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  • A meta-example from the production of the movie: Just before shooting the scene where the group runs through a dirty, trash-filled alley, the Toronto Sanitation department came by and cleaned it all up, so the crew had to dig through local dumpsters for more trash to make up for the loss!
  • One funny moment occurs when the group discusses the subject of money.

Brad: Where we gonna get 50 bucks?
Sara: We could sell Daryl. Ya' think?

  • Brenda gets in a bad situation in the bus station.

Brenda: Chris I'm begging you, it's really scary here. I've just seen three people shoot up, a bald Chinese lady with no pants on, and there's this old guy outside who wants his bedroom slippers! (Then the old man starts banging on telephone booth.)
Old Man: "Get out of my house!" (Brenda kicks out his box and his slippers.)
Brenda: "You just moved!"

  • Then there's the scene when the gang is at the hospital and everyone thinks Brad is dead. Then Brad pops up out of nowhere.

Brad: Daryl, why are you hugging me?
Daryl: Brad don't you ever die on me! Ever!
Brad: O.K. I won't.