Afraid of Monsters/Trivia

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  • Fan Nickname: The Zombies. Did you know, only a few people call them by their official name, Twitchers? The developers find this annoying.
    • The names of the enemies on the Wiki page are fan made as well. Yes, they call them Zombies too.
    • Thanks to Spike and Barley Play, people can't help but call the Wheelchair Zombies Charles.
    • As well as Ruben for the Handcrabs, courtesy of PewDiePie.
      • Or White Castle Burgers from the let's play done by Cyrus106. "Let's play White Castle: The game where the burgers eat you!"
    • Mr. Sunabozou's own Let's Play of the game tried to invoke this for the Bleeding Specters, since he was unaware of what they're officially called, but apparently nothing came of it.