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Ron: You know, some of us learn and grow from our little adventures!

Bonnie: Whatever, loser.
Kim Possible, "Homecoming Upset"

Marge: Hasn't this experience taught you you can't believe everything you hear?

Homer: Marge, my friend, I haven't learned a thing.

Lois: So Peter, I guess you've learned a valuable lesson from this.

Peter: Nope.
"Unfortunately, we quickly forget the lessons we learn, and then we have to learn them all over again."
Jet Black, Cowboy Bebop

Schneider: Look, Rory, all you have to do is get the keys to your father's car, and his credit card...
Ben Sandwich: I dunno, Shane. I got a real bad feeling about this, you know? I've never done anything like this befo... oh, man! We're doing this story again?! How many times have we done this, Matt? A hundred thousand?
Schneider: He's yelling again. Stop the yelling.

Ben Sandwich: You know, how could I learn so much, every week, and still be so stupid?!"
"It's like I have some...Selective amnesia that only serves to push certain events forward."
Dan O'Brien, Agents of Cracked
"Thus proving that the sarge has never met a lesson he actually learned."
Narrator, Sgt Frog
"One of the ongoing jokes in the strip is that Calvin usually learns the wrong lesson from his experiences, if he learns anything at all. Calvin's expression in the last panel suggests that he's resisting the moral here, too."
Bill Watterson, The Calvin and Hobbes Tenth Anniversary Book
"You know, although it was a dream, I learned a valuable lesson, man. I just... don't remember what it was."
Mega Ran, "Boss Fight"