively grow up throughout the remaining seasons.

Consider how Finn just turned 13 during the Train episode...

The Lich and the Lich King are two separate, but nigh-identical individuals.

Billy defeated both. The Lich will try to get help from the even more-powerful Lich King in season 3.

  • Seems to be true, considering the energy-blob thing that got to PB and the snail. Either that, or the blob is the essence of the Lich, and it forms a new, identical body whenever it can or needs to.
    • Jossed, considering the production blog labels art of the Lich as being the Lich King. Apparently, removing his title was Writing Around Trademarks as a result of a legal threat from Blizzard.

When Pen Ward said that Bubblegum "is way out of [Finn's] league", it was all a lie or just to fool us all.

All because Princess Bubblegum just got younger.

Pen Ward and/or the other people that work with Adventure Time are Troll(s)

Consider how they always mess with Aesops and now they just pissed off Finn/Marceline shippers with Princess Bubblegum becoming younger.

Finn/Princess Bubblegum is like Clap Your Hands If You Believe

  • When Pen Ward said "It's as real as the feelings you feel. Expect that multiplication sign to be addressed in future episodes. In due time". He meant that as long as fans of Finn/Princess Bubblegum kept on shouting out how much they supported it, the more likely it is to happen.
    • Which would make sense since if there are 0 Finn/Bubblegum fans, there will be no chance of it and as there are more fans, the "multiplication sign" increases and Princess Bubblegum/Finn is more likely it will happen. It's all mathematical

The Lich eliminated humanity as we know it.

Look at where his lair resides: It's an old, dilapidated subway.

  • Seems to be going that way. The list of things to bring him back to his full power?

"Bleach, lighter fluid, ammonia, gasoline, I don't know, lady stuff, Plutonium."

  • The "lady stuff" is probably the bottle that looks like shampoo, though one should wonder what the unknown and unidentified items are that Finn was carrying.
  • I actually thought Finn was talking about everything in his arms when referring to "lady stuff", since he probably had only half a clue what Princess Bubblegum would want with gasoline, plutonium, and other things.

Even though Princess Bubblegum became younger, there is a catch to it.

  • She either will take longer to grow up than Finn or she can't grow up as a result of the Lich's magic. Considering the later episode, "Too Young".
    • The "there is a catch to it" is confirmed, but the "she will either take longer to grow up than Finn or can't grow up" isn't confirmed either way. The catch? See the below bullet point.
  • It's equally possible that she lost her memory of life past age 13. Note how she both looked and seemed to act like a 13-year-old.
  • Third option, she'll eventually be unhappy with being 13 and even though she cares deeply about Finn, she would rather be older again than be a child all over again.

The Lich runs entirely on It Only Works Once.

Billy's magic gauntlet was used to take down the Lich before...but it didn't work the second time. Finn discovered the Power of Liking Someone a Lot, and that turned the Lich to dust... but it didn't work the second time. This could be where the Lich derives his immortality from; anything could be used to defeat him, but once they're used, they can never work again. Every time a hero uses anything at all against the Lich, they're only making him stronger.

    • It doesn't seem he becomes immune to what defeated him before, it seemed he just got smart enough to avoid it. He interuptted when the gauntlet was used on him the second time and shatterted it. Likewise with the Power of Love, he punched Finn halfway across the Candy Kingdom before he got the chance to actually use it on him the second time. It seems he doesn't get stronger, he just gets smarter.

The Snail will undergo Involuntary Shapeshifting due to prolonged habitation by the Lich's soul.

He looks normal now, but pretty soon, being both the Soul Jar and the brainwashed slave of the Lich will take its toll, morphing him into a half-snail, half-Lich monster.

The whole show is a reference to Final Fantasy I.

Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, and the Ice King are the four Light Warriors, Lich is one of the four elemental fiends, and Marilith/Kary, Kraken, and Tiamat will have specials at the end of season three, season four, and season five, respectively.

The Lich King will make a major appearance as a The Straight Man / Harmless Villan-type character.

  • He doesn't crack jokes no matter what the situation, probably confirm the former.

The Snail will appear in the new season a lot less.

And when he does, there will be reason to fear him.

The Lich gets more powerful through death.

The Lich must guzzle down a magic potion of all sorts of household poisons (and plutonium) to get his power back. One would question how such mundane fluids would give an undead warlock back his unholy power, until this hypothesis comes up: as Revive Kills Zombie, poisons serve to heal the Lich.

The Lich was either originally a scientist that built atom bombs or a leader that was part of the Mushroom War

Especially since he wanted plutonium so badly, hates life, and the explosion is much like an atomic explosion.

The Peppermint Butler died before the events of the show and either cheated Death or became his best friend so he could come back to life. Perhaps he even had a run-in with the Lich.

It would explain why he knows so much about Death, and knew that Princess Bubblegum was possessed by the Lich.

Princess Bubblegum is older than she lets on.

Proof: In "Mortal Recoil", she lost some pieces and the doctors could only compose a younger version of herself as a result. Considering her vast knowledge that few people in their 20's could possess, it's possible she's undergone the same procedure (perhaps even by choice) just to remain young. That would also explain why she way out of Finn's league.

  • She is ageless, and NO ONE will ever know how old she is. Every time she gets older than she would like to be, she lops off a good portion of her extra candy figure, and has her most trusted physicians model her back into her chosen age, as they did in the Lich episode. She is wise beyond her years for this reason, and will never again meet her parents for this reason, they died off millenia or more ago.
  • This is actually supported by the appearance of Earl Lemongrab in "Too Young." Princess Bubblegum states herself that the Earl has the right to the throne because he's older than her now, which should make the Earl of Lemongrab at least 13 years old. However, in the flashback that shows the earl being created by PB, PB looks the same as her 18-year-old self, even though the scene should have occurred at least 13 years ago.

Killing everyone is but the beginning for the Lich's plans.

The Adventure Time universe has an afterlife, after all. Presumably, every living thing would go there (seeing as flowers even have souls in this show and go to the afterlife). Getting everyone to the Land of the Dead could be the beginning of an unrelated plan of some sort, or perhaps the Lich has the ability to kill everyone, and then destroy their souls as well.

The Snail will spend all of season 3 slowly making its way to the Lich's pool and will finally arrive in the season 3 finale.

I mean, you know, it's a snail. It wouldn't exactly be a master sprinter, now would it.

The Business Men were in some way involved with the Great Mushroom War.

  • Their reaction to Jake asking them what kind of business they did? They try to remember, freak out, and start crying while going "Can't...remember..", They some how were apart of the nuclear war that destroyed the work and, upon remembering, forced it out of their minds, telling themselves that they must never speak of it again, so they literally can't remember or they'll go insane or kill themselves with guilt.

Related to the WMG above and tying into several others; the Business Men were created by and used to work for Marceline's Dad... who either indirectly or directly caused, or at least was a contributor in, the Mushroom War.

Think about it.

  • Just look at M's Dad and compare him to the BM. They look almost exactly the same (at least until M's Dad goes batshit). M's Dad needed a work force because he happened to be busy, so he created the Business Men to do his work for him. They got out of hand, so he tried to steal their souls, except they had none so he had someone freeze them in a chunk of ice during the Mushroom War.
  • Marceline is old enough to be a survivor of the Mushroom War, and obviously her father is, as well. This speaks for itself; he's an extremely evil guy and he was caught up in stealing people's souls. What's a better way to steal souls and kill people than to cause a war? He seems to be the type of guy to do it anyways.
    • I mean, c'mon; the briefcase and the business suit? He's a great depiction of the stereotypical politician!
  • The song about Marceline's fries can be a metaphor for her losing her innocence, as stated above, but perhaps it's also about her father, with the Mushroom War, destroying all of her hopes, dreams, achievements, friends, etc. and sending the world into chaos. She survived the war and never made up with her dad. Even after they had the exchange of "Ilu Marce!1" "ilu2 dad", she still can't stand to look at him, or at least fears that he'll destroy everything again and acknowledges that his staying in his prison is probably better for the world. She just disguises it as being "emotionally exhausting," which it very well might be as well.

The Lich's body-snatching abilities take a large amount of energy out of him, and takes more for getting bodies that are larger/more complex compared to his current one (although, having something go into his pool makes it much easier), he can control what "percentage" of him goes to which bodies, and having a body get destroyed makes him lose his energy again.

The Lich King was able to possess the snail pretty much just by looking at it, and may have only been casting spells (as he was constantly) out of desperation and hoping anything would come in and get at least a little possessed. The snail, however, being such an astoundingly simple and tiny creature compared to the Lich King, was easy to get and only took a small amount of the Lich to control. After the Lich's "Lich King" body was killed, he made it so he was about halfway in the snail and halfway in Princess Bubblegum. And after the Princess Bubblegum body was "killed," the Lich put his entire being into the snail. But since most things the Lich would want to possess are now much larger than him, as a snail, he'll have to work up slowly and progressively possess things that are a little larger, each time, like going from the snail to a dancing bug, dancing bug to a mouse or something, etc.

The last part of the 'Vampire-ghost-whatever' triangle is 'ghostbuster'.

In 'Heat signature', Marceline explained that vampires can't beat ghosts; it's like a rock-paper-scissors thing. If the last part was 'ghostbuster' it would make complete sense! Ghostbuster deafeats ghost (it's what they do), ghost defeats vampire (intangible + can't kill a ghost), vampire defeats ghostbuster (suck out their blood)!

  • I think that the last part is Why-Wolves. Remember that Why-Wolves gain their strength from the power of inquiry, so the knowledge they could gain from Ghosts powers their resolve to kill them. But vampires (or at least Marceline) are slightly obnoxious so the Why-Wolves would stay away from them.
    • Another hint towards this is Marceline's Whywolf-pelt dress she wore in her second appearance. The question then, though, becomes "how do whywolves beat ghosts?"

The entire show is nothing more than the workings of the mind of a homicidal maniac in denial or has regrets.

While I'm aware that Cartoon Network would never let it pass, it is still food for a thought. In this case, the argument would be that Finn is an embodiment of the maniac's childhood, Jake is whatever good is left inside of the maniac, Princess Bubblegum was either the maniac's childhood girlfriend, teacher (Considering how smart she is), or his first victim, Lumpy Space Princess was another victim that was a drug addict, the Ice King is an embodiment of either the maniac's womanizing, single father or the maniac's emerging sexuality, Tree Trunks was the maniac's first understanding that people die or possibly someone (maybe another victim) with a fatal illness, Marceline was probably a bully/Tsundere that only added fuel to the fire within the maniac (Consider how Marceline always wants to mess with Finn and has absurd power), the other princesses were probably his victims as well. Last but certainly not least, the Lich is an embodiment of his evil and guilt. Yes, this troper is not exactly a cheery guy.

  • Alternatively, it's within the mind of a hired gunman/gangster trying to deny his terrible deeds that he committed.

Peppermint Butler was briefly possessed by the Lich

"I'm going to take it from you while you sleep."

  • That might explain why he could sense the Lich inside Princess Bubblegum.

The people making the show are giving the Finn/Bubblegum shippers a false Hope Spot

In the form of Bubblegum becoming a 12 year old.

Adventure Time and Superjail take place on the same Earth

They both have similar animation styles and similar metaphysical weirdness.

At some point, Superjail will go critical, causing the Apocalypse that takes place in Ooo's past. The giant chunk in the Earth is were Superjail was located when it exploded.

The gum that was missing from Princess Bubblegum when she was put back together will turn up again in a future episode...

Either it will still be possessed by The Lich or it will simply have been corrupted by his presence and taken on a life of its own, and Finn, Jake, and possibly the younger PB will have to fight it off, and perhaps rejoin her with in it the end, returning her to her 18 year-old self. Possible addition: They may have to actually hunt it down, because of some bit of information they need that PB knew before being aged down, but lost afterward. Or maybe more than just a bit of information, depending on how her aging down is handled, memories-wise.

  • Some what proven, In the episode with the door master. Where didJake get his peice of bubblegum from? Simple he stashed it when the found all her missing peices in the Lich episodes. He was going to wait to see if they needed it to fully remake her, but upon discovering she would be his agge, found it more beneficial to leave it unsaid.
  • Or it was the piece of hair from To Cut a Woman's Hair...

Either Lumpy Space Princess or Lady Rainicorn will be removed from the main characters.

Both have been appearing less and less, it's not exactly wild. It's probably going to be Lady Rainicorn, however, because most of the audience can't understand her anyways. Now time to guess who will replace her.

  • Susan Strong. Adam Muto has stated that she will appear in Season 3, but not how frequently, and we need to find out if she's human or hyooman.
  • Tree Trunks.
    • They haven't been appearing less and less at all.

Finn isn't really human

Finn is actually a mutated Hyooman, and Susan is his older sister, who has the same "mutation". Why?

  • The animal hat that both he and the Hyoomen wear- His is shaped vaguely like a bear, while Susan's is obviously a cat.
  • The fact that both he and Susan are both fair skinned, with golden blond hair.
  • It's probably the only viable explanation of where he came from at this point.

Necromantic Cyborgs (mentioned above) are reanimated corpses left over from the Great Mushroom War

  • They are all basically human, and "necromantic" implies death in some way, so...
    • Quite an interesting theory there; to expand upon it, it could be possible that they are living people that suffer some sort of mutated version of necrosis that is passed on through genes and increases with age. Thus, they have to replace the rotting tissue with cybernetic parts. This would also explain why Tiffany either has few or no cybernetic parts, whereas some Marauders have several.

A future episode will show Billy's past

What? You know it'd be awesome!

The upcoming Gender Flip episode in Season 3 is actually set in the future.

Marshal Lee the vampire is Marceline's son, while Prince Gumball is the son of Princess Bubblegum. As for Fionna, she's not directly related to Finn but came from the same 'tribe' that makes all their children wear animal-like hats and similar clothes. Like Finn, she too was abandoned by her parents and was raised by a group of talking animals (Cake). Lord Monochromicorn is the offspring of Jake and Lady Rainicorn.

The Ice Queen is the terrifying result of the Ice King actually finding a princess for a spouse, possessing her mother's beauty and brains, but armed with the ice powers of her dad.

  • Jossed. The Gender Flip episode is set in an alternate dimension. Why do people keep forgetting that?
    • OP here, this troper didn't forget, he just never heard of it in the first place. Saw the 'alternate reality' explanation near the top of this page, but thought it was just another WMG rather than Word of God.

The Decorpsinator Serum will be used on the Lich.

As means of either eliminating him or turning him back into his true form.

  • And reverting him back to his true, mortal form makes him killable due to preventing him from being a Lich.

Gunther will become important in the later seasons.

Marceline's Dad did say that he was the Ultimate Evil, meaning he is either a part of the Lich or its master.

Proteok will appear in the later seasons.

Consider how Adventure Time makes anything that appears or is mentioned throughout the show important in some way. For example, the waving snail that appeared in every episode is now a host for the Lich.

The Lich was once a boy that was picked on a lot before the events of the Mushroom War.

And when he grew up during the War, he got his vengeance. Possibly, forgetting why he wanted to wipe out humanity in the first place.

The Lich will fight Marceline's dad in a future episode

The Lich will eventually become unbeatable to Finn due to It Only Works Once, causing them to cross the Godzilla Threshold and free Marceline's dad from the Nightosphere to fight him as a last resort.

Marceline has a hidden army of vampires.

She's a queen, but we haven't seen any of her vampire vassals. This is because vampires are scattered all over the world and prefer to live among non-vampires so that they don't have to compete for food (there can only be so much red in one spot!). They will only unite when something that can threaten their entire race appears. Marceline's dad doesn't count, since they know their queen can convince him not to take their souls. As for why they didn't show up when the Lich King returned, they didn't know about his re-appearance yet, or maybe Marceline was actually off gathering other vampires, explaining why she was absent from the episodes.

An alternative is that the Lich King somehow counts as a ghost, a creature vampires cannot defeat, and Marceline knew sending an army of vampires to fight him would be pointless. She would have given all other vampires the order to hide until the coast was clear in that case.

Princess Bubblegum isnt a Princess

Her first name is Princess like Doctor Princess's last name is. She is infact her highness Princess Bubblegum the Candy Queen.

  • Except, her first name is Bonnibel.

Marceline is a widow

Her previous husband? The Vampire King. A thousand years ago before the Mushroom Wars, he fell in love with her and turned her into a vampire so she could become a part of his family, and she eventually came to embrace her new life. She didn't hold the title of Queen back then, only as a 'consort' with no real authority. For a time, they were genuinely in love, but the King made horrible decrees that she didn't agree with. Many other vampires thought his new decrees were terrible ideas too, but Marceline was the only one brave enough to confront him about it and disobey. The argument then escalated into an epic duel that would decide the fate of vampires. Eventually she won, and killing the Vampire King made her the new ruler of vampires and earned her the title of 'Queen'.

However, despite believing there was no other way to resolve the conflict, she regrets having to kill her old lover. This is why in 'Go With Me' she said "You do NOT want to go down that road with me" to Finn: She's terrified of being in another relationship because she's afraid they might come into yet another serious conflict, one that could lead to her crippling or killing her significant other.

The tiny computer passed through Finn's system some time between City of Freaks and Dungeon.

Which is why he doesn't sing in autotune anymore.

  • Eh, I dunno. If he can choose to talk normally he can probably choose to sing normally.

Peppermint Butler is not a Candy Person.

It was established in the first season that Candy People will explode when frightened. In the second season finale Peppermint Butler brings tea to the Princess while she's being possessed by the lich and presumably gets spooked by her appearance. He doesn't explode, however, and instead sprouts fangs, hisses, and runs out of the room on all fours. Add in the earlier episode where Peppermint Butler shows a rather unsettling knowledge of Death and the means of entering the Underworld (not to mention his later declaration that he will be taking Finn's flesh as payment) and his status as a cute-n-cuddly Candy Man seems more than a little but suspect.

So what else could he be? Well I can think of at least one substance that can be bleached and painted to look like peppermint, and he DOES seem to know a lot about the underworld...

  • He is definitely not a normal candy person. My WMG is that he's a demon from the underworld which steals the flesh of the living and assumes its form
  • At least partially Jossed. "Too Young" showed that he had the minty, soothing properties of peppermint when the Earl of Lemon Grab sucked on him after ingesting the ultra spicy bath potion, and he also contributed some of his biomass to restore PB to her 18-year-old self. He might not be normal candy person, but he is almost certainly a person made of candy.

The Adventure Time universe is connected to the Minecraft universe in some way

I have absolutely no clue how or why I came up with this.

Adventure Time is the far future of Regular Show

Cosmic horrors, anthropormorfic creatures and magic are commonplace in both worlds. Maybe one day Mordecai and Rigby screwed up real bad, and couldn't fix it, which caused the Mushroom War. The land of Ooo is probably what the Park and the surrounding area were turned into.

The magic came back as the result of the Lich being awakened.

The Lich was sealed away centuries ago. During the digging of a subway, humans uncovered him, setting him loose on the world (thus why his lair is in an old abandoned subway, it's were he was uncovered). The Mushroom War was a war between humanity and the Lich's forces. After nuclear force failed to stop him and only resulted in making him stronger and ruining much of the earth. They finally rediscovered magic, the only thing that could effect him. They ultimately managed to temperory defeat the Lich and the survivors tried to restore the ruined Earth with magic, the combination of radiation and. The Lich, not completely defeated, tried to launch one last attack, killing off most of the remains of humanity, resulting in Billy rising up to defeat him.

The Great Mushroom War was not actually a real war, but the War on Drugs taken Up to Eleven and then failing hard.

Instead of prohibiting illegal substances as intended, drug usage increased to wild proportions. It got to the point where nobody is experiencing reality, but rather everyone is experiencing one huge Mushroom Samba- the Land of Ooo. The war got its name because the primary drug was hallucinogenic mushrooms.

Finn will fall in love with Fiona

This is merely a shot in the dark. But if they are in the same dimension and alive at the same time, then things will get even weirder.

Finn is the last pure human and everyone is trying to either protect or kill him

Let's take a look at the three creatures he regularly hangs out with: Jake, a constant guardian with incredible powers. Princess Bubblegum, leader of (as far as we've seen) the largest and most peaceful civilization in Ooo and a scientific genius (who, with the recent Lich King incidents changed herself to be closer to Finn). Marceline, a vampire queen who for some reason resists sucking his blood. On the other hand the Lich King, who has a grudge aginst humans and instigated the Mushroom War, is now trying to finish the job by taking out Finn.

  • I'm pretty sure we already knew that.

The Amazing World of Gumball is the Future of Adventure Time.

Similar to the WMG about the Regular Show being the past of Adventure Time, the Amazing World of Gumball is set in the distant future of Adventure Time, after they learn about the civilzation that they destroyed, the people of Ooo tried to rebuild it, losing most of their magic in the process, leading to them living like the modern humans did, except their talking animals, talking food, talking object, ect.

Finn is going to be educated.

Considering that Princess Bubblegum practically caused the Lich to be free in her paranoia (unintentionally of course) and that they couldn't tell the relatively obvious signs that Princess Bubblegum was possessed (blue skin, deep voice, dying flowers, her hatred of Jake's music, Peppermint Butler's reaction to Princess Bubblegum, and "Bubblelich"'s demands for the deadly chemicals); he's probably not going to have anymore excuses for being stupid. Additionally, it could be possible that Peppermint Butler will see to it that Finn receives education.

The Ice King will have a heart to heart conversation.

Finn will probably seek someone to talk with him as he is growing up and only the Ice King truly knows what it is like.

The Ice King will eventually die within Season 3 or if they make it, Season 4.

And he will probably die alone, without anyone realizing he died, until Finn visits his castle and finds him. Yes, this troper is beginning to feel bad for him.

The Ice King and Marceline will eventually hook up in Season 2

Well they're are both rather old, and since Marceline is a queen, and not a princess, it's probable.

  • I think you mean Season 3 and I doubt it, she'd consider him to be too much of A BIG NERD!

The whole idea of Finn and Jake's argument while they were making their own film in "Video Makers" is all an elaborate Take That to the Fan Dumb.

Consider how Jake focused on the romance, which represents those that only care about the shippings; whereas Finn focused on the action of their film, which represents those that only talk about the action.

Baby Candy People are either created in factories, created from magic sugar crystals coming together, or from "sugar pods".

Considering how Word of God says that Princess Bubblegum cannot have children, it is possible that it was meant that she cannot have children the conventional method. This has backup due to one of the staff mentioning that the topic of how Candy People are created will be explored.

Adventure Time with Fiona and Cake might have more episodes thrown into later seasons.

Depends on whether the fans really like the episode. And I would really love to see what the Lich would look like as a woman.

Marshall Lee will get to sing in Adventure Time with Fiona and Cake

Same as above.

The Lich is NOT from before the Mushroom War.

He would probably have to be a human to be that, and he's far too big to pass as even a tall human. It's simple: he was the Lich King, i.e. king of some race of undead that dwelled in Ooo. As it seems to be the case for every other king in the series, the Lich King turned evil, but dangerously so. He didn't just commit evil deeds against the other kingdoms: he killed off his subjects. Now, being the only lich in Ooo, he's just called the Lich, and aims to destroy everyone and everything else.

The Lich will ultimately be defeated by the Cosmic Owl.

The Why-Wolves in "Donny" seemed to imply that the Cosmic Owl destroys things that get too much power (such as the Why-Wolves over populating), when the Lich moves into a more powerful body Finn and Jake will go on a journey to find the Cosmic Owl to defeat him.

In the upcoming episode, "Memory of a Memory", when Finn and Jake go into Marceline's mind, there will be many things revealed.

Such memories can include childhood memories, her experiences during the Mushroom War, and seeing how she became alone in the world and went insane for a while. If any other tropers wish to put in their thoughts of what memories they think Finn and Jake will encounter, please feel free to add more. But hurry, the episode will air July 25, 2011.

All of the thought projections during "Mortal Folly" will come true one way or another!

In this case, PB's vision of the Lich came true due to her own actions; so perhaps for the other two, Jake will get a horse for Lady Rainicorn to ride on, and Finn will eventually lose his arm to a brutal battle against the Lich and will have to wear one of the Lich's jewels around his leg in order to inhibit the Lich's powers from spreading throughout his body.

Bubblegum Princes/Princesses hatch out of the gumballs residing inside of the Guardians of the Royal Promise.

This is a bit of a continuation from the whole "Where Candy Babies Come From" theory, where the Guardians would drop a gumball every time a princess/prince is needed to rule the Candy Kingdom.

Marceline has a crush on Princess Bubblegum

Hear me out, in the initial moments of Go With Me it becomes obvious (to most viewers at least) that Marceline is sabotaging Finn's romantic endeavors, the most understandable reason being that she wants Finn for herself, but then she explains that she isn't interested in a romantic relationship with him, and is repulsed when he tries to ask her out. One could argue that she was just sabotaging the plan for the fun of it, but this sort of sabotage seems different from her usual pranks. Which leads me to believe that she was actually trying to ruin Finn/Bubblegum because she wants Bubblegum for herself, not Finn. One of the show's designers sometimes draws Marceline/Bubblegum art, so it's not that unbelievable. As seen here and here.

Pen Ward is letting all of the Adventure Time staff support a different shipping.

It is possible that Pen Ward is doing this so that he can figure out how to screw with as many shippers as possible; also eventually revealing that he supports none of them.

The Mushroom War was a war fought over magical mushrooms that escalated to the use of nuclear weapon that was started by the Lich King's previous life.

This is theory is just to keep everyone happy.

The Lich's plan before Billy cast him down was...

to nuke the Land of Ooo into a radioactive wasteland. It's shown that he becomes more powerful when he comes into contact with poisons and toxins. Thus, when Princess Bubblegum spoke about him planning to convert Ooo into unholy energy, he was actually planning to succeed what the Mushroom War failed: end all life in a storm of radioactive hellfire, and absorb the resulting fallout to become a god.

In the upcoming episode, "Memory of a Memory", Marceline cast the sleeping spell on purpose.

Considering how close she seemed with her late boyfriend, Ash, Marceline probably did it so she can die and be with him. In simpler terms, suicide by sleep.

Marceline killed Ash

He was the vampire king, and she lured him to be close to her so she could kill him and become the Vampire Queen.
  • Alternatively, Ash either went insane with power or was on some sort of rampage and she had to kill him as means of putting him out of his misery.
    • Completely Jossed!
      • Well... maybe not completely jossed. At the end of the episode she did kick him in the head a couple of times and afterwards Jake stomped on him with a giant foot. Ash hasn't made an appearance since.

The whole land of Ooo is a prototype, for paradise

The first one was "A" then "B" etc. and the great creator messed up, he kept trying to evetualy reach EDEN. He'll first have to go through all of the alphabet repeated up until then.

The Candy Kingdom was made by Majinn Buu

Possibly this world is the future of Dragon Ball with it's Fantasy Kitchen Sink

Marceline is a devout Catholic.

Her house has a picture of what appears to be the virgin Mary holding baby Jesus. Kinda like this one but reversed and Adventure Time-y.

Marceline is a tad slutty and bi.

That's why she messes with Finn and teases bubbleum, I also think she might be into beastiality, that's why she messes with jake.
She messes with people to show she likes them.

    • Her chillin' with those wolves in "Go With Me" also hints to bestiality.

Those fries were expensive.

The memory of Marceline's dad eating Marceline's fries lookes like it wasn't that long after the Great Mushroom War. There may not have been many people around growing enough that they could sell (instead focusing on subsistence at that early stage) so there would be a low supply, but at the same time they were a highly memorable comfort food from before the war, so they would be in demand among survivors. If something is sought after but uncommon, then the price would go up... right?

  • Why not consider flipping the fries completely around. The person who ate those fries would become lord of the nightosphere and Marcie was doing it to save daddy, but he beat her to the punch. She later became vampire queen, but it wasn't enough to win his soul back.

Ash is still stuck to the bottom of Jake's foot

Duh since no new episodes have aired since this one Ash will be stuck there at least until that time

This show is recycled from the "Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack.

Think about it now. One more thing don't give me that "The creators of Flapjack didn't F#king make this show" crap.

  • I say plausible. Centuries ago a sailor must have been so close to see the portion of the Candy Kingdom that hangs off into the water, and thought that it was an island. After being shipwrecked he floated back Storm Along Harbor ( adorable name by the way ), to tell his yarn of Candied Island, which was actualy The Farthest Edge of The Candy Kingdom.
  • Based on animation the noodly limbs are the same-esque.
  • But Adventure Time preceded Flapjack by years...

In the new episode Finn and Jake are going to adopt Ice King so they can have a good influence on his worthless, worthless, worthless life

Did I mention his worhtless life has no meaning, but they will have an efect until the next episode where this will have never even happened, but somehow it will still be one of their memories.

  • alt. he will be turned back into a child, mentally, and Finn & Jake will try to parent him.
    Finn being the strict parent, or mother, hence the grounding.
    Jake will be the cool parent, or father, hence the double peace signs.

Ash will become a Draco in Leather Pants.

He already has quite a few qualifications that make one, it's only a matter of time before someone does it.

The "Fionna and Cake" characters will have no relation to the show's regular recurring characters, and the episode will just be a standalone "What If?" type episode.

  • Or perhaps an extended remake of the original Adventure Time pilot, but WITH GENDER-SWITCHED CHARACTERS! From the looks of this preview, the episode seems like it'll be very generic, but the new characters will just work as a sort of "gimmick."

Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake will take place in the land of Aaa.

  • Interesting case with this one - episode descriptions do refer to the setting as "the land of Aaa," but it's still called "Ooo" in the episode proper.

Marceline was literally starving when she bought those fries

The diner looked very run-down and post-apocalyptic, and that was apparently the best food joint they could find, seeing as they chose to eat there. Unlike (non-vampiric, teenage) Marceline, her dad just needs souls for nourishment, and top of that, he's all grown, so he really didn't need those fries like she did.

  • and he turned her out of mercy, it all makes sence now.
  • ALT> he couldv'e turned her already and she did not want to commit to being a vampire and killing people, so she bought magic fries that would prevent her from dieing. The reason tjhey were cold was because she had had them for centuries already. After he ate them she starved almost half to death, and through a sliver of humanity, Marceline's dad had mercy on his little girl and told her the secret to being a nice vampire. Drinking the color instead of the substance.

BMO is the reason why rainicorns can fly

Lady Rainicorn said that her species can fly on account of sunlight which is reflected off of Earth. The ozone would normally make it impossible for enough sunlight to reach Earth and eventually get reflected for the Raincorns to "dance around on". However, there has been no ozone layer for hundreds of years, ever since BMO transported it into his main-brain-game-frame to create the game Guardians of Sunshine (which after that took centuries to complete). The ozone prevents Sleepy Sam and the other characters from reaching the sunshine.

Marceline is an anachronistic manifestation of the Internet

  • Her vampirism and vampire abilities are from the Internet as of a few years ago, when vampires, werewolves/wolves, demons, and etc were at the pinnacle of their popularity (the latter two are what she can transform into).
  • Her demonic faces are actually memes from post-2011, which were created to replace the "forever alone" (and etc) faces, that are currently fading in popularity.
  • The reason why she was nearly killed in "Henchman" was not because of the sun, but because of Jake's kawaii strawberry suit. "Kawaii" is an infamous word/concept on the internet, sometimes considered harmful to use.
  • She acts evil in order to mess with others, i.e. a troll. She accepted Finn as a friend after he learned this, i.e. he ceased being a n00b/newbie.
  • In the pilot, Jake attempted to connect to the internet via meditation, because he was still afraid of Marceline at the time and needed meditation to calm himself.
  • She is by far the most popular character among the fandom online.

Scorcher will return because...

You can only fight fire with fire, but at this time Fin will be mental prepared enough to hand Scorcher his seared buns on a piping hot platter.

The Candy Kingdom inhabitants are going to be infected with sour

Lemongrab is already infected and it makes him a Sour Puss, he infects other candy people by making them resist fun urges like, parties, and other social events.
This troper would not be surprised if the entire Candy Kingdom was conquered by this.

There will be a loophole or Plot Twist that will allow Princess Bubblegum to continue ruling Candy Kingdom.

Perhaps Lemongrab will reveal to be an Evil Uncle, a fake, or her parents will arrive?

The Lich can only Body Surf if the body he is currently in is killed.

This would explain the rather inefficient use of his Body Surf ability ever since he was released. If he could do it any time, he shouldn't have stayed in the weakened body of Princess Bubblegum, and he also shouldn't have been inactively dicking about in the Snail's body for so long (four episodes as of this edit).

    • Is it wrong that this troper laughed at "dicking about in the Snail's body for so long"?
    • It's okay. This troper giggled, too.

Not too serious, but a GINORMOUS what if, Finn will not like Lemongrab disrespectin' his newly acheivable lady

and as a result of that, he's gonna lop off his head and make lemonade for all the Candy People to drink.
Just to take it a step further he's going to use the edible parts to make a pie for P.B.
Just because this troper's gone pretty far one more couldn't hurt, he's going to then grind the sides of his head into a lemon peel dust, to garnish the meal he's going to make for P.B.

    • No. Lemongrab is made of lemon candy. Not lemons. As much of a BUTT as he is, Finn wouldn't actually harm him, because LG isn't evil. Just a butt. A really big butt, though. And even if he wanted to, that would be kinda hard. We're talking about the guy who fell out of the tall tower of the Candy Kingdom, on his head, and was totally unfazed. He has very hard skin.(Not much of a tolerance to pain, though. )

the last episode of the series will be a Poorly-Disguised Pilot for Bravest Warriors

The last episode will feature the titular Bravest Warriors landing in Ooo and telling Finn about a colony of humans living in space, meaning Finn will have to choose to be with his own people, or his friends in Ooo. In the end, he chooses his friends, leaving the Bravest Warriors to venture off to new adventures.

  • Finn definetly looks like Him and those sheep look a little familiar too, at 9:50 secs.

The heat of a love-hug is in no way necessary to catalyze anything.

This one is really self-explanatory.

Jake's speech at the end of "Too Young" was foreshadowing

Finn really will warp through multiple worlds, defeat the Demon King, climb up wizard stairs, and kiss Princess Bubblegum.

  • Well, he's already defeated Marceline's dad (does that count?) and warped through the Crystal Dimension and into the game, so he's on the right track. It's the Water World that's going to be the tough one, but if Fin wants that key, he'll have to overcome his fear once again.
    • Alternatively, it's foreshadowing for Finn temporarily seeking the Ice King's (Jake's speech did refer to a wizard)help, to find a way to make Princess Bubblegum love him again.
      • Knowing the Ice King, this probably won't go too well.

The Cosmic Owl is Ooo's creator god.

The Cosmic Owl may have initially been an ordinary owl that Ascended to A Higher Plane of Existence after being exposed to the nuclear fallout of the Great Mushroom War, though it's also possible that it was already a Cosmic Being independently of this event. In the aftermath of the war, the Cosmic Owl used its power to replenish the world into its current state. The fallout on its own may not be enough to explain everything about how the world became the way it is.

The Lich will only appear in Season Finales

To prevent Villain Decay, he'll only appear in season finales in some fashion. So far he's appeared in everyone anyway, in a cameo in the first season finale (My Hero', like Mortal Folly, is placed before Gut Grinder in production number, meaning it was meant to be the finale) and was the Big Bad of the second season finale.

When Rainicorns and Canines have offspring the result is a Luck Dragon

Falkor is the result of a rainicorn and a dog.

Jason Yungbluth is the Lich King

That fat bastard is evil enough to have caused the Mushroom War and I'm positive he'd be some kind of demon on their world.

  • Finally somebody gets it.

The Lich and the Fight King have some sort of connection.

Think about it, they both have glowing green eyes and energy, they're both undead, and they both have some form of mind control.

The Lich will take control of Marceline's dad's body.

If he's looking for a good body, then why not?

LSP is retarded

She speaks like she has mental problems, and her parents are clearly Bro. & Sis.

  • That would be more like Cinnamon Bun.

Cinnamon Bun woud have no friends if not for the Candy Kingdom

He is clearly not candy, he's a pastry. There is NO Pastry Kindom. Plus he is constantly getting his bodily fluids all over the place, which is the makings of a person you wouldn't hang out with.

    • Cinnamon Bun has Old Timers Disease, heheh. But LSP definitely does not have Downs Syndrome.

Cinamon Bun is a failed experiment by Princess Bubblegum

She was trying to create the next step of evolution in the Candy Kingdom and with her first creation she wanted someone who was her intellectual match but he turned out wrong and is now a constant reminder of her failure.

Jake's arm that was so extremely muscled, is a by product of too much personal time

Finn's arm isn't as large because his body type makes all muscle very lean. Which explains why he rarely "exercises" but is pretty strong for a boy his age.

Susan Strong is Fionna

Perhaps Susan Strong is a mutated Fionna. The mutation caused her to lose her memories, lose intelligence and grow huge. She may have some memories of Cake, which can explain the hat.

    • Fionna is Ice King's fanfiction character.

Marceline's dad used extreme means to help her survive the apocalypse.

Marceline and her dad might have both been human at one point, but at the impending end of civilization, her dad sought a way to help them survive. In desperation, he attempted to cheat Death and succeeded, turning them both into demons as some sort of deal for besting him. (Also explains why Marceline's dad is "deathless". He literally cheated Death into making him immortal, or in other words, for Death to never come for him.)

In her memory as a little girl, she says "I'm hurting you because I love you." This is not something a child would say unless they had heard it from one of their parents. Turning into a demon is possibly a painful process physically and/or emotionally, so it was probably a phrase her dad told to her. He loved her, so he had to turn her into a demon in order to survive the war, even if it hurt her. The memory of her as a little girl was after she became a demon and the world had destroyed itself, explaining why she had the demon skin, teeth and ears like her dad. It also explains why she didn't have bite marks for a long time; she wasn't a vampire until her mid/late teens, she was a demon like her father (Word of God stating that Marceline's dad is more of a demonic monster than a vampire). Marceline's turn into a vampire being my next WMG...

Marceline had been turned into a vampire by the Vampire King himself.

Marceline had seduced the Vampire King into turning her, and possibly even marrying her. She killed the King in order to gain full control of the throne. Having him marry her probably allowed her a better chance at killing him, since his guard would be most let down around his beloved wife, and seeing as how they were married and most likely slept in the same bed together, she had incredibly easy access to him when he was most vulnerable and unaware.

  • Gives rise to an interesting quote: "Finn, you do not want to go down that road with me."
    • Since her dad is a uberpowerful demon, maybe the Vampire King used her to try to get to her father. Marceline didn't take kindly to this and killed him.

marceline was mutated from sarah silverman or one of her future children.

if you think about it she sounds like her and kind of has her since of humor (filtered via the censors)

The Lich has body surfed into a new body

In the Snails latest appearance (Too Young To Present) it's evil eyes seem to have gone away.

The Lich is Body Surfing from person to person to eventually possess Finn

  • Please let this happen in the season 3 finale.

Finn's real name is Philip J. Fry

Look at the timeline. World ends in Mushroom War / Rise of the Dark Lord around Y 2 K. Marceline is born into this new world, and lives a thousand years. Suddenly a human child appears. Where did he come from? He was flash frozen until this time. So this is a dark alternative to the Futurama world, set in the same time period.

The Great Mushroom War happened because someone with "wizard eyes" also had an imagination like Jake's.

Meaning, the "crazy crazy crazy" stuff that they hallucinated became real due to their extraordinary imagination, and destroyed the world, recreating it as Ooo.

The Ice King is, or was once, SpongeBob SquarePants.

The Great Mushroom War affected Bikini Bottom as well as everywhere else in the world, and SpongeBob survived but was subject to some kind of shapeshifting magic or other form of mutation, and his personality became different due to centuries of loneliness, grief, mutation, and unfamiliarity with the way the world works after The Great Mushroom War. The Ice King still shows a tendency to want to make friends like SpongeBob, as well as his goofiness and bubbly demeanor (Not to mention his voice), but he's also somewhat lost his mind, which is why he's sometimes cruel and lacks an appropriate level of empathy for others. After six hundred years, it is not likely he remembers much if anything about his life as the famous, lovable sea sponge.

  • He was a normal human historian before he was the Ice King, so no.

The Ice King has MPD

It seems to be a fitting Freudian Excuse for his strange behavior. One wants to be friends with Finn and Jake, whilst the other is a psychopath with an obsession with Princesses. It would explain why his story about Fionna and cake had ended with everyone admiring him. His other personality took over and wrote that part.

  • Could explain his behavior in "Loyalty to the King" too. Maybe his lack of beard makes him more evil?

Fionna And Cake's universe does exist.

During the Ice King's trip with the Cosmic Owl his wizard eyes were enhanced allowing him to see into the multiverse, one of which was a alternate universe which everyone was reversed. Ice King of course doesn't realize this and just assumes it's his own imagination and see's this as ... "inspiration." He later used actual events as inspiration for his fanfiction.

Fionna And Cake will get a sequel.

It could happen.

  • It may change, but in an interview on Gaia, Pendleton Ward said there would be another episode. With Marshall Lee.

The Ice King is the Mayor of Townsville.

He's totes the mayor of Townsville. Think about it, Ooo is supposed to be what remains of our world after it is destroyed and turned into a monster-filled wasteland, and Townsville already gets destroyed on a regular basis and already is a monster-filled wasteland. Specifically, what could have happened is that an ice monster came along and froze Townsville, leaving it as a perpetually-icy region (perhaps it was even Blossom who did it due to Mind Manipulation or Power Incontinence). The Mayor got lucky and survived by being turned into a "wizard" probably via Chemical X. However, centuries of grief, hallucinations, and other crazy crap turned him into even more of a loony than he had been. He looks for a woman to marry due to having lost Ms. Bellum. And with that goal, he is left to rule the snowy, icy region formerly known as Townsville, while the rest of the world recovers from the Apocalypse. Also, with all the randomly-themed monsters seen in the Powerpuff Girls, the Great Mushroom War was probably caused by a mushroom monster.

  • Interesting, seeing as how the Mayor and Ice King are both voiced by Tom Kenny.
  • (OP) This theory turned out to be close to the truth. The Ice King's drive to marry a princess does originate from his loss of a woman he loved, and he did spend centuries going insane due to visions. It's basically all true except for the parts that have to do with The Powerpuff Girls.
  • What if The Power Puff Girls knew this was going to happen. They might have sacrificed themselves to try and get just one human alive. It worked. This also might mean that Finn is a descendant of the girls.

Each time The Lich is "defeated", he body surfs into the hero who defeats him.

We don't know if the decaying body The Lich had in "Mortal Folly" was his original one, and it is implied that he might have lived before the start of the mushroom wars, which could mean he (was) human. Since he's been around, and presumably trying to destroy the world, for so long, other heroes must have fought him. The Lich could also be using heroes to replace the bodies he wears out, getting around the problem of maintaining a rotting corpse while he... Does whatever he does.

Billy avoided becoming The Lich's next vessel by trapping The Lich instead of trying to outright kill it. Finn was never told about The Lich's body surfing ability (we don't know much about it, either) and is too inexperienced / hasty to recognize that The Lich would escape after being killed a second time in "Mortal Recoil". When The Lich almost made Finn walk into the well, it was trying to get itself a new body- The Lich is savvy enough it should have killed Finn on the spot or turned him against his friends instead of risking him breaking free.

Bisexuality is the default orientation of the citizens of Ooo.

Jake has mentioned a same-sex crush in passing. There are strong hints that Finn, Marceline, and the Ice King also have some same-sex attraction. All four of these characters also show signs of attraction to the opposite gender. And all of that is in the (few) episodes I've seen. It seems like more of a pattern then an anomaly, so...

Marceline and Princess Bubblegum secretly like each other.

Wanted to be the first to say it.

  • So not the first, maybe the third, or the second on this trope.
    • Only as friends. Take off the Yuri Goggles.

Jake likes to overreact

In "Susan Strong" jake became a couch and lifted Finn and Susan out of that hole.
Then on the surface she was scarred of grass and jumped onto his back, where he exclaimed a pain noise.

  • He became stronger when he transformed into a couch, and they sat on his flesh, not his bones.

Most of the Land of Ooo is post-mushroom war Europe

Finn's name is Celtic, the Candy Kingdom is Berlin (for their chocolates), Ice Kingdom is Norway or Sweden (I think of his real name as Sven, the majority of knight fighting evil is based on medivel Europe

The upcoming episode "Holly Jolly Secrets" will feature the Ice King playing Santa Claus.

Grinch parody optional.

  • I Knew It!. He puts on a red tablecloth, and a Shout-Out is made to Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer when one of his snowmen gets a big, red apple nose. He enters Finn and Jake's treehouse through the chimney because it's the only way he could get in, and gives them presents.

Alternatively, "Holly Jolly Secrets" will feature a corrupted envisioning of Santa that has been changed due to the Mushroom War.

He could be called some phonetic alteration like, "Seento Clothes" or "Sintu Clees." Or he could be treated as a Jesus-like figure like in Invader Zim due to the Christian religion being mutated beyond recognition with the death of most of humanity. Mutated or corrupted versions of other Christmas traditions could also feature.

  • I expect a shout-out to 1939's "Peace on Earth" anti-war cartoon.

Fionna and Cake and the other characters from that story...

...will be magicked out of the Ice King's book somehow, and have at least one adventure with Finn & Jake.

The Great Mushroom War didn't actually have anything to do with mushrooms.

The name of the war is just what the people of Ooo use, because the only thing they know about the war was the presence of mushrooms (Nuclear Bomb clouds).

  • You don't say.

The Ice Queen was originally going to be revealed as a major Mary Sue near the end of Fionna and Cake

Nat has an unused design on her tumblr of the Ice Queen beaten and scratched up with a crying Cake over her body. She's also more beautiful and threatening then her male counterpart. Besides, wouldn't it be funny for Prince Gumball and Cake to do a What the Hell, Hero? after Fionna beats up the Ice Queen?

Princess Bubblegum is Finn's half-sister.

She's supposedly a human/bubblegum hybrid, rather than just bubblegum...the human half had to come from somewhere,and the only humans known to alive in the right time frame were Finn's parents.

Ice King doesn't want a princess, he wants a son

In the Neptr episode, he was on a perch, at the end, in his dream sitting with Neptr, and Neptr said, "let's go catch some princesses, dad" the Ice King turned down the offer stating, "let's just sit a little longer, son" showing he was content with having a son, over having a princess.

  • Alternatively, he just wants someone. The Ice King is lonely; if he just had someone, anyone, he would be content.

The Old Lady Princess from "When Wedding Bells Thaw" actually did want to marry the Ice King at first.

She's the Old Lady Princess. As in, she lived to an old age without ever marrying, otherwise you'd think she'd become a queen, since queens DO exist in the Adventure Time universe. Thus, you could infer that she is lonely like the Ice King. However, we've always known that the Ice King is not the easiest guy to get involved with, so she could have second thoughts and decide against it. She talked to him about aborting the marriage and he instead got angry and put the brainwashing engagement ring on her. But, you'd think that since the Ice King can only afford one ring like that, he'd use it on Bubblegum or one of the more attractive princesses. So, maybe it actually wasn't a brainwashing ring and the Old Lady Princess just acted that out. This is interesting when you consider Jake's Fridge Logic about why the Ice King would question the faith of someone that he (supposedly) brainwashed anyway.

Marceline ate Finn's biological parents.

She was hungry and they were tasty.

    • She only drinks the color red.
      • She sometimes drinks the color red.

Marceline knew The Lich when he was still human.

Who else is old enough to have known him back then?

  • Alternatively, she helped him become the Lich.

There will be an episode where the Lich turns into a kid.

Finn accidentally pushes the Lich into the "Fountain of Youth" where he comes back a kid, without his powers and Finn and Jake have to deal with him. I'd like to see that episode happen.

There will be a Mook Horror Show ep

Finn has said he'd slay anything that was evil, and in "Loyalty to the King", he was shown with a severed monster's head. Think about it.

The Lich wasn't the result of the Mushroom Wars, but the cause

In other words, the Mushroom Wars wasn't a war between civilizations, it was a war against a common enemy, the Lich, only, it failed horribly, because, for one, nuclear bombs aren't exactly magical, and I assume non-magic stuff can't harm no stinking Lich, that and it appears he feeds on nuclear waste. I mean, think about it. What would you do if you were in a world full of war, and suddenly a common enemy emerged, something that's unexplainable, something that's seemingly indestructable. Something that doesn't appear to be human, doesn't even appear to be alive at all. Who are you going to shoot? A human enemy, or some strange creature who's killing everybody regardless on what side they're on? Plus, it would explain how there is a huge gaping hole in only one side of the planet (e.g. all bombs have been concentrated on just one place, the Ground Zero so to speak).

The Ice King at some point wil become a "nice" guy

That isn't to say he'll be benevolent and caring, but he will give up on his plans to kidnap a princess. This is inspired by the Hitman episode, he not only followed Finn's grounded rule, but he also tried to save them. This could possibly be proof that he just wants somebody, even somebody who foils his plans, but maybe, just maybe, he sees crime murder, and murder alone. Another possible sign of him becoming good is in the beggining of the Hitman epeiosde he snuck into the Breakfast Princess' castle to give them Honey. Pure, non-tampered, non-love potiony honey. The final possibility is on the little skit where Jake found a magic wand. The Ice King saved the day at the risk of beeing blown up.

Marceline and Bonibel are so going to have a closer relationship later on in the series.

First things first, I'm entitled to my opinion, second Their relationship won't be obvious homosexual it will be close friends, closer than disney could do.

  • Somewhat proved, in the imaginations of sickos like me.
    In the episode where they have to form a band to to get the door open, Marceline sings a completly truthful song about how much she wishes she could be "friends" with Bonibel, and how sad or affected she is by the fact that she can't. Not to mention the fact that the camera zoomed in on Bonibel who was blushing while Marceline practically sung to her.
    Then there's the matter of the objects they needed back. Marceline didn't have one, which could be excuse that she just wanted to hang out with everyone, but it also could be excuse that she wanted to get closer to Bonibel.
    Princess Bubblegum , had a shirt that, she has never been seen wearing given to her by Marceline, she wears to bed. When the shirt was presented she blushed. Now for a little bit of speculation, she wears the shirt to bed so she can have some peaceful dreams about Marceline if the video's pairing is no good,

atleast enjoy the song, SHE.

    • Or Betty & Veronica-type rivals because they're both attracted to the same piece of jailbait.

The Ice King will suffer permanent beard removal and once again be the "nice king."

Possibly by very painful electrolysis. No longer able to fly away, and with his beard no longer ruining his looks, the nature of his villainy will change significantly.Or he'll give up villainy because he needs Finn and Jakes' help to keep the Princesses away from him.

  • The alleged Nice King, was still a Dick. But this sounds nice if it could NEVER grow back

Everything after "The Creeps" isn't really happening

It's really all in the mind of Finn after The ghost brutally kills him. How else would you explain the Gainax Ending?

Finn will be the next great evil.

When the Lich was still a human, some kind of evil took over HIS body, probably the same evil that was causing Ooos apocalypse. The Lich tried to possess Finn so he could pass on the evil power to someone else.

Ice King is really Santa Claus

Ice King's backstory will be revealed in the holiday special according to Pen, so here's what I think happened; The Mushroom War wiped out the elves and in the North Pole as they pulled a heroic sacrifice to save Santa. Santa, alone and possibly trapped in the bunker for how ever long it took for the world to clear up. With his loneliness caused sleep deprivation, and that played a hand in ptsd related bi-polar disorder. His magic, along with the magic of the elves were all stored into a crown to help him survive. Without his wife, Mrs. Claus aka "His Princess", he was driven to insanity. His beard was irradiated along with his skin to give him the power of flight as long as he didn't shave it.

  • sadly jossed. He's just an unfortunate ex-historian who got his hands on a dangerous artifact.

Princess Bubblegum created Finn

Humanity is extinct, so where did Finn come from? And which character plays god on a regular basis?

  • Humanity isn't's only underground, or hiding.

Beautopia will take place in an underground beauty salon or even a high-tech fashion house

And it will be one that has been glitched up so that the "model of the year" changes every few minutes.

  • Jossed. Its where all the Hyoomans used to live before the "glubglubs" took over.

is currently in is killed. This would explain the rather inefficient use of his Body Surf ability ever since he was released. If he could do it any time, he shouldn't have stayed in the weakened body of Princess Bubblegum, and he also shouldn't have been inactively dicking about in the Snail's body for so long (four episodes as of this edit).

    • Is it wrong that this troper laughed at "dicking about in the Snail's body for so long"?

Not too serious, but a GINORMOUS what if, Finn will not like Lemongrab disrespectin' his newly acheivable lady

and as a result of that, he's gonna lop off his head and make lemonade for all the Candy People to drink.
Just to take it a step further he's going to use the edible parts to make a pie for P.B.
Just because this troper's gone pretty far one more couldn't hurt, he's going to then grind the sides of his head into a lemon peel dust, to garnish the meal he's going to make for P.B.

the last episode of the series will be a Poorly-Disguised Pilot for Bravest Warriors

The last episode will feature the titular Bravest Warriors landing in Ooo and telling Finn about a colony of humans living in space, meaning Finn will have to choose to be with his own people, or his friends in Ooo. In the end, he chooses his friends, leaving the Bravest Warriors to venture off to new adventures.

  • Finn definetly looks like Him and those sheep look a little familiar too, at 9:50 secs.

The heat of a love-hug is in no way necessary to catalyze anything.

This one is really self-explanatory.

Jake's speech at the end of "Too Young" was foreshadowing

Finn really will warp through multiple worlds, defeat the Demon King, climb up wizard stairs, and kiss Princess Bubblegum.

  • Well, he's already defeated Marceline's dad (does that count?) and warped through the Crystal Dimension and into the game, so he's on the right track. It's the Water World that's going to be the tough one, but if Fin wants that key, he'll have to overcome his fear once again.
    • Alternatively, it's foreshadowing for Finn temporarily seeking the Ice King's (Jake's speech did refer to a wizard)help, to find a way to make Princess Bubblegum love him again.
      • Knowing the Ice King, this probably won't go too well.

The Cosmic Owl is Ooo's creator god.

The Cosmic Owl may have initially been an ordinary owl that Ascended to A Higher Plane of Existence after being exposed to the nuclear fallout of the Great Mushroom War, though it's also possible that it was already a Cosmic Being independently of this event. In the aftermath of the war, the Cosmic Owl used its power to replenish the world into its current state. The fallout on its own may not be enough to explain everything about how the world became the way it is.

The Lich will only appear in Season Finales

To prevent Villain Decay, he'll only appear in season finales in some fashion. So far he's appeared in everyone anyway, in a cameo in the first season finale (My Hero', like Mortal Folly, is placed before Gut Grinder in production number, meaning it was meant to be the finale) and was the Big Bad of the second season finale.

Ice King is Finn from the future transported back in time.

How else would he know Finn's favorite food, or Jake's inner feelings...he may have forgotten his past, being over 600 years old, but his attraction to Princess Bubblegum (and princesses in general) still remains. This also explains Ice King's motivation to be friends with his past self.

    • Because he spies on them constantly like a creepy stalker. Finn also has no nose whle the Ice King has a huge nose.
      • When the Ice King was human he didn't have a nose, either.

Finn is attracted to humans.

Princess Bubblegum is a half-human mutant. He is instinctively seeking out human DNA to repopulate the planet with humans.

Finn's new romantic interest will be a new Princess.

Specifically, the Flame Princess. Will probably be introduced in the upcoming season 3 episode, "Heart of the Fire Kingdom". [1]

  • Possibly confirmed, since the episode is set to air near Valentine's Day.
  • Confirmed,at the end Finn said at the end that he has a crush.

Beautopia is the land where the last humans live in.

Take a close look at the title screen here [dead link], especially at the inside of each letter. Or alternatively, it was the place where people use to live, but something happened to them.

Marceline was human once.

Think about it: She has bite marks on her neck; Her mother could be one of the last humans (that didn't hide) before the Mushroom Wars and thanks to her half-demon parentage, she did survive the war, but didn't have her mother anymore. Her father, feeling sorry for not protecting his family while in the Nightosphere, bit her for her survival and vanished back to the Nightosphere. So all alone, with only the teddy bear her mom made, she grew up ultil all her powers manifest. Perhaps, that's why she's a bit complacent to Finn. Because of her Mom's side.

    • She'd only be half human then, because her dad is a demon.

Susan Strong is Finn's mother

That's what I thought the ending of Beautopia was implying, in any case.

Susan Strong is neither a hyooman nor a human.

The end of Beautopia implies that she doesn't have gills or fish-like attributes, but also remains ambiguous about whether she's definitely human. Since she has yet to fully remove her hat, it could be that she has some other growth/mutation on it and is a different species altogether.

The Hyoomans are decendants of the last Humans of Beautopia, only evolved a la Traits, the Transmetropolitan equivelant of plasmids.

Much in tone with the WMG about 4 above this one, it explains how the Hyoomans managed to evolve such advanced traits like gills, as well as supporting the theory that Beautopia was a last bastion of human ingenuity before the Mushroom War. Whereafter the war the "magic came back," this would also likely be how/when the Glub-glubs took control of the city, running the last advanced humans out, (all very rich, and reliant on technology now in an environment where ingenuity and survivalism stands through), likely devolving them to their current isolated, sub-human state of intellect. Susan would likely be the exception, but that's worth another WMG.

The whole 'Marceline the Vampire Queen & Princess Bubblegum' tryst is going to be a case of Ascended Fanon

According to this, this troper might be more than just a Yuri Fan, or atleast a lonely Yuri Fan, because alot of people believe the 'What Was Missing' episode was really about Marcelines's and P.B.'s relationship, so it would only make sense for Penn Ward to market the idea secretly for more veiwers, calling it his own idea. It being a kids show will only make it more creative as their relationship is hidden amongst the words they use and disguised as a friend ship. As stated in an above WMG many youtubers also beleive that P.B. and Marceline need to get a little friendlier. according to this trope some of the authors read our wikis and bull ideas , so there is still some possiblity that the creator could just give in and give the population what they want.

Marceline and PB were/are NOT in a lesbian relationship.

Cause someone had to do it. To elaborate, another theory to their relationship is that when PB was younger, Marceline hung out with her the same way she does with Finn now, but as PB grew older she started to become more stuck up and Marceline got fed up with it. Either that or Peppermint Butler intervened...

  • For the record, I've interpreted them this way from the beginning.
  • So Marceline is slightly pedo friendly?
    • You can be friends with someone who is younger than you and be friendly to children without being a pedophile, kinda like how you can not ship Marceline and PB without being a homophobe.
  • I'm a lesbian, I'm all for openly gay characters in kid's shows, but I do NOT think that PB and Marcy were ever a couple, and they never will be a couple. They seem like they were really good friends who had a bad falling out. Not lovers. People are grasping for straws and trying to find text that isn't there. Natasha Allegri's artwork? Please... She draws pictures of girls making out all the time!

Finn was never asleep for six months

It makes sense. In six months Jake should have recovered from his headache, Finn's legs would have healed, and if the dear have had the candy people for that long, they would ether dissolve or starve. Also, if the candy people had been gone for that long, Finn would have starved from not having someone to feed him via a IV.

  • This actually seems to be true! Andy Ristaino [dead link] has noted on his Formspring account that Jake would have been measuring in dog months, not human months, and Adam Muto [dead link] has said that Jake's sense of time was unreliable when he made the claim that Finn had been out for six months, due to being kinda crazy and all.

"Holly Jolly Secrets Part One" will be full of Tear Jerkers.

Since the episode is about Finn and Jake finding the Ice King's video diary, it's bound to have some really depressing entries.

  • Jossed slightly. There is a big one towards the end concerning Ice King's past life.

Finn is going to have to deal with some serious Amnesiac Dissonance

Finn seems to easily be able to repress any unpleasant memories. What kinds of horrible things has he forgotten?

Party Pat and Party Pete are related somehow.

They're either parallel universe counterparts or, going by a previous WMG, Pat is a (mutant) descendant of Pete.

Ice King will become a permanent friend to Finn and Jake, as opposed to a weak-sauce villain.

Many episodes seem to hint at this, and it is a possibility we may just finally see come to light in the Holly Jolly Secrets special, judging by its description.

  • Likely the process has already started, rather than them just being "hints". Ice King will remain a somewhat pathetic character who is more often tolerated than straight-up loved, and will still have his villainous flaws that come out from time to time, but he will have far more roles as an ally in the future.

Jake's Croak Dream will happen in the season finale.

  • Jossed, thankfully.

"Ooo" is a linguistic corruption of a currently-existing place name.

Note how in various episodes, people mispronounce "Mozart," "Beethoven," and "Groucho," and how God became "Glob." It's not that far a stretch that "Ooo" is derived from a location that contains that vowel sound, like the Ooo-S-A or Ooo-rope.

  • It could be that to the normal person's eyes. A world where everything is so fanatical all that yuo could muster to say upon your first sight is, well...

"Glob" is the Cosmic Owl's real name.

  • Jossed. according to the wiki "Glob" is short for Grob Gob Glob Grod (try saying that three times); a 4-headed deity from Mars (that we will apparently be seeing in a future episode.)
    • Updated theory: "Glob" is Princess Princess Princess's real name???
    • Another theory, Glob is actually a giant robot from Mars. Maybe even piloted by a remaining colony of humans that fled Earth?

The Ice Kingdom is Russia in the future.

The Ice King is based off of a Dresden Files character.

This troper hadn't heard of the series or character Simon Petrovich until he saw Holly Jolly Secrets and looked up the name from the final video. Apparently, the similarly named character is, quoting from The Other Wiki: " expert upon vampires and sort of an emissary to them. It was also stated that the vampires trusted him." Also, it mentions that he is Russian, possibly helping the previous troper's theory.

  • Cruddity Cruddity Crud, I forgot: It's "Petro KOF", not "VICH". It still might be a typo on the creator's part, so I'll keep it up here, but take this troper's suggestion (meaning the WMG this is under) with a grain of salt.

All the objects in Simon's artifact collection are a Chekhov's Armoury with one or more item being a Call Forward

  • The purple flag on the wall with a cross bears resemblance to the denizens of Lumpy Space
  • There looks to be a skull of either Death or the Lich.

The Ice King caused the great Mushroom war

We now know Simon Petrikov became the ice king before the war, and we know what he's like. Is it really to much of a stretch?

Simon Petrikov's ex-fiance Betty is Princess Bubblegum

Or at least some past incarnation of her. Pen Ward's Series Bible stated that Bubblegum's first name is Betty.

  • The last picture we see of her also had her in a lab coat, surrounded by vials which looked very reminiscent of Princess Bubblegum...
  • This, of course, ignores the fact that Princess Bubblegum is only 18 years old. As well as the fact that her first name was changed to Bonnibel.
    • That could be justified with the idea that she could shed off a lot of gum to make herself younger, which could have also created the entire candy kingdom!
  • Pretty sure she's a Replacement Goldfish.
  • Considering how Princess Bubblegum looks in the long preview of Goliad, this WMG may be true.

Ice King was supposed to be The Hero

The crown turned him into the Ice King to protect him from the upcoming Mushroom Wars. Possibly Simon wasn't mentally stable in the first place and the crown unintentionally made him more insane.

In the Fionna and Cake universe, the Ice Queen is not a gender-flipped Simon.

Rather, this is an alternative universe, where it was Betty who put the crown on instead of Simon.

The Ice King will eventually return to his senses.

This response [dead link] on Natasha's formspring seems to imply that there is at least more to be known about his past or future, probably in the fourth season.

The Ice King and Princess Bubblegum will get together.

Princess Bubblegum may have already learned about Simon Petrikov's story, since she was perfectly willing to hang out with the Ice King during the Holiday celebration. Knowing this, it seems likely that she would use her scientific skill to develop a sort of "antidote" to the crown's effect on its wearer (both to end the trouble the Ice King causes by kidnapping her and other princesses, and out of a genuine desire to help the poor guy). It could take as long as the writers need it to, but if she were to succeed, Simon seemed to be a logical-minded man who would have similar interests to Princess Bubblegum. Putting them together could potentially result in a legit relationship between the two, since the Ice King's interest in Bubblegum seems to be based on the possibility that she subconsciously reminds him of his "princess" Betty.

Princess Bubblegum might be a bit older than we think...

Based off of this answer by Andy Ristaino...maybe her being Betty isn't too far of a stretch after all.

  • I've been wondering about this since "Too Young": After she re-aged, she remembered her 13-year-old experiences as though they happened a full five years ago, when it was really just a few hours. Also, logic (and the calendar) dictates we should have seen her celebrate a birthday by now, and yet ...

Simon Petrikov's cursed crown is a metaphor/parallel for Alzheimer's Syndrome in real life

Before anyone deletes this theory again, please be aware that this WMG is not meant to be funny, or even pleasant.

  • I can see your point there, considering what little he remembers, his hallucinations, and him instantly having no memory of going after Finn for the videos. It makes sense and it's downright tragic for sure.

Though the Ice King survived the Great Mushroom War, he doesn't remember anything about it.

So if you're hoping to learn about it from him, don't get your hopes up. Curse those stanky old wizard eyes.

There is a legitimate (in-story) reason for the ambiguity over what exactly Susan Strong is.

For example, maybe if word got out about her lack of gills, she would be cast out of the Hyoomen world.

Princess Bubblegum was created by a royal scientist.

Just as Princess Bubblegum herself created Earl of Lemongrab to succeed her if something were to happen to her, every ruler of the Candy Kingdom is also a scientist who creates a successor by splicing human and confectionary DNA.

  • Maybe that scientist is Betty.

Beautopia is a rival city to rapture in bioshock.

Seriously,it has monsters,used to have"people',has things that look like there from the 20th century,and underwater?It has to be a rival to rapture.The rival really want to do the impossible,live in underwater.

  • So... it was built by those Dirty Commies? Because BioShock (series) makes it fairly obvious that the US government only has a vague idea that Andrew Ryan was 'doing something under the ocean,' they probably wouldn't have the idea or the means to make something like Rapture. On the other hand, I suppose Lamb and her Red-leaning sympathies might have allowed some information to leak to the "right" hands before she went full-bore cultist.

Beautopia is the ruin of a 22nd-century shopping center a la the Fallout games

The title card for the episode is very similar to the Fallout's in-world advertisements, particularly those for the Vaults, many of which become home to mutants and mutated creatures. The Hyoomens were once normal humans who sought refuge in familiar surroundings during the Mushroom War, but nuclear fallout contaminated the the area and rising water levels forcibly mutated the survivors as it did Mirelurks/Lakelurks, leaving them mostly-human since they were originally humans rather than crabs or turtles. It's also possible that the shopping center was a Vault, explaining Beautopia being within a seemingly-natural cave-system: The experiment was meant to see how long consumerism would last in the face of more pressing matters, but the radiation left by the Great/Mushroom War (and possibly from a malfunctioning nuclear generator, which the inhabitants had forgotten how to maintain) turned the Vault-dwellers into mutated tribals, much like the tribal humans who populate the Fallout 'verse. It would also explain the Schizo-Tech and why what we've seen of the pre-War world - which looks to be more-or-less like our present-day - also left behind technology far in advance of modern-day technology, such as holographic newspapers. We've also seen UFOs, which are known to have taken an interest in the Fallout version of Earth; and many shots of scenery and background settings are similar to those found in the similarly post-apocalyptic Fallout, such as the peeling billboard from Heat Signature's intro and the Diner from Marceline's past.

Everyone in The Creeps but Finn is now DEAD!

One by one, the ghost killed them all off, then made new copies to replace the real deal and made a duplicate Lady Rainicorn so that there is no suspicions. I mean come ON! When "Jake" explained it was all a prank, he obviously was trying to change the subject. Still don't believe me? When they went into the cellar to find the light, Jake asked Beemo if Finn was pranking him. Why would he ask that when, for all he knows, He and Beemo were the only ones there. Huh? Yep, Finns friends are all killed, except maybe for LSP who suffered a Fate Worse Than Death.

  • Why didn't Jake tell Finn anything about stuff that happened to him when he was alone, then? Like, the green lady, and all that weird crap? If he didn't want Finn to be suspicious, he would've made up something to explain that away.
  • He did, remember? He told Finn that he must've been so scared that he imagined those parts.

Simon Petrikov's cursed crown is a metaphor/parallel for alcoholism or drug abuse in real life

  • When he first uses it, he ends up doing something terrible and not remembering. He then goes on to continue using it, instead of destroying it or disposing of it like many people would. Like, in Simon's last two diary entries before he became the Ice King, you notice he's wearing the crown. His visions tell him that the crown will save him. That it is a good thing. That he needs it. This is reminiscent of someone who is physically addicted to a substance such as alcohol.

Jake's croak dream he witnessed was not of him dying, but the Banana Man.

  • Note how the Banana Man is awfully still after passing out.

The Mushroom War was an alternate WWII-Cold War hybrid.

  • So, suppose that nuclear weapons had been simultaneously developed by the Allied and Axis powers around 1943, and that WWII went cold for 60+ years but went hot again some time in the early 21st Century, eventually becoming known as the "Mushroom War." It follows that:
    • Princess Bubblegum was produced by Nazi super-science, accounting for her occasional outbursts in German.
    • Simon Petrikov was a historian investigating Germanic/Norse Paganism under direction from the Nazi Party, which led him to Scandinavia to find the crown that eventually turned him into the Ice King.
    • The Lich was created by a failed attempt to grant immortality or occult powers to Hitler.
    • Actually, pretty much everything weird could be written off as the aftereffects of Stupid Jetpack Hitler or Ghostapo projects causing the magic to come back.

The Ice King's mental picture of himself is still Simon Petrikov (minus the glasses and plus beard).

That's why he's so surprised when Finn calls him 'old' in Mortal Recoil and it seems to take a minute for it to sink in that everyone else does think he's old; even when he does realize they're serious he might still be seeing it as teenagers seeing someone who's... thirtyish, maybe? as old, instead of them really meaning that he's old.

Princess Bubblegum's similarities to Betty make Simon's real personality come a bit closer to the surface than it usually gets.

His line about being lost in the labyrinth of his emotions without her was foreshadowing, and on some level he's aware that she helps him regain a little stability. Unfortunately he's so strongly under the crown's spell by now that the difference isn't really noticeable to anyone outside of himself.

The Ice King caused the conflict in Battlefield 2142 and the Great Mushroom War.

Well, indirectly caused it at least. During Simon Petrikov's video, you can see outside the window that the climate begins to change extremely fast after Simon began wearing the magical crown. By the time of his last recording, the town he's living in and presumably the world are covered in snow. This leads to the situation where world powers begin warring against each other for the few areas on Earth still warm enough to grow crops. Eventually, the war goes nuclear and humanity wipes itself out.

We'll eventually get an episode explaining how Finn was orphaned.

We've already seen parts of Marceline's backstory and Ice King'so origin, both of which are very dark stories. We'll eventually get Finn's and it'll be a MAJOR Tear Jerker.

  • According to Memories of Boom Boom Mountain, Finn was abandoned in a forest, stuck to a leaf covered in his own "boom boom" Then Jake's parent's find him and take him home with them. However, this does lead to some questions about who left him there 13 years ago and why, so you're on to something.

Ooo is another realm accessible only by Alduin, through The End

So Steve finally manages to land the final arrow on the Enderdragon, his Diamond Armour on breaking point, his Sword shattered on the last Enderman to trifle with his block breaking fists. However, The End, being the plane where Alduin dwells, filled with the shattered souls of his human Thralls, created from when he (almost) purged humanity though the Mushroom War leaving Minecraftia devoid of them, is under the influence of the mighty Enderdragon. The reason the Enderdragon makes not a single sound is due to him, Alduin, being so powerful in his own realm that he no longer requires entire phrases to use the Thuum. Due to him being one crazy Dragon, he decides that the best way to finally purge humanity, would be to send Steve back to the Overworld, using a few choice Dragon words (Including Force, which also explains Finn's use of a "Power Shriek" to knock out Abracadaniel), and deliberately drop him in a situation which allows the Lich, an extremely powerful Enderman Champion of his, to potentially posses him. Steve would have made an excellent choice as a powerful vessel for the Lich (Finn's current badassery shows this). Due to time passing unusually between planes of existence, a few million years have passed, allowing time for many evolutions to occur, causing many of the Ooo creatures to come to be (Creepers into Flame Wolves for example). Alduin's aim, even though he is so insanely powerful, sucks (As we've all saw in Skyrim), and so he missed dumping Steve/Finn straight into the tree in which the Lich was preserved, but onto the mountain. Steve/Finn is de-aged in the space/time anomaly created by Alduin that warps him between not just planes of existence, but realms of planes of existence, outside their plane group.

The Nightosphere is also the Shivering Isles, and Marceline's Dad is really named Sheogorath. Marceline is one of the few humans he saved, who was actually a companion brought by the player (Who was a vampire at the time) from Cyrodill into the Shivering Isles, and in the battle between the Player and Jyggalag, the companion of the player recieves a fatal wound as Jyggalag falls, and the player was forced to Vampirize his companion, before ascending to become the new Sheogorath.


When Marceline's naked, she looks like an Eldritch Abomination.

We saw her in her monster forms before, after all, and it would explain Finn's reaction so seeing her naked.

  • What's to explain? Seemed like a typical "Ooooooooops dang I just saw my friend naked" reaction to me.

When the Lich returns, his first reaction upon seeing the Ice King again will be to kill him on sight.

Because the Lich knows to learn from his past mistakes.

  • Either that, or destroy the Ice King's crown.

The Great Mushroom War was a war of Magic Versus Science

Pen has said that the Land of Ooo is the way it is because of a combination of an apocalyptic war and the return of magic. One notable thing we learn in "Holly Jolly Secrets" is that before discovering the crown, Simon Petrikov didn't believe in the supernatural, meaning magic was at least mostly unheard of at the time. So we have a case of magic entering the world, giving a random man super-human powers, driving him mad so he abuses those powers, and all of this happening shortly before a civilization-destroying (probably nuclear) war. Perhaps magic slowly leaked into the world, building over time, creating more and more people like Simon. They would have wreaked havoc on the planet, and the rest of humanity would have united to try to stop them, creating a global war of sane muggles versus mad wizards. The world's governments eventually used nukes in an act of desperation, inadvertently wiping out most of humanity. But the magic continued to leak into the world, so by the time the few survivors had rebuilt, it had completely reshaped them and the place they lived in into the Ooo we know now.

Jake is currently under the effects of the Ice King's Crown

In "Jake vs. Me-Mow", Jake was against dying, his own life and well-being was just as important for him to keep as Wildberry Princess's. Then, in the very next episode "Thank You", we see him wearing the Ice King's Crown at the end of the episode. The following episode, "The New Frontier", shows Jake not even trying to keep himself from dying because his Croak Dream. And it could just be left at that, no real link between the three episodes...except when we find out in "Holly Jolly Secrets" that the Ice King's Crown causes hallutinations and effects the wearer's mind. And Jake has seemd a bit off since "Thank You"...

  • I was actually thinking about posting a WMG exactly like this. In fact, I think the only reason he had the Croak Dream because he wore the Ice King's crown.
  • Oh man! I knew there had to be some point in the series when some other character wore the crown! But then, I remembered Cake wearing Ice Queen's tiara and thought maybe that was all I was thinking of. Dang. Maybe Jake is transforming into a magic arctic wolf now?

The entire series is just Simon's visions.

Maybe the Great Mushroom War never happened in the first place, or it wasn't a large enough war to destroy the world. Finn, Jake, and the other characters could be real people that Simon actually interacts with, or he could just be squirming in a confined, padded room wearing a straightjacket.

  • Thus the reason he fails at any attempt to do anything ever.
    The reason all of his enemies haven't demolished him yet.
    The reason he is still crazy in his delusion, to him they are the crazy ones and the way he acts is normal.

There will be a team of rivals for the main cast

Finn will begin trying to free the Ice King from the crown's influence.

Simon's last plea was for whoever found the tapes to watch over him until he could return to sanity. Marceline may have been human (considering what her father is, we can't be sure), but Ice King is one of the few beings in the world that Finn now knows was once human. He'll take Simon's plea to heart and try to find a way to save him.

  • That could be the plot of the upcoming episode "Another Way".
    • Unfortunately, it doesn't look that way. It's about clown nurses.

There will be a Giant Robot themed episode.

The episode would begin with Finn and Jake uncovering a buried sentient giant robot. After the two reactivate him, The robot introduces himself as the mighty protector of the earth. Finn and Jake ask how the robot got buried. So, the robot explained that he was trying to end the Great Mushroom War, but failed in the process. Then all of a sudden, gigantic monsters were attacking the land of Ooo. So, Finn asks the giant robot if he wants to stop the monsters. The robot accepts and a climatic battle against the giant monsters took place. After the heroes won the battle, Finn asks the giant robot if he wants to stay in the land of Ooo. The robot refuses, saying that there are other parts of the world that might need his help. So, Finn and Jake wave good bye to the giant robot, hoping that they'll meet again.

When the Ice King's crown is sentient and aware of what it did to Simon

When it was placed upon the shelf of penitence, it started to cry and state how sorry it was.. It was crying because the shelf made it sorry for warping a nice, mild mannered aspiring antiquarian into the deranged ruler of the ice kingdom that we know today.

Jake's powers protect him from the Ice Kings crown

He has worn it and not gone mad.

  • Or it had no effect because he's already bonkers.
  • Maybe it only affects one person at a time.
  • Or it takes a few minutes to warm up and activate.
    • Generally confirmed, the crown doesn't affect people who are already magic.

Simon Petrokov killed Betty during one of his hallucination spells.

He supposedly never saw her again; the first time he takes off the Ice King's crown, he wonders what horrible things he may have done while consumed by the visions. If he thought she was some sort of vampiric monster or other dangerous thing when she came back while we was wearing it, he could have defended himself from the thing in his visions... and fatally harmed her, maybe even freezing and shattering her beyond recognition.[2]

  • Her horrified reaction is what clued him in that something was wrong, so she was probably still alive at that point.

The female who was on Ice King's tapes bares close resemblance to a certain female royalty he hounds after so often.

This troper is insinuating that princess Bubble Gum is the lady from the tapes. Due to another WMG the beleif that P.B. is ageless thanks to her ability to just lop off enough of her excess candy to bring her back to her prefered age, it is beleived that P.B. was made into gum at some point during I.K. crazifying, and she too is as old as him. The added fact that they are both scientists adds to the beleif that Penn Ward will make an episode revealing P.B. to be the mystery woman.// P.B. does a lot of tests involving DNA (i.e. the zombies, lemon grab, {potentialy Finn}), her tests ultimtely are to transform herself and I.K. back into humans.

Simon Petrikov once had a pet named Gunter.

Similar to how he projected his feelings for Betty onto any princess he finds in Ooo, so has he applied the name "Gunter" to any small animals that surround him. It's been confirmed that he calls all of the penguins "Gunter;" rather than Gunter being a specific one. I'd guess that Simon had a dog or something, perhaps a dalmatian, that he lost somehow but held on to his memory of the name.

Alternatively, Simon Petrikov once had a butler named Gunter who was a dwarf.

Rule of Funny.

Finn is actually a human from the pre-Mushroom War era, but accidentally warped to this time via a time machine or magic as a baby.

Which would explain why we can't find Finn's human parents, maybe.

The song Prince Gumball sang in the Ice King's fanfiction was a song that the Ice King originally wrote for Betty, but altered to use in the story

Since it was a real song with lyrics and everything, it's likely that the Ice King's story text itself actually included those lyrics. Some things related to Betty survived in the Ice King's memory, so he could've remembered a special song that he once performed for his soulmate. With this theory in mind, this line becomes a lot sadder:

"I won't let anything in this world keep us apart..."

The Ice King's crown is so powerful that after wearing it for as long as he has, he has Reality Warper abilitys.

The world is assunder because in Ice King's current state, that is the way he imagines things. The power ultimately lies in his crown, but he has being absorbing the magic non stop for so long that he could probably go an entire lifetime without it on before things even begin to go back to normal. As stated in an above WMG"The Lich's return will be marked by him killing the Ice king, or destroying his crown. If that does happen the worlds return to normal will be so quick and drastic that most people won't survive the ordeal.

The Mushroom War took place in the 80s - 90s

From the technology we've seen it doesn't seem very 21st century, or at least mid-to-late noughties.

  • They also have technology that's ahead of the early 21st century (holoprojectors and what-not). However, it's pretty obvious that most, if not all, of what they use is scavenged from the rubble, so it would make sense to have tech from several different eras.
  • It's shown that magic comes while civilization is still intact so perhaps that technology was made using the new found magical materials.

The characters in "Adventure Time with Fiona and Cake" will try to escape the story.

Fiona, Cake, and the other characters will grow tired of having their lives and their world completely controlled by the Ice King, so they will rebel and try to take it from his control.

The series is a inspired by or at least a shout out to Wizards

Post apocalyptic world where magic returns after the event of a nuclear war? Robots, Mutants, and undead? The biggest bad is an undead looking wizard? The lead is a young warrior with a quick sword trigger and travels with a short wisecracking magical character? When will we get our Peace cameo?

"Donny" is a metaphor for the global financial crisis

Saw this elsewhere, and it seems so good I'm surprised it hasn't been done already.

Donny is the government, and at first, his actions are annoying and obnoxious to the house people (the public). His influence is thus removed with Finn and Jake enacting deregulation. Things are good for a while, but the bad debt/credit crises arrive in the form of the whywolves, which rapidly multiply - in particular, making the bottom fall off the bank house, which in term harm the main street house. The police house is powerless to stop the disaster. Without the return of regulation - the return of Donny, the bad debts would multiply until they consume everything, before being finally defeated by the cosmic owl in some form of market correction.

The kicker? The name Donny on the title card is written in the same font as the text on the US dollar bill.

Princess Bubblegum is related to Betty

Okay, this may take some episode rewatching. But when watching "Holly Jolly Secrets", something looked familiar about Betty. I thought about it a little, and I happened to remember one of the framed photos in PB's room in "The Duke." It was a woman with pink skin and orange-reddish hair, presumably a relative, most likely her mother. Well, both PB and Betty have been shown to at least be interested in science work, and after leaving her fiancee, Betty may have gone off and had kids of her own. Of course, this most likely would have been after several generations, the human DNA eventually mixing with candy people DNA down the line. It may be a far shot, but the resemblance seemed a bit too much for me.

  • It could be the drawing style, a lot of the characters share similar facial features. Though it is still possible, and I admit that would be a pretty good plot twist.
    • I will now bring up the fact that the main article says that Bubblegum's original name was going to be Betty. Let that sink in.

"True Love's Kiss" can either break the spell on the Ice King or put him at peace.

It's generally the trump card for breaking seemingly-unbreakable spells in fantasy series. This of course would work very similarly to Beauty and the Beast.

  • So -that's- why he's trying so hard to find a bride. O_O
    • No, it's because he's trying to find Betty. He wouldn't know that he's under a spell. This theory stands on Rule of Symbolism.

At some point Finn will come across a very powerful sword. Its name? Crystalis.

This would mean one of the disasters that struck Ooo would be the hero of that game using the Tower to wipe most of humanity from the face of the earth, or he failed to stop that from happening.

There will be no more episodes featuring the Ice King in season three.

Just because the show has a knack for setting up very interesting elements and then taking a long-ass time to continue them (Examples: The Lich, Susan Strong, 13-year-old Bubblegum). So, those of us who really want to know how the Ice King's role in the show will be affected by "Holly Jolly Secrets" will just have to wait several months.

  • Confirmed. The finale of season 3 just aired, and since Holly Jolly secrets, no episodes have featured the Ice King.

"Incendium" will be about Finn and Jake going to the Fire Kingdom.

Basically since the original title of the episode was "Heart of the Fire Kingdom."

  • Jossed; it's only Jake.

Betty never left Simon.

She was there the whole time. The crown showed her leaving, and while he's standing there, begging for her not to leave, Betty is standing right there, trying to tell him she's not going anywhere before relizing he cant see or hear her. And yet she still stays with him, trying to help him.

Ricardio will return in "Incendium"

George Takei was narrating the extended trailer for the episode, it's a valentine's day special, not too much left to add up.

  • Nope.

In "Incendium", it will be revealed that PB got a boyfriend.

And that will be why Finn is so sad.

  • Jossed. (Finn tries to lay his head on PB, and she thinks it's weird.)

In season 4, Finn will have to fight the Fire King.

The Fire Kingdom's royalty, as of Incendium, is confirmed to be evil. And according to his alignment (as Finn himself would say), this means they're at odds. The cause of the conflict will have something to do with Finn's newfound love for the Flame Princess (also from Incendium).

When the Lich returns, the family sword Finn earned in Dad's Dungeon will be the one used to defeat him.

  • No, the Lich will break the sword (just like with the gauntlet) and Finn will then defeat him with his specialty, the most shameful form of magic. (Which is why the Lich shushes him, as that is his greatest weakness.)

Marceline's Dad is Dracula.

He's an uber-powerful vampire over 1000 years old, steals souls, has a snappy dress code, and is rather, well, horrific. Does this remind you of someone?

Flame Princess will attack the Candy Kingdom at some point in Season 4

She's evil and a Tsundere/Yandere. It's almost inevitable that she'd overreact like crazy if she saw Finn hanging around with Princess Bubblegum.

Flame Princess will take on the Ice King.

This could be simply her lashing out, or she might learn that he's a long-time adversary of Finn and decide to take him out as a favor, unaware of all the Character Development he's gone through.

  • Or she might fight him because he didn't know better considering his Dirty Old Man nature with Princesses in general. Too bad he is unaware Flame princess is one princess who is packing heat.

Joshua's death from Dad's Dungeon will play a key role in the future of the series as a Thanatos Gambit.

As of right now, the details are unclear on the event of his death. If the demon coming back for his blade implied, Joshua must have had a lot of enemies in his time who could be potential foes for Finn himself. Also, despite knowing Finn is regarded as the hero of Ooo, he must have been taunting Finn because he knows it isn't enough and is toughening him up for the real threat.

Billy had unrequited feelings for Princess Bubblegum once.

It's pretty much confirmed that PB is older than she appears. It's not much of a stretch, then, to imagine Billy trying to win her heart back in his evil-fighting, theme-song-having days. His feelings were not reciprocated, and one day, it became too much. He wound up like Finn in the beginning of "Incendium," eventually reasoning that the violence he had been using was not impressing a smart woman like PB and giving up on the hero business altogether. He gave her his gauntlet, to be used when the Lich inevitably reappeared, then retired to his cave.

Finn and Flame Princess' love for each other will be the key to defeating the Lich in the next season.

The next season will build up on their feelings for each other, which will come to a head in the season finale, where Finn has to fight against the Lich one more time.

In the Ice King's next appearance, he will try to come up with a way to capture Flame Princess

Fire may melt ice, but the Ice King is usually desperate enough to try anything. He may even attempt to distract Finn by toying with the fact that he used to have feelings with Princess Bubblegum.

One of the next episodes will have Finn faced with the choice of sticking with either PB, Marceline, or Flame Princess

The only reason Finn gave up on Princess Bubblegum was because she told him to "stop being weird" after he tried to rest his head on her lap. Note that in the past, she has temporarily banned him from the Candy Kingdom and teased with him when she was restored to her true age.

Marceline and Finn mainly appear to be platonic, but she has kissed him a couple of times, and Finn thinks she is cool.

While Finn has recently fallen for Flame Princess, she is pretty psychotic and destructive. I expect the first few episodes with them to have her as a villain with Finn and Flame Princess having a few Foe Yay moments.

Finn having to choose which ONE girl he should stick with could even play a role in the Lich's eventual return.

  • I wouldn't mind a FLCL homage (either girl in either role).
  • Given Finn's popularity with the ladies, it's more likely he'll be forced to choose between EVERY PRINCESS IN THE WORLD! At first the sheer magnitude of the situation will weigh on him, then eventually he'll make a decision and it will look like he's about to pick the girl...then he'll start punching and kicking the miscellaneous guards meant to intimidate him into choosing and once he's all done beating the crud out of them, he'll state in no uncertain terms that he'll pursue his own love interests on his own terms and everyone had better back the math off!

Marceline's dad is Satan.

Think about it: he emerges from the Nightosphere, which seems like the Ooo version of Hell(complete flames), is Faux Affably Evil, is an abomination beneath his humanoid veil...not to mention he sucks up souls. Oh, and his true form has horns. This may explain how Marceline came to be during/before the Mushroom War: "Marceline's dad" is a powerful supernatural entity that existed long before it, so he could easily concieve her. Of course, this means that the Lich King is worse than Satan. The true name of Marceline's dad? Maleus. Part malus(the Latin term for evil) and deus(aka god).

Magic did exist in some form before the Mushroom War.

This would explain things such as the Ice King's crown. At some point in history(likely during the Middle Ages), The Magic Goes Away. However, magical artifacts are unaffected. As to why, it may have been a desperate attempt to stop the Lich's rampage. At some point in his early career, the Lich managed to amass a huge zombie army and began to be a world threat. Without magic, his zombie army fell apart, and he returned to a corpse. Until some scientists brought the magic back...

  • Alternatively, magic artifacts were affected, and the crown was inert until a few minutes after the magic started flowing again; it was simply one of the first things to do so. Simon simply had the bad luck to be the one who owned it when that happened; presumably, its previous owners had put it on without harm. Simon was just unlucky that it had turned back on shortly before he tried it on.

Finn is Finn MacCool from Finnegans Wake

Or at least some Shout-Out.

Adventure Time is a comic.

Finn is just a kid who likes to make comic and lives with Jake his really awesome uncle who helps him the comic each eip is based on event in Finns life

My Two Favorite People is Jake trying have finn get along with his girlfriend who will be moving in the near future.

The lich is finn's Dad who was real bad caused alot a pain to the family and Bill who stopped him was Finn's cool older brother who died protecting Finn.

PB was Billy's girlfriend who has high status in the school finn goes to and keeps him out trouble at school and Finn's first crush.

Marceline is goth at finn's school and babysitter , she likes to mess with finn but loves Finn like younger brother she hates PB due their social status in school.

Marceline's Closet is when Finn goes to Marceline's house to be babysat and snoops around in her and hides in her Closet and sees her strip for a shower and is in shock as Jake picks him up.

Ice king is teacher who dislikes and makes fun of.

Incendium is Finn realizing that due to the age gap between him and PB that they'll never be together and starts into a sad phase Jake goes to the fire kingdom which is a part of town near fastfood shacks which server spicy food, the flame king one the owners and good friend of Jake who has girl Finn's age who has a hot temper,Jake and the flame decide to set up a meeting between the two, Jake gives FP their address but Finn who still sad never comes out and FP lights PB's gift a bunch of fireworks to get Finn's attention and finn gets mad and the two get into a fight and FP falls into a puddle and passes out Finn helps wake her and the two share a moment but due shyness FP slaps Finn and runs off.

Ricardio wasn't the Ice King's heart, but his quite literal Heartless.

When you think about it, Ricardio is a much more evil Ice King. Both of them want princesses, and are sociopaths. However, while the Ice King is incompetent and generally sympathetic, Ricardio is quite cunning(expected from a sociopath) and far more ruthless(trying to cut out Princess Bubblegum's heart). This would go to explain why the Ice King didn't immediately die when losing Ricardio: it's either not his biological heart, or a second heart to prevent him from dying from hypothermia induced by his ice powers.

  • And if we're going by revelation that Ice King Was Once a Man, Ricardio is the corruption of Ice King's mind made manifest. This may mean that, during being seperated from Ricardio, Ice King began to regain his sanity and revert back to Simon. This is why he was suffering from the above speculated hypothermia: he was returning back to a human(or at least, close to one), and his extremely low body temperature was taking its toll.

Princess Bubblegum is actually Betty under a curse and trauma from seeing the world around her destroyed.

This could explain why she is apathetic towards Finn's affections along with neglecting the mentally ill (For they remind her too much of when Simon Petrikov went insane). Plus, it could explain her love of science as a way to create a formula that will ultimately turn her back into a human.

  • That's really ... wow. I just got in such a funk.

Not only is the Lich the reason that The Magic Comes Back, but the reason why it went away in the first place.

The existence of magic artifacts like the Ice King's crown seem to exist prior to the Mushroom War(just check out Holly Jolly Secrets), so the question is what happened to it. The answer? The Lich happened to it. In order to prevent the Lich from taking over the world/killing everyone, the people made the sacrifice of removing magic from the planet. The Lich we know and fear is actually a weakened version of the Lich when he first appeared. Without magic, the Lich became a corpse again, albeit one with a Soul Jar. And of course, he reformed when people brought back the magic, leading to the Mushroom War.

Mankind survived, but on Mars.

This may explain where Finn came from, despite mankind supposedly being wiped out. Considering some of the lost tech seems to be more advanced, it could be possible that humanity managed to escape and live on Mars. It would be a nice Call Back to the pilot episode. Penn is actually Finn's ancestor, and the individual who managed to bring humanity to Mars. I imagine a plot point, possibly the series finale, where Finn discovers the possibility that humanity survived on Mars, and will do what it takes to reunite with them. The Lich will reappear, determined to finish off what he started. Eventually, the Lich will be killed off, and Finn will reunite with his people. Crowning Moment of Heartwarming!

  • Considering the show, it's not going to be that easy. Most likely, he could encounter the humans, but since the candy people have truly no idea of them existing, it could imply that the humans look down upon them greatly and are possibly even arrogant about themselves being superior. Or it could be that there are humans left, but they have been reduced to heads sitting in cybernetic bodies as means of keeping themselves alive (A Shout-Out and Deconstruction to The Bravest Warriors). Either way, leading to Finn having to decide on whether to join the humans in Mars or stay with his friends.

Lumpy Space People are biologically hermaphroditic.

They're space clouds with barely any universal difference between male and female. Personally, I think that they don't have a discreet gender...biologically speaking. Mainly because LSP's voice sounds somewhat masculine. Also, her father and mother seem to be part of the same body. I think that Lumpy Space People are Hermaphrodites capable of breeding with themselves as well as others in order to have kids: Lumpy Space King/Queen are actually the same individual, who developed a split personality to serve as hir/their "daughter".

  • Actually, it has been stated by Word of God that Lumpy Space people permanently fuse together after getting married. So meaning that Lumpy Space King and Lumpy Space Queen were originally two seperate individuals.

Why the penguins are named Gunther.

  • The man who found the crown and gave it to Simon was named Gunther and for some reason the name stuck in the Ice King's mind.

Adventure Time actually does take place in a proper fantasy land that developed technology (maybe magitek or technomancy) alongisde magic. Nothing sinister, it's all a surreal univers eof magic.

Dragons, monsters, vampires, candy people and like all existed pre-Mushroom War, but as technology started being developed like crazy, rivalry, envy and greed finally came to a head across the world and nuclear war broke out. But, this being a fantasy world, once the war ended, civilisation started to rebuild itself through generous use of magic, that's why no-one's going around coughing blood from radiation sickness or there's deformed children running around - magic. Science and technology are still known and practiced to a degree, evidence being PB's interest in (mad) science, Jake's remark that rocket ships hadn't been re-invented yet and the Bannana Man making a rocket ship in his back garden. And of course BMO, a home-use entertainment AI. After the war, the citizens of Ooo vowed to treat technology not unlike the way the Imperium does, but treat it less like inscrutable higher power and more like a potentially dangerous force that can cause mass destruction if not handled safely.

  • Word of God has been pretty clear that Ooo used to be plain ol' Earth. Sorry.
    • Well, then the Great Mushroom War in fact rekindled the power of magic on Earth through a dimensional breach and the new forms of life created from this are what we have now.
      • Something along those lines. Most of this has been addressed further up the page.

The episode titles for Season 4 have been posted on The Other Wiki. The last one on the list is "The Lich".

No real theory about this, just, you know ... booyah.

The episode "The Lich" won't feature the Lich.

Because you knever know with this show.

The ghost in "The Creeps" is Finn's mother.

This is based almost solely on the fact they both have similar hair. She never really tries to attack Finn, just reach for him. The house going nuts was because she was upset that her child ran from her.

  • She looked more like a young girl to this troper.

Adventure Time doesn't take place on post-apocalyptic Earth - but in post-apocalyptic Earth's Dreamland.

The Hyoomans? Deep Ones. The Lich King? Nyarlathotep. And Finn? Well, he's Randolph Carter. The Ice King's Palace is Kadath in the Cold Waste.

Princess Bubblegum is a sociopath.

She's had more than one incidence of Bitch in Sheep's Clothing, and hasn't really shown much empathy. The reason why no-one else notices is due to her natural charisma. This may explain things like abandoning Lemongrab, and why she and Marceline broke up.

  • Am I seriously the only one who thinks PB and Marceline are now, and always have been, just friends?
    • Yes, yes you are. C'mon, the way they were talking to each other, the awkwardness, the blushing and the fact PB keeps Marceline's t-shirt as pyjamas? I can't say I know many friends who give each other clothes and one uses a favourite t-shirt as pyjamas. That's kind of a personal thing. And so what if they were a couple? This is Adventure Time, after all - anything goes. And it's cute, I'd be happy for them, and as ever, Girl-On-Girl Is Hot. As for PB as a sociopath, I don't know. She's certainly a few chips short of a single, but isn't everybody in Ooo?
      • Girls share/give clothes with/to each other all the time, and that goes double for BFFs (Vitriolic Best Buds, in this case). It is possible for two people to have a close, deep relationship that doesn't include romance. (And before anybody gets all up in my grill, I'm only making the case that I just do not get a romantic vibe from the two of them, and that it bugs me when people insist that teasing has to mean flirting.)
        • As for PB and Marceline having once been a couple, it's the blushing and certain awkwardness that get most people, like this troper. And of course, one must remember that as ever, Girl-On-Girl Is Hot and memebers of fandoms will inevitably create a little Les Yay using whatever evidence they can muster. There's no harm in it, and it is a case of innocent till proven guilty, really, a sort of Schrödinger's relationship if you will. Some may insist it's flirting, it may not be. But then again, it may actually be. Until Word of God states otherwise, people will believe what they want (and probably afterwards, too).
    • What was the timeframe for PB driving Marceline out of the treehouse? (It seems to have been when Finn was at most 2, which makes PB 7, assuming she hasn't been 18 for a long while.)
  • I so agree with you, they were made for one another.
    • Sigh.
  • When did this turn into a discussion about P Bx M?
  • Let's leave all this Les Yay crap out of the discussion, and focus on the actual topic: PB is a sociopath. She tried to have the sweet Duke of Nuts killed, she tortured the Ice King, she killed a jellyfish for a sandwich, (a REALLY cute jellyfish!,) she smiled when she said the Tart Toter is insane and didn't bother helping him, and she outright abandoned Lemongrab, who is clearly unadjusted and "special," to put it nicely. Sure- Lemongrab is an asshole, but he's the real victim in the situation. He's only like that because Princess Bubblegum created him with a mental disorder of some kind, and had him locked up in an isolated castle with only servants to care for him. Yeah... Because physical isolation is TOTALLY great for one's social skills.

Relating to the above WMG, Bubblegum was a nice princess

She was, but in the season two finale, she was possesed by the Lich. And her next appearance, she was re-aged by her potion and parts of the candy people. Maybe the combo of Lich magic and her reaging affected her mind? She seemed to really care for Finn in the finale but in the next episode she cruelly dumps him. Think "The Return of Harmony" two parter to "Lesson Zero"

Ice King will be cured of his crown's madness

In the clown nurses episode, Finn discovered that there is magical tears that heal anything, anything, maybe even the magic effects on Ice King. Finn kept the head of the giant, and also kept some tears in a bottle. As seen when I.K. paralyzed Finn and Jake I.K. has a love for bottles and Gunter has a love for smashing bottles. Now I take it back to the dual episode where the old elephant lady was destroyed by the crystal apple then some episodes later she was not actually destroyed. I mention this because it sets the foundation to say the episodes dont go in any particular order, so Finn could have found the tears before being frozen, I mean how else did they get out of this conundrum, IF IT EVEN HAPPENED YET. Well Finn calls back his spirit beasts and Jake controls them into picking up the magic tears, the tears are spilled on the trio, whom are all cured of paralysis, and any other ailments including Ice Kings madness due to the crown. Ice king becomes a human again, and meets princess bubble gum and...

  • The episodes do go in order, and the Tree Trunks episodes weren't a two-parter. Go read The Bus Came Back.

Ice King will be returned to a human after meeting P.B. she will be reminded of her past as Betty

I argue that Betty or Princess Bonnibell Bubblegum are the same person and that as she aged and choped her body to un age and then aged some more, she forgot who she was, but eventualy remebered one letter, "the B". That is why noone ever sees her parents or even knows of them. She had became made of bubblegum during the war, a lil experiment she made, since bubble gum stands the test of time, as seen in the episode of Ben 10 when prof. parodox had to stop the time monster, and he used bubblegum to slow it down, she turned herself into Bubble gum for this reason, but before that she tested it on the candy people of today. They lost their memeory over time and looked up to the tallest smartest person in their same predicament, a life of permanent candiedness. Thus the candy kingdom was built by P.B. reenacting her experiment to become candy on the land instead of a person. She latter goes on to experiment with other things like fruit (lemongrab) and potentially humans (finn) you know just in case she ever wants to turn back. She can never love Finn becasue he is probably just an experiment to her, and any good scientist knows not to become attached to your work.

  • sigh

The next time we see the Ice King, it'll involve Finn and Jake trying to bring back Simon.

Given that Finn was joyous when he discovered Susan was (probably) human, he'll do whatever it takes for the Ice King to be cured. Given how much of a Woobie the Ice King is, expect a Bittersweet Ending.

The whole series is the product of a hallucinating and insane Simon Petrikov.

The reason why the series is the way it is is due to Simon thinking that he's in a fantasy game. He's currently in a mental institution, with the crown representing how trapped he is.

Natasha Allegri is a troll, and possibly a troper.

She is quite internet savvy, so it wouldn't surprise me if she liked to troll occasionally. She may have helped with the Shrug of God that is Bubbleine: she knows us on the internet are interested in homosexual subtext, and decided to mess with our heads by not confirming it. As for troping, while she may not know this site, she could know the basis of tropes. Who knows, maybe she has Wild Mass Guessing entries!

  • shhhh i don't want you guys to know i'm hereeee

The Werewolf Queen was Billy's equivalent to Marceline, and is likely to be similarly immortal and hanging around Ooo somewhere.

Considering the other similarities he's shown to have had with Finn, it seems like too obvious a theory not to have represented here.

Adventure Time is an alternate version of The Legend of Zelda. is what I mean:

Finn is like a non-magical version of Link.

Jake = Link.

Princess Bubblegum = Princess Zelda.

Ice King = Gannon/Ganon/Ganondorf.

And everything else might resemble some sort of deity from the Legend of Zelda. Or not. My guess.

And to me, the title screen seems somewhat LoZ-like.

Most will not agree.

Bonnibel is playing the same Kuudere game with all three neighbors.

  • Towards Finn: Hug, hug, hug, hug, kiss, hug, hug, hug, how dare you put your head in my lap?
  • Towards Marceline: "Why do I want to?" Why indeed?
  • Towards the Ice King: Oh look, undefended princess here, flashes ankle.

This way none of the other powers in Ooo can attack the Candy Kingdom, because they'd have to overcome one of Bonnibel's suitors first.

1001 Adventure Time nights

The truth is that Bonnibel has been captured by the Ice King and he's trying to consummate the relationship, but she is distracting him with the stories she tells of the Finn and Jake characters she has made up.

Jake will propose to Lady Rainicorn in season 4

As a dog of age 4 or 5, he'll feel like he can't waste too much time without her and she may be looking for more of a commitment. When Finn hears this, he'll be anxious about Jake never going adventuring again with him and or leaving the treehouse and just him mainly being an adventurer and living with Beemo and (whenever she feels like it) Marceline.

The Ice King will be turned back into a normal human...

With a normal 600-1000 year old human body, which will be too frail to support him, leading to his death. But at least he'll die as himself.

Jake got his stretchy powers from eating [[[One Piece]]|Devil Fruit].

  • Finn will learn how to wield all three of his swords at the same time.
  • Flame Princess' given name is Nami

All of Jakes family has powers

Jake got stretchy powers other members have other powers

The Lich will kill a major character in the season 4 finale

The Lich acts as Ooo's grim reaper of sorts that will destroy everyone that gets in the way of his ultimate goal of ruling over Ooo. The last time The Lich was featured, he nearly took Bubblegum's life by way of Demonic Possession. Finn, Jake, and the Ice King had their butts kicked trying to fight The Lich alone after he possessed Bubblegum and he nearly destroyed the entirety of the Candy Kingdom. Also, he destroyed Billy's gauntlet which Princess Bubblegum pretty much stated was the supposed only way to defeat The Lich. This time around, The Lich will stop at nothing to reach his goal, having being denied twice. Also, he will be fully powered. And when someone tries to fight back, he will ultimately kill them off so that he will be able to control Ooo once and for all. My guess is that Ice King will be the one, seeing as though he was the one that helped Finn defeat him before.

Finn will lose his arm in a battle

This one comes from the case that Princess Bubblegum's vision of the Lich came true in Mortal Folly. If Jake's vision (It's Lady Rainicorn riding a horse) also comes true, then it is only a matter of when it will happen, who will do it, and why?

Finn's memory vault will be an episode

Expect to be dark as hell, as he stores all his unpleasant memories in there. Maybe Marceline and Jake go in there like in "Memory of a Memory" to help him store all of them back in.

  • There is a Lich episode coming at the end of the season and from what we know about him being mind controller, it isn't too improbable. We may even get some glimpses at why Finn was abandoned in the forest.

Flame Princess will somehow be magically transformed into human in a future episode

Marcie will achieve the ultimate sunblock with a ring that turns her invisible.

  • Unfortunately, this ring will be the source of the Lich's powers and they'll need to make a trip to the Fire Kingdom to destroy it.
    • I somehow doubt the writers will go as far as to completely rip-off Lord of the Rings. But if that were the case...the Lich will want it back and he'll need stand in Ringwraiths. Finn will be Gollum/Boromir, seeking to use the power for himself to fight evil, but it is still an evil source of power, so it may inadvertantly corrupt him and Ice King will be a weird Gandalf.

We will learn where Little Marcie heard "I'm hurting you because I love you".

And we won't like it one little bit.

  • Ditto for "Handel is my only friend." (Being said by a little girl by herself in a forest.)

Adventure Time is a tale about how Finn became a great Hero told in the future

Ever noticed those little angel wings Finn and Jake have in the first logo card? Or how Cuber (The big-headed character from "Five Short Graybles") talked about "days of old"? Finn and Jake are long dead, but died heroically and this is their story.

Cotton Candy Princess is the mother of Bubblegum Princess.

On the other side, Bonnibelle is the aunt of the Flame Princess because her father was the Fire Count?

  • Nope, Billy is her father. (And is also the father of her half-brother Finn and her half-sisters Flame Princess and Susan.)
  • Is an elderly CCP the gray haired woman in the picture with a younger seeming PB in the scene in Susan Strong when Finn is explaining his plan to scare off the fish folk? (If so she has moved from a princess style crown to a more royal one and would be the Cotton Candy Queen.)

The Candy people came to life from the same process that Finn used on that poor sandwich.

The Cyclops has been around since the great mushroom war and his tears "heal" inanimate objects with the aspect of humanity. (The most humanoid of these, such as Bonnibelle, are the result of cross-breeding with humans.)

  • Humanity Ensues has also shown to be the work of the ice crown (Snowlems) and even simple thunderstorms (Neptr).

Finn is the alternate universe version of Kamandi

Blonde boy is the last hope for humanity? Dog best friend?

Finn's version of Hero's Journey is at Road of Trials

  • The Shapeshifter: Jake
  • The Goddess: Bubblegum
  • The Temptress: Marcie
  • Atonement With the Father: Billy
  • A Leave Your Quest Test: Coming up next

Lemongrab is somewhere on the autism spectrum.

In all seriousness, this WOULD explain a whole lot.

  • Lemongraspie?
    • Lemongrautism.
  • Either that, or he's just brain-damaged.

Lemongrab will be revealed to have an exceedingly depressing backstory that rivals the Ice King's in terms of Tear Jerker-ness.

From what's been implied via Word of God, and inferences from Too Young, his life is pretty damn sad and bleak.

  • This troper predicts that the upcoming episode "You Made Me!" will be just this.

Simon Petrikov was a musician, and this is one of the few things the Ice King remembers.

He's been shown to be an awesome drummer, plays a bit of piano, and has musical instruments lying around his castle- indicating his favorite pastime (aside from stealing princesses.)

Intentionally or not, Princess Bubblegum abused Lemongrab.

Either she outright abused her failed experiment, or she just handled the situation VERY poorly. After he was "born," he was shown to have panicked and screamed hysterically, and she wasn't shown comforting him. After this event, all we know is that "Princess Bubblegum stuck him in Castle Lemongrab," which indicates that he lived outside of the kingdom in isolation- which probably didn't do his naturally isolated, awkward self any good. After he came to claim the candy kingdom throne, Princess Bubblegum scolded him- even though she knows that he's "special," to put it nicely, and it's his job to take the throne whether he, or anyone else, likes it or not. After this, she makes his job even more stressful by pranking him- often using pranks that involve physical pain. Even though he's a terrible ruler, keep in mind that it isn't his fault he sucks at ruling the kingdom- it's PB's. It doesn't seem as if she's too willing to try to help him be a better ruler, or a better person. She essentially created him wrong, then set his whole life up for failure by isolating him, and blaming his problems on him. She also very rudely fired him, and he was clearly upset about that. Lemongrab MAY be the biggest asshole in Adventure Time, but Princess Bubblegum is the worst parent in Adventure Time.

Finn and PB were the "bad guys" in Too Young.

If we look at the episode from the perspective of the earl, he isn't a bad guy at all. He's just an inexperienced, immature jerkass who was assigned a job he was completely incapable of doing- ruling a kingdom. Despite despising everybody, he came to rule the kingdom anyway, by order of Princess Bubblegum and Candy Kingdom Law. He genuinely tried to rule to the best of his ability and get the castle cleaned up and orderly, but he was just too dumb to realize how obnoxious he was, and how he was harming people. He was trying to do the right thing, though. Instead of pulling Lemongrab aside and giving him some pointers on how to rule a kingdom, PB made him the "bad guy," and agreed to go along with Finn and prank him. At worst, Lemongrab was a Punch Clock Villain; and he's not even a villain- just an unsympathetic nuisance. There really could have been better ways of handling the "psychologically disturbed idiot is ruling a kingdom" problem, but instead, PB and Finn decided to upset the guy- who was unstable and touchy to begin with- even more. And they made him cry, and caused him to fall out of a window and slam his head into the ground. The earl is an idiot, and a mean idiot, but by no stretch of the imagination is he a bad person or deserving of any abuse. The fact that he's mentally screwed-up should have been a red flag to Finn AND PB that, maybe, the guy isn't doing too well and needs some help.

  • On the other hand, Finn and PB were both 13 in that episode. What do you want from them, encyclopedic knowledge of the DSM-IV?

Muscle Princess is an MTF transsexual.

In all seriousness, that would explain the low voice, and other things.

LSP sounds like a stereotypically gay guy, because Pen is a man doing a lady voice, so Lumpy Space Prince will sound like a butch lesbian.

This troper predicts that Natasha Allegri will supply his voice.

Marceline's Dad was a good friend of Abraham Lincoln.

There is a photo of him and (presumably) Lincoln in "Return to the Nightosphere"

The mentally ill of the Candy Kingdom, led by Lemongrab and the Tart Toter, will start a revolution against Princess Bubblegum in retaliation for having their basic needs neglected. Lemongrab becomes something of a martyr for this cause, in a manner similar to Dorothea Dix. This will lead to Princess Bubblegum actually doing something about the issue of the mentally ill- she will build mental hospitals and employ therapists in the Candy Kingdom.

That would be pretty damn epic.

  • Could be part of "You Made Me".

Princess Bubblegum and Finn will be together eventually. When Finn gets older, and becomes an adult like Princess Bubblegum, the princess will become attracted to him, and her feelings for him will deepen.

  • It's been shown that Princess Bubblegum cares for Finn deeply, and possibly even loves him in the manner of loving family. She also has great admiration and respect for him. Her feelings for Finn could change when he becomes older. This troper has been holding out for Fubblegum ever since the pilot, many moons ago.
  • Note that between Wizard Battle and Incendium, PB got a lot more leery of physical contact with Finn. As Finn hasn't changed all that much, what did she learn in the meantime? (Is her half-human from his side of the family? Billy?)

Finn and Flame Princess will end up together. The Ice King will grow up and stop being a butt, and stop kidnapping princesses. The Ice King and Princess Bubblegum will end up together, and live happily ever after.

Cinnamon Bun is brain-damaged.

This was shown on the Fridge Horror page of Adventure Time. In The Enchiridion, Cinnamon Bun is shown attempting a backflip. He fails, and hits his head really hard. Episodes after that, he's slow, speaks in slurred speech, and is extremely unintelligent.

The Lich will kill The Ice King at the end of season 4.

For the most part, except for the romantic plots which never really went anywhere, the end of season 3 (except for Holly Jolly Secrets), and season 4, have been pretty padded out with lighter episodes about comedy and love and general cuteness. They wouldn't bring back the Lich just so the Lich can fight and then be defeated. The creators have yet to kill off a main character, and they may just kill off the Ice King. The Ice King is not one of the main gang- he's an Ensemble Darkhorse in his own world. He isn't nearly as popular as Finn, Jake, Marceline, and PB, or even LSP. But he's still a beloved enough character that the fans will mourn his death, and still keep watching the show. The creators have been carefully saving the opportunity to kill a main character- and the Lich will do just that.

  • If this happens, he will become Simon Petrikov again for a brief moment just before the end, just to wring as much out of it as possible.

Pen Ward is suffering from a break up, or falling out with someone he loved more than family.

I offer this as 'my' explanation for the latest episodes and their veer from adventure to romance, and happy lovely endings.

  • However: Dream of Love was "Written/boarded by Somvilay Xayaphone & @younblo."
  • It's also worth noting that episodes as early as Season 1 dealt with romantic themes and Pen Ward himself rarely writes the episodes. Fans really need to do the research...

Ice King has been hiding his half-human daughter whom he sired off a snow golem.

This Snow Princess will then be kidnapped, which will teach him a lesson. Later she joins Finn's harem.

Marceline's Dad is a butthead.

Just look at him.

  • Note how it's somebody else who gets a head shaped like a heart-shaped bottom when she wields that power...

Lady Quiet-Bottom is all gummed up inside.

Hence her attitude. Heck, she can't even test her own sandwiches.

The Jiggler was attracted by the call of a related computer.

That is growing inside Finn.

"Rainy Day Daydream" was a thinly-veiled allegory for imaginative children with ADHD, Jake's "emotionless" state was a reference to the side effects of medications like Ritalin, and the moral of the episode was for parents: "Don't force meds on your kids."

The creators denied this, but this troper sees a very obvious theme in there. Especially with Jake's "That's bad parenting, Mama!" line.

At some point Finn will admit to being a powerful wizard.

He's learned spells in Wizard and Frozen Blades so at some point he's going to be sans sword and simply start casting spells. Most likely he'll be back to back with PB, who will also drop the act of being helpless and also be casting spells.

In "Daddy's Little Monster", Marceline will stay in the Night-O-Sphere for a pretty long time

While I am doubtful this would happen, it is food for a thought since they're shifting the focusing more on Flame Princess and Finn.

  • I was right
    • Marceline didn't stay in the Nightosphere...
      • Though she did state a reason for avoiding Finn (and hence the focus of the show) for a while.

Flame Princess will be viewed by fans as a Replacement Scrappy for Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, and Ice King

One could argue that she "seems evil, but is actually sad" and has an evil royal father like Marceline, she is 13 and a love interest of Finn like Princess Bubblegum, and is a sociopath with elemental powers like the Ice King.

Lemongrab was born an alcoholic.

His name in the Italian dub is "Limoncello," which is a kind of liquor. Princess Bubblegum said he's an experiment gone wrong. What if he was accidentally created with an addiction to alcohol? That might explain his effed-up personality and mannerisms. But he has the unpleasant side effects of withdrawal, because, being a kid's show character, he isn't allowed to drink. Inversely, he may be drinking whenever we don't see him. This troper is not being serious at all, but it is an interesting thought. This is a sad and hilarious "explanation" for his.. er, "uniqueness."

BMO was The Football.

BMO was that football. He caused the Great Mushroom War.

The Nightosphere is a corrupted Superjail.

It was taken over by the Demons during the Great Mushroom War and was warped into a world of their liking.

Hunson is a Shipper on Deck.

He's pushing his candidate for his daughter's hand a little too hard, and so she's resisting it.

  • Or he's hopped up on crystal method acting (like treetrunks) and did all of these into further mind-raping his baby daughter into doubting her own feelings for Finn.

Marcie's mom is stuck in the Nightosphere.

Hunson found out about this AFTER the fries incident and so is determined that either he or Marcie MUST retain the power until mom can get unstuck.

The amulet does NOT grant Marcie any powers.

The amulet restrains her full powers. Marcie can go all One-Winged Angel without the amulet, but her dad cannot. After the fries incident, she went and did something so very very very bad that making her the lord of the Nightosphere is much much better than relying on her own considerable self control.

  • Hunson is shown wearing his current suit while holding baby Marcie. She was born with the connection and just needs to get her skanky ass down to Atlantis to restore the power source.
  • And Hunson is holding Hambo hostage. He'll hand Hambo to Marcie as a last resort, should she lose control of her powers and start destroying everything. (Who else would pay so much for an old doll?)
  • The Axe is also an instrument of power (triple pun intended) and this is why it causes the family to fight over it.

Marceline was raped by her dad.

This troper's theory is just a theory, but it's still pretty freaky, even if it is implausible. The Fry Song was a euphemism about her virginity being taken by her father after he was emotionally neglectful. Just replace "at my fries" with "raped me," and the song is terrifying. But what about Marceline's memory of her dad eating her fries, you may ask? Simple- her father brainwashed her and planted a false memory. But she still knows JUST enough, and remembers just enough, to feel uneasy around him. This makes Hunson Abadeer more than just a villain with a soft spot for his daughter- it makes him the complete monster his title indicates he is. And what is more evil than raping one's child?

In "You Made Me," Lemongrab will be de-ageified, in the same way PB was in Mortal Recoil.

Partially inspired by a funny doodle I drew of PB towering over a young Lemongrab, telling him "I'LL be in charge until you turn 18 again!" Also inspired by a recent piece of fanart on DA of PB holding a baby LG. Okay... My theory is that Lemongrab isn't crazy or weird. He's quite literally a very young child trapped in the body, and authoritative position, of an adult. That is where PB went wrong. She imposed an adult position on somebody who was only about a year old. My theory is that PB will realize this, and de-ageify Lemongrab, making him a lot younger; either as a young child, or as a baby, so his body will be the same age as his mind. She'll take him back to the Candy Kingdom and raise him properly, so he grows to be a well-adjusted person.

The Ice King and Marceline are friends/rivals that go way back, and they enjoy playing music together and teasing each other. And the Ice King performed the Fry Song bad on purpose because he was gently teasing Marcy.

He's been shown to be a decent musician.

Cotton Candy Princess is the mother of Bubblegum Princess.

  • An elderly CCP the gray haired woman in the picture with a younger seeming PB in the scene in Susan Strong when Finn is explaining his plan to scare off the fish folk. (At that point she had moved from a princess style crown to a more royal one and would be the Cotton Candy Queen.)

Ice King's pretend telephone is from the Nightosphere.

You know, the banana from Loyalty to the King.

Billys Song was prophetic about Finn's deeds.... kinda.

It seems that there are certent things that Finn has done in his time as a hero that parallels to Billys deeds. Yet, each one has a rather different outcome or way it comes to be than what Billy did.

Among other things, he has

  • Slayed a evil ocean (As in, his emotions about them.)
  • Casted down the Lich (With help each time: eventualy he will deal with it one-on-one.)
  • Fought Fire Kingdom nobility ( To be exact, Jake delt with the evil ruler proper: Finn fought with Flame Princess because of his mistake in letting her out of her cage/glass container.)
  • Gained a piece of Princess hair (In a rushed manner without much heroics involved.)
  • Oh, and he fought a bear (Verbally.)

"You Made Me!" will be about Princesss Bubblegum having to spend quality time with Lemongrab as a true mother.

Though not willingly of course.

    • Would the antisocial Lemongrab willingly spend time with anybody- let alone the person who made him, then pushed him down on the floor, made him cry, spice-bombed his meal, and called him a "butt" just after firing him?
      • Perhaps Finn, upon learning about their complicated relationship, decides to intervene, and MAKE them spend time with each other- like how he did with LSP and Breakfast Princess in "Bacon Fields."

The Earl of Lemongrab is a case of Came Back Wrong.

He wasn't a new life thrust into an existence he didn't want, he's just insane from ressurection. Possibly a case of a Damaged Soul, but knowing Adventure Time, Lemongrab may be a Monster From Beyond the Veil, but more Inglip than Cthulhu. We actually see Princess Bubblegum bringing him to life with a beaker of liquid she pours on his body. The way he awakens is in fact rather reminiscent of how Dr. West's experiments came back from death in Herbert West: Re-Animator. PB said she created him, but that might be in the same way Frankenstein created his monster.

    • Safe to say that this theory is jossed. PB said that she created him. Nothing that she said or did indicates that he's anything but her very own creation/son, and his own individual. Besides; we didn't just see her bringing him to life. We saw her actually, physically making him. Jesse Moynihan even said that she may have put some of her candy matter into him when she was making him.

The Lich will use The Enchiridion to find out Finn's weaknesses and be able to either possess his body or kill him.

  • However the Enchiridion's author, Billy, will show up to help Finn out.

The family axe was hidden in the cave Finn and Jake took over in Evicted.

Hence Marcie's reaction to their taking of her cave.

Pen from the pilot, and the characters of the same name who had different voices, were real people imagined and made real by Jake... who were then turned into zombies that later wreaked havoc on the Candy Kingdom. The zombie Finn that a few eagle-eyed fans saw was actually Pen as a zombie.

Makes you think about the pilot a little differently, don't it?

The Electric Company network is a living thing.

It's been regrowing itself ever since the fall of man.

  • The other alternatives are A Wizard Did It. The Ice King assumes that there should be a utility network, so he simply sets one up wherever he goes.
  • Or goblins setup a phone at Finn's place just so they'd have a bat line to call when attacked by rampaging princesses.

Princess is not a term for royalty.

A thousand years in the future prince/princess is a term used to indicate Elemental Embodiment. Whomever best represents some element is called the prince or princess of it.

Based on the Came Back Wrong ressurection theory of Lemongrab mentioned above, Lemongrab is Pen from the pilot.


The Lich will take over the giant snails from Slow Love.

Snorelox will return possessed and or zombified for the win.

The Snail has something to do with Billy.

It just makes sense to me. I don't think that Bill and the Snail were brothers, but it was probably more like the Snail was his apprentice or the guy created weapons or he was a wizard or something to Billy. However, when Billy lost all hope for fighting evil and took up non-violent resistance, the Snail started looking for a new hero. He eventually found Finn and Jake, and was observing them, knowing that they would be the greatest heroes of their modern day. Sadly, he was in the wrong place, at the wrong time, and the Lich found the Snail and took control of his body, because only the Snail knows how to make a new Weapon to defeat him. -- Dingo Walley

Lemongrab is the Dark Lord Inglip.

An eccentric, tyrannical, confusing dictator with extremely specific interests and a strange manner of talking? Princess Bubblegum's Frankenstein's Idiot is actually the living incarnation of Lord Inglip!

Ice King will eventually find someone who genuinely loves him without obtaining them through illegal means.

Finn and Jake will think he's got her in an evil way, but in the end, find out he didn't and, to his surprise, let him stay with her because it means he'll finally be happy. After this, he'll pull a full Heel Face Turn.

Goliad is a sort of clone of Princess Bubblegum, except pre-school age.

Which explains why she was voiced by Isabella Acres (thirteen-year-old PB's voice actress), and why Jake was at a daycare.

Princess Monster Wife is some kind of embodiment of Betty's spirit

It just really seems this way due to her line at the end of her episode: "Although my parts are scattered, I will always be your wife." Plus, there had to be some way that she has her own identity separate from the princess parts that make her up.

Building from the above, Betty somehow separated into all of the princesses during or after the Great Mushroom War

This could explain why they like the Ice King so much after he shaves his beard (likely making him more recognizable as his true, former self) and why combining them together results in creating a whole new person who treats the Ice King like a husband.

Lemongrab will be brought back in Goliad.

LG will find out that PB is replacing him with a young PB clone who is smarter and more competent than him. He'll get pissed (naturally) and confront PB, eventually telling her off for all those months/years of emotional neglect and mistreatment.

    • Could be the set-up for "You Made Me!", as well.
      • My own theory has been jossed, sort of. Lemongrab wasn't even IN Goliad. But this COULD still be relevant to the plot of "You Made Me!", though.

Goliad will consume the other candy children as means of aging herself up to 18.

As means of being old enough to replace Princess Bubblegum as the immortal ruler of the Candy Kingdom.

  • Jossed

The bear from "In Your Footsteps" is related to the bear that Billy fought.

Well, Billy fought both the Lich and a bear.

Brains Evil, Brawn Good

Someday Bubblegum and Finn will have a child where their genetic alignments cancel out to unaligned.

The Lich will use one of the Candy Sphinxes' bodies as a vessel

Think about it, two perfectly good, ultra-intelligent, immortal, psychic-powered hosts. And if the Lich is as cruel as we can guess, he'll use Stormo's body to make Finn kill his own "son" and break him.

Candy people DNA is secretly evil

In "Golidad" we see Cinnamon Bun being used briefly as an ingredient and we know that PB is likely a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing. Maybe its just DNA for them, maybe something deep and disturbing lies in them...

  • The only candy person we know for sure is not evil is Lemongrab- and that's only because Word of God claimed "Lemongrab isn't evil. Just completely unadjusted to living." So if the ONLY non-evil candy person is an asshole and a douche... well, that kind of says something about the Candy People, doesn't it?

Finn will call out the Princess in "You Made Me!"

Both Finn and Lemongrab have abandonment issues. Finn could be open to hearing Lemongrab's side of the story after the "Holly Jolly Secrets" event and will be very pissed off at PB, maybe even calling her a monster.

  • I. Love. This. Theory!
    • Why would Lemongrab tearfully recount his Glob-awful life story to the unacceptable little brat who assaulted him for doing the job he was told to do? There would have to be a really good reason for Finn to interact with LG, because LG probably wants nothing to do with him.
  • Maybe even forcing Princess Bubblegum to explain why she is apathetic towards the mentally handicapped. Which, as I said in a previous WMG, I think is because she's Betty cursed and the mentally ill remind her of Simon Petrikov going insane.
  • Perhaps PB will see the error of her ways, and invite Lemongrab to live with her in the Candy Castle, so she can teach him the ways of a proper ruler and a civilized person, and agree to be nice to him as long as he doesn't act like a douche or yell at anyone. He'll accept the invitation. But once Lemongrab discovers that living with his mom in the Candy Castle will involve... nnnngh... social interaction, he'll get freaked out, panic, and flee- returning to his own isolated castle. With no hard feelings, he and PB will both have a "Well... I tried" feeling about the situation.

Princess Bubblegum will accidentally kill Lemongrab in "You Made Me!"

After they make up yadda yadda yadda etc..., PB will invite Lemongrab to the Candy Castle, where she tells him that she has invented a serum that could help balance the chemicals and correctly connect the neurons in LG's brain. Lemongrab will agree, glad that he will become normal for the first time in his life. However, PB's serum is ANOTHER case of Gone Horribly Wrong, and it ends up accidentally killing Lemongrab. Obviously, PB won't be happy about this, and the episode will be the saddest one since Holly Jolly Secrets II. The poor bastard's funeral, however, will totally be played for laughs, as everyone soon realizes that they have absolutely NOTHING good to say about Lemongrab, because even though he was the innocent victim of a terrible tragedy, he was still a jerk and a douche. PB will promise not to play God again, for fear of ruining someone else's life. Finn will feel slightly resentful of PB after this.

Lemongrab is neither an idiot NOR a jerkass- he's a troll.

Lemongrab isn't a stupid, inconsiderate jerk... He's actually a huge troll, and has been playing a cruel joke on everybody this whole time by pretending to be mentally unstable. He's now sitting in Castle Lemongrab, laughing his ass off and thinking of new ways to mess with Princess Bubblegum and the other Candy People.

Finn is a Papermaster.

Hence his huge skill with paper airplanes. The next girl he falls for will be Anita King, but she'll explain she doesn't swing that way.

"You Made Me!" will be a giant Take That to the Lemongrab apologists.

PB will feel bad for her previous treatment of Lemongrab, and invite him to stay in the Candy Kingdom. This leads to Lemongrab annoying the candy people and ruining everything he is around and blames PB for all of it with the blanket term "YOU MADE ME!" as an excuse. The episode will then end with a massive "The Reason You Suck" Speech from PB to Lemongrab, stating that his Ambiguous Disorder doesn't excuse his horrible behavior, and banish him from the Candy Kingdom.

  • Maybe we'll learn exactly WHY he was living in Castle Lemongrab in the first place. Maybe he was so rude to PB that he actually made her cry or something, so she gave him a massive time-out in an isolated castle, until he promised to behave better. Perhaps PB will see Lemongrab harassing the castle staff, and she'll slap him, and unleash an epic Take That speech to not only him, but also to his fanbase. Then she'll banish him, and we'll never see him again.

PB will use Finn and Susan's DNA to clone a young human girl, who will later marry Finn and begin the repopulation of the human race.

We saw that PB is capable of cloning using human DNA.

  • Given that Susan Strong has a lot of similarities to Finn, this has a lot of awkward implications written all over it.

"You Made Me!" will explore both sides of the Lemongrab issue- from his perspective, and PB's perspective. We'll finally see things from his point of view, and it will be sad. But he'll be even MORE of an asshole than he was in Too Young, because he's let his anger fester into full-blown misanthropy and mental illness. There will be a lot of grey morality- on one hand, we will feel very sorry for him, but on the other, he'll be even more rude and mean. All of the fan opinions of PB and LG will be touched upon to some extent, and the fans will be left to decide if PB was justified in treating him the way she did, or if LG is justified in being an angry jerk who despises everything.

Okay. We all know that fan opinions on Lemongrab are radically mixed. We have opinions from both sides of the spectrum- the "Leave Lemongrab alone!" ones, and the "I hate Lemongrab!" opinions. Most theories about "You Made Me!" are mostly biased to either one or the other. But this troper predicts that it will be a more or less unbiased episode with a lot of grey morality. In the same way we saw the Ice King's jerkass status AND his woobie status analyzed, toyed with, and explored, we will see the same thing happen to LG in "You Made Me!". All perspectives will be shown, and nobody in particular is painted as "the bad guy." The fans will be left to decide their own opinions and debate amongst themselves, in the same manner that they debate over whether the Ice King is an idiot but still a good guy, or an immature douche, or both. Hell- even the creators of the show all have different opinions about LG! This could make things very interesting and conflicting in an episode that apparently centers around the yellow weirdo and his complicated relationship with PB.

Lemongrab is somehow related to the Lemongrab-esque Nightosphere demoms.

People on this site have noticed the eerie similarity between Lemongrab and some of the Nightosphere demons- the dull almond-shaped eyes and lemon-shaped heads. That's probably more to do with Jesse Moynihan's esthetics and personal drawing style; note that he boarded Too Young and Return to the Nightosphere. It's uncanny at best, eerie at worst. Perhaps one of those derpy lemon demons somehow escaped from the Nightosphere and slunk into that vial of life serum PB poured onto Lemongrab. Maybe he has some kind of connection to the Nightosphere and those derpy lemon demons. Not the scary ones- the ones that were flailing on the floor like deranged babies. Perhaps Lemongrab himself is a minor, (relatively) harmless and stupid demon from the Nightosphere!

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  1. Episode later re-named Incendium.
  2. The possibility of this guess being true makes me very sad.