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Some or all of these characters need descriptions. A list of tropes is not a description.

The following are the characters of After War Gundam X and the tropes they embody.

Garrod Ran

Garrod Ran 8595.jpg

Tiffa Adill

Tiffa Adill 8816.jpg

Jamil Neate

Jamil Neate 7885.jpg

Sala Tyrrell

Roybea Roy

Roybea Roy 6577.jpg

Witz Su

Toniya Marme

Dr. Tex Farzenberg

Kid Salsamille

Ennil El

Ennil El 9942.jpg

Carris Nautilus

Carris Nautilus 4698.jpg

Lucille Lilliant

Lancerow Dawell

Lancerow Darrel 8481.jpg

Major Nomoa Long

NomoaLong 4358.jpg

Shagia Frost

Shagia Frost 2351.jpg

Olba Frost

Olba Frost 9459.jpg

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