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  • Fridge Brilliance:
    • The reason Otsuru seems to be stuck as a child in the first anime is because that's how Afro and Jinno remember her--Any time the dojo is seen, it's always in flashback.--Wulf
  • Fridge Logic
    • The basis of the story, is that only the Number 2 Headband Wielder is able to go after the Number 1. Despite this, Sio and Kuma clearly attack Afro and steal his Number 1 headband at the beginning of Resurrection. While this could have easily been made a retcon, Afro instead has to spend the first half of the sequel tracking down the Number 2 so he can finally re-challenge them.
      • The idea is that since he wasn't actually wearing the headband and acting as the Number One, it was okay.
    • How the hell did Afro's dad kill Sio? She was the number 1 and was clearly wearing the headband.