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    Efrem Canicus Phiscerus

    Hortensia Flaminia

    Princess Zuleika of Parthia

    • Anti-Hero: Could be interpreted as this. While she can show a severe lack of care for those around her, most of her callousness comes from wanting to do her job well to protect her family and her kingdom.
    • Belligerent Sexual Tension: With a lot of people she genuinely likes
    • Belly Dancer: What Zuleika is most famous for
    • Dark Action Girl: She's not the most skilled of fighters, but she can certainly defend herself and has no qualms about killing.
    • Dark and Troubled Past: Her mother, the queen of Parthia, along with Zulei's eldest brother plotted against the king and were then executed for treason. Zulei grew up with the pressures of being a princess, a spy, and with the knowledge that her mother may have easily wanted her dead.
    • Distracted by the Sexy: Zuleika attempts to use this to her advantage as much as humanly possible
    • Femme Fatale: An educated, seductive, use-them-and-lose-them type of woman who works as a spy in Rome for her homeland.
    • Guy-On-Guy Is Hot: Explains why she specifically hired a couple of sexy male bodyguards.
    • Ms. Fanservice: Zulei's specialty, especially when she dances.
    • Princess Incognito: She likes sneaking out of sight from her guards and going out into the underbelly of the city without all the fuss about her princessness.
    • She's Got Legs: Woooo-boy!
    • Wicked Cultured: She's not the nicest of people, but she can speak a number of languages, understand philosophy, dance like a pro, and play quite a few instruments.

    Tiberia Aemelia

    Julia Cana


    Piso Calleio


    "You'll remember this, you diseased cunt."



    Lucilla Sabucia Augusta

    Marcellus Severus

    Alaric Stilicho

    Octavius Alexander

    Gaia Sabucia

    Lepida Agrippa


    Vespera Calleio



    Ursula Aburia

    Franciscus Calleio


    Marcus Sempronius Licinus

    • Accidental Pervert: Very, very accidental given his Single-Target Sexuality. Has managed to walk in on Felix/Piso (can't forget the orchid), and his eyes have just so happened to land on certain areas when trying to avoid making eye contact with certain people (Lucilla and Vaughn come to mind) on more than one occasion.
    • Blue Eyes: Thanks to an ancestor deciding that, actually, Gauls are rather more appealing than Romans (especially Roman husbands).
    • Bruiser with a Soft Center: Looks scary (being an ex-gladiator), but is actually quite a softy. Not that anyone is going to find that out.
    • Cluster F-Bomb: "For fuck's sake, you fucking bastard!" among many. Marcus is not happy unless he has said at least one curse word per sentence.
    • Drowning My Sorrows: Well, until he got with Felix, and then he began drowning his sorrows in an entirely different way.
    • Gladiator Games: Was sentenced to die in the arena, but managed to somehow survive for five years until he became another type of slave entirely (wink-wink, nudge-nudge).
    • Hidden Depths:There’s more to him than meets the eye, although there’s nothing that he wants brought to the surface. It’s all firmly weighted down. With lead weights. And an elephant. Just to make sure.
    • Jerkass Facade: The first of many Jerk-like qualities. Tries to act like a bastard to keep people from knowing the real him by throwing as many pathetic insults as he can (but not going so far as Your Mom), but is really not a jerk.
    • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Can come across as a complete jerk and totally mean, but is actually rather nice (shock! horror!).
    • Pride: Continually refuses to do things because of pride (when things would be so much easier if he only accepted help) and will happily make things harder for himself so that he can say that he did it (so there), and it has also made him do some really stupid shit. Like, really stupid. Like, 'get sentenced to death' stupid and 'I'm too proud to admit my name so whip my back to a bloody pulp, please' stupid.
    • Single-Target Sexuality: Only has eyes for Felix. There is no other person in the world except Felix (when it comes to that stuff, although if it's a case of life and death...). Has often been described as Felix-sexual.
    • Slap Slap Kiss: How he and Felix came to be. Hate pretty much turned into love (though lots of punching, biting, and kicking was involved).
    • Tragic Mistake: Believed the Emperor had killed his father, and so plotted against said Emperor, only to be caught and sentenced to slavery. Has yet to discover that Emperor didn’t actually kill daddy, but when he does? Oh dear. Prepare for major tantrum.
    • Troubled but Cute: Not quite in high school, but can (depending on your opinion) qualify for this. Minus the leather jackets.