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D.O.M.E. is Franz Hopper.

The guy always finds a way to return from certain death at his own altruistic hands. This means, of course, the following:

  • The Frost Brothers are descendants of Herb Pichon. Or Herve, whichever floats your boat.
  • Had the show not been Screwed by the Network, the Vultures would have found Aelita the same way Jeremy did. She would be able to control Flash Bits and Funnels with the same ease as every other Newtype in the biz.
    • I think they already did that bit with Lucille.
  • Witz Sou is not only a Time Lord, he's a regeneration of Odd.
    • Same with Roybea and Ulrich.
  • Yumi, by contrast, IS Ennil El, thanks to a temporal displacement mishap and copious amounts of hair dye.

Garrod Ran is the non-Newtype reincarnation of Judau Ashta from Gundam ZZ

I CANNOT be the only person to have noticed the similar jackets and the fact that each pilots a Gundam with a 1-character name (Gundam X, Gundam Zeta) and then upgrades to a 'double' version of the previous one (Gundam Double X, Gundam Double Zeta). Additionally, the Double Zeta added a mobile suit-mounted Wave Motion Gun, which the X and Double X incorporated. As for why Garrod isn't a Newtype? Judau wanted to see how good a pilot he could be without his Newtype abilities when it was his turn to be reincarnated.

    • Scarily enough, you may be more accurate than you realize. Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden has an entire stage devoted to pointing out their similarities.
    • And if we take it a few steps further, Elpe Puru and Ennil El are both voiced by the same woman AND parts of their names can be written as a single letter. The SAME letter. (L People, Ennil L). And then there's the whole fact that Judau is Cosmo Yuki, which means Judau would already be familiar with the whole continuity-shift thing.
    • I tend to think that Garrod fills the roles of Judau and Kamille simultaneously, whilst Jamil fills the roles of Char and Amuro simultaneously.
      • Don't forget Bright. Jamil's slap also turned Garrod into a MAN OF DESTINY!
      • It's Kenyuu Horiuchi who turns Gundam leads to MEN OF DESTINY successfully! All Bright was cause the eventual fall of 4 victims, Amuro was self explanatory, Kamille became comatose, Hayato raised a son we all grown to hate and died a pathetic death and Hathaway...oh Hathaway...
      • Wait, so this means that you can become awesome if you're a Gundam hero and interact with a Kenyuu Horiuchi character? ... Makes sense to me.
      • This might apply to characters he, himself plays, compare Mashymre Cello at the start of Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ to how he was at the end.

The Frost Brothers' Gundams are named after Demons

Everywhere I look, Shagia Frost's Gundam is named "Virsago", but when he said it, it sounded more like "Vasago". Well, Vassago (double s) is a demon prince from a 17th century grimoire called the Lesser Key of Solomon. Now, while I can't pin down the original source of the description (Google returns a lot of results), one of Vassago's forms is supposed to be a red dragon with green eyes. The Gundam "Virsago" is red, has draconic features, and has green eyes. Finally, also in the Lesser Key of Solomon (going by Wikipedia, anyway; I don't exactly have a copy on hand) is another demon named Astaroth, sometimes said Ashtaroth, which is pretty close to Gundam Ashtaron. Furthermore, Vassago is supposed to be a prince, while Astaroth is supposed to be a duke, which can be ranked below a prince assuming the prince is a monarch. This would fit with Shagia being the elder brother, and Olba being the younger. Given, Astaroth is never described as looking like a one-eyed crab (though that would be kind of awesome), so the comparison isn't perfect, but at the least it's a freaky coincidence.

  • Even more evidence for it. The under the Moonlight Manga features a Gundam that both the Frost Bros. Gundams were developed from. It's name? Gundam Belphagor. Another Demon Name.

Garrod's Father designed the a Gundam

When asked about his past by Tiffa, Garrod doesn't recall much, however he does remember that his father was a Mobile Suit engineer who basically got lynched after the 7th Space War. Given the time frame it is unlikely that he designed the Double X, but the original GX-9900? That is not entirely out of the question, especially when you consider that at episode 30 the writers for Gundam X found out they only had 9 more episodes to conclude the series instead of the standard 50.