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Here's a list of the main characters of Agarest Senki or known to the US as Record of Agarest War and Agarest Generations of War in EU. Please put the tropes of characters that appear in other generations in their own categories.

Be warned that there WILL be spoilers in this page.


Characters from Agarest Senki

Characters debuting in Generation 1

Leonhardt Raglan

Leonhardt 508.png

The protagonist of Generation 1 (but he's not the protagonist) who started the process of becoming a Spirit Vessel. He has a good reason to do this, but he unfortunately gave his descendants a lot of trouble thanks to his actions.


1369587-dyshana large 5475.jpg

The woman who gave Leonhardt and his descendants their destiny. Not much is known about her when you first encounter her.

She is actually one-half of Chaos sent by Chaos himself to destroy and rebuild the world because he sees that the world itself is getting out of hand.


1369586-ellis grown and younger large 4657.jpg

The first female character encountered in the game. She was cornered by a group of soldiers and was saved by Leonhardt. Falls in love with him and promises to take care of his descendants


1369881-borgnine large 6049.jpg

A larva accidentally summoned by Ellis. Leonhardt sees him and thinks he's an enemy who is going to eat Ellis; obviously, he fights him. The fight gets Cut Short after Ellis clears up the misunderstanding. He at first does not have any emotion whatsoever, but begins to develop emotions the farther the story goes.


1369885-vira lorr large 6781.jpg

An onerthes who could see the future, but cannot anymore due to the visions being dark. All she sees is Leonhardt, his fate and his descendants. She has a third eye which she does not bother hiding even though her kind is being hunted.


1367721-zerva large 4114.jpg

A syrium who fights against the Gridamas due to the fact that his kind has been persecuted. He's also the older brother of Fyuria. Initially, he hates Leonhardt due to the fact that his kind is being persecuted, but later develops a strong sense of friendship with him. He later promises Leonhardt that he would take care of his descendants.


1370314-winfeild large 100.jpg

A normal human who stole the Bracelet of the Covenant and is cursed to live a long life and that it slowly turns him into one of the Dark Knights. Whoever holds the bracelet is tasked to give it to the evil god and therefore cannot die until his purpose is finished. Of course, Winfield wouldn't want any of that so he joins the party.


1366940-fyuria large 6785.jpg

One of the three love interests of the first generation. She is a syurium herself and is the younger sister of Zerva. She initially hates Leonhardt mainly due to the fact that she hates humans, but as time goes on, she accepts Leonhardt and even loves him by the end of the first generation.


1368798-luana large 3708.jpg

One of the three love interests of the first generation. She meets the party while she was surrounded by monsters. Trying to act like a Damsel in Distress, she thinks she could manipulate the party. She grants them an audience to the king of Rigulus.

Elaine Reinbach

1368802-elaine large 6946.jpg

One of the three love interests of the first generation. She is a general of Gridamas who goes with Leonhardt in his quest to make right of what is wrong in Lucrellia.

Characters debuting in Generation 2

Ladius Raglan/Ladifour Von Busser

1371679-ladius large 463.jpg

Son of Leonhardt and the protagonist of the second generation. He is also the adopted son of Howell Von Busser due to the fact that Von Busser doesn't have any children. Serious, calm and diligent, he's always committed like his father to do what is right. After putting down a rebellion, he gets accused as the guy who started the rebellion, so he took his loyal men and ran all the way to another country just to escape. This nearly also cost his friendship with his childhood friend Valeria.

Depending on who you marry, his armor would either be red, blue or silver.

  • Awesome McCoolname: Has two of them.
  • Because Destiny Says So: Sadly, this makes him the most hated protagonist of all generations.
  • Caught in the Rain: More like he and the rest of the party fall down into a cave. You get to choose among the three love interests as to who accompanies him.
  • Chaste Hero: The most chaste one out of the five!
  • Expy: Red!Ladius looks a little like a certain spikey haired protagonist we all know of.
  • Generation Xerox: His storyline is pretty much what would happen if Leo instead was a serious guy and is oblivious to the feelings of women.
  • Heroes Prefer Swords: No matter who you choose to be the mother and have a different weapon for him, in cutscenes, he's always carrying Leo's sword.
  • Homeless Hero: He gets driven out from his home after the start of his arc.
  • Knight in Shining Armor: He's the only one who wears an armor in his family.
  • Love You and Everybody: Does not know the meaning of romance at all.
    • Valeria caught on this one very badly: when she asks him whether he has someone he likes or not, he says the person is right in front of him, think you locked Valeria's ending? No, he then says that in front of him and everyone else.
  • Married to the Job
  • Mistaken for Gay: Take a look at most of his tropes. Now consider the fact that he apparently spends more time with Zerva and Vashtor than any of the women in the group. Is it any wonder Sherufanir starts to wonder for a little while?
  • Not Distracted by the Sexy: Count how many times he's been in a situation, and he goes "uh ok".
  • Oblivious to Love: This guy does not know the meaning of love.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Personality wise, he is the blue oni to Valeria's red oni.

Vashtor [2]

A man Ladius found in a beach one day. Since he has an amnesia, he decides to say with Ladius until his memories come back. During that time, he teaches Ladius on swordsmanship and is well-known in Graccea as the best swordsman in that country. He is pretty much considered to be the greatest threat to the Von Busser household.

He's actually the Dark Knight who curb stomped Leo when he first encountered him.

  • The Atoner: If you let him redeem himself. He's got a lot of atoning to do when you find out his past in Agarest Senki ZERO (of course, most of them were not his fault).
  • Badass Cape
  • Badass Creed:

Vashtor: Fool, your existence itself is a already a sin. Then I will show you, the fate that is carved on you, the price would be your life though... Suffer the eternal suffering, in the rift of the worlds! Crux Judgement!


A ryulent who accompanies Ladius and his descendants, just so that he could see the outside world and that he can find his resting place.


The chief of a syrium village, she wants to escape it all and go outside for an adventure of a lifetime. Just don't ask her age.

  • The Alcoholic: It's not clear how often she drinks, but she is said to be on par with Vira-Lorr at it, and at one point supposedly emptied the entire ale supply of her village.
  • Everything's Better with Spinning: She can fling that weapon with a chain in hand.
  • Jumped At the Call: And left the position of Da Chief to someone else.
    • Though, she doesn't really have any part in the story at all. She's just in for the adventure.
  • Meganekko
  • Vain Sorceress: She often compares her age to human age instead of the standard syrium age.


1372572-valeria large 1417.jpg

One of the three love interests of the second generation. A childhood friend of Ladius, their friendship gets tested when Ladius decides to break free from prison and fulfill his destiny. At first, she feels betrayed, but soon enough, she gets to accompany him later on and become one of the three chosen women.


1372139-yayoi large 7303.jpg

One of the three love interests in the second generation. She is a priestess of Yamato in Alzai Fen who was supposed to be sacrificed to a "god", but was rescued by Ladius and the gang after finding out that it's only a larva who got Drunk on the Dark Side. She then accompanies Ladius in his quest to save Graccea.

  • Japanese Honorifics: Calls every single party member as Party Member-sama.
  • Miko: Her design brings this to mind.
  • Sacrificial Lamb: At least, that was the idea...
  • Yamato Nadeshiko: She can cook really well. What ingredients she uses however is an entirely different thing.
  • Yum Yum: The poster girl at Aksys' website for Agarest!


1370697-sherufanir large 4503.jpg

One of the three love interests of the second generation. She is one-half neocollom and one-half human with the blood of a priest related to god (or so it goes). She accompanies Ladius on his adventure to save Graccea, but she does not want to fight at all.

Characters debuting in Generation 3

Thoma Raglan

The main protagonist of the third generation. He loves women and he hates cold places, both of which is the setting of his arc. He initially accompanies the gang just to find someone who could give out clues on getting rid of Winfield's bracelet, as well as being the seal on the continent of Fendias. It is when the continent is being overrun by the dark forces, and the fact that discrimination among elves is rampant is when he takes an active role in his story.

He can either have a white suit with white hair, a blue suit with blond hair, or a black suit with black hair depending on who you marry.


A nelth girl who the party meets at Paillene. She is the only one who could design the Achilles' Heel of Winfield's bracelet and as such goes off with the party on an adventure to help build it.


A greer the party meets at Twulan. He claims that he's the only one who could build the very thing that could destroy Winfield's bracelet, but only if he has the materials for it. He joins the party to look for said materials.

  • Blade on a Stick: His Weapon of Choice.
  • Boisterous Bruiser
  • Death From Above: All of his EX Combination Skills with the other party members end with him drilling the enemy from above.
  • Jumped At the Call: Since he claims he's the only one who could build the MacGuffin to destroy the bracelet, he joins the party to search for the materials.
  • Mighty Glacier: Yeah, we can say Borgnine and Vashtor fit this mold too, but Ganz's starting AP (as important to turn order as Agility, as well as the limit to which one can take actions) looks to be particularly bad: his starting gear does not seem to rectify this one bit.


A young man who fell in love with The Chief's Daughter (said chief is also considered to be That One Boss fyi). Unfortunately, when he saw that the Chief was having a deal with the Dark Knight, he got exiled for it. He plans to bring her back when Thoma shows up.

He is also the only normal human and thus, he ages quite noticeably.


Lavinia 6451.png

One of the three love interests of the third generation. She is one half high elf and one half dark elf which, unfortunately, dark elves are considered to be evil, and so she was ostracized by other high elves. She first meets the party at Tweda Forest and was "rescued" by Winfield and Thoma. She takes them to Lus Soleil where she was reunited with her younger sister Faina. After saving her home, she accompanies Thoma on his mission to look for materials to break Winfield's bracelet and to save the continent.


Faina 3749.png

One of the three love interests of the third generation and Lavinia's younger sister. From a very long time, she's a sickly girl who always collapses for some weird reason. She gets reunited with her sister after a long time and joins the party specifically to be with Lavinia, but also longs for the outside world.

  • Big Eater: She sure can eat a lot despite the fact that she's sick.
  • Fantastic Racism: Subverted. Even though she's a half high elf-dark elf like her older sister, she doesn't look like one herself so she doesn't get as much discrimination as Lavinia. She was even considered to be the next chief of the village.
  • Ill Girl: Her illness tends to come up quite often in her events, either momentarily collapsing due to it or trying to get strong enough to keep up despite it.
  • Sibling Yin-Yang: With Lavinia, although they really care for each other.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: Grade B. Bonus points due to the fact that aside from her face and elbows, it's the only skin showing (incredibly odd for Agarest).


Noah 1016.png

One of the three love interests in the third generation. She first meets up with the party at Aulis Lake while the party is looking for one of the ingredients for the MacGuffin to destroy Winfield's bracelet. She is an adventurer due to the fact that she just loves adventuring and that she can tell stories to one of the kids at the orphanage.

Characters debuting in Generation 4

Duran Raglan

Son of Thoma and the fourth generation protagonist. Whatever his father Thoma was, Duran is the complete opposite. Whereas Thoma was a jolly fellow, Duran is more of a withdrawn guy who hates being the next Spirit Vessel.

The only noticeable change that you can see in Duran as to who you let Thoma marry, is that he can have either blue, red or blond hair. Hint: their shirt color matches their mother's hair color.


A neocollom the party meets near Tenedos. At first, she tries to attack the party, but is later saved by the very people she attacked. Since then, she joins the party just to tag along.


The best treasure hunter in the world (or so he claims). He meets the party at Crystal Lake while he was looking for treasure. He joins the party because he think he could find more treasure if he joins with the party.


A yulishee who the party meets at Crystal Lake when they were looking for a Rainbow Shard. She decides to help them, aware of the fact that she gets exiled if she helps them out. She goes with it nonetheless due to the fact that she wants to travel around the world anyway.



One of the three love interests of the fourth generation and captain of the Death-Cross pirates. She will lend her boat only if the party gives her a Marfile fruit. When she does finally receive one, she joins the party to search for the Rainbow Shard and along the way develops an interest with Duran.


One of the three love interests of the fourth generation. She first meets the party while the party themselves were looking for the Marfile fruit. She claims she knows the location and after which, after getting herself exiled, joins the party.


One of the three love interests of the fourth generation, she is hailed as the most powerful fortune-teller of Enhambre. She at first tells a fortune that Duran will be with Hilda, Silvi and herself and that Duran will have to marry him. Unfortunately, she also got picked to be the sacrifice for the local demon until Duran and the party save her. She then joins due to the stipulations she placed with Dyshana.

Characters debuting in Generation 5

Rex Raglan

Son of Duran, the fifth generation protagonist, and THE REAL protagonist of the game.

  • Badass Boast: He loves pulling this to every enemy he fought.
  • Expy: See Fan Nickname in the Trivia page.
  • The Hero: The true hero of the game, since he's the one whom succeeds at the quest which has been building up over the last four generations.
  • Heroes Prefer Swords: See Ladius' entry above.
  • Likes Older Women: The only one who's not older than him is Murmina.
  • The Messiah: Even worse than Leonhardt.
  • Took a Third Option: In the True Ending, Dyshana points out three things that he can do when they reach the final pillar: get sealed so that the darkness gets pushed back, fight off the forces of darkness for a very long time, or unseal the gods and beat the crap out of 'em, even if it means that the whole world gets destroyed. No points for guessing which option he picked.
  • Unwanted Harem: He out harems his ancestors, to the point that this one is weaponized as a Combination Attack with Rex, Beatrice, Qua, Murmina, Reverie and Plum with all of their EX2 attack.
  • Winged Humanoid: If you let Duran marry Silvi.
    • Wings Do Nothing: He only gets to use his wings as a Float skill in battles. In cutscenes, and in dungeons? You don't get to use them at all.
      • Justified. Agarest Zero shows that half-harpuia can't fly as well as full-blooded harpuia, if they're even capable of flight at all.
  • Yin-Yang Bomb: His final EX.


A woman who has sailed from the different parts of the continent thanks to her eye patch. She is the granddaughter of Alberti only if you save Nastassja.


The sole survivor of the harpuia race in Aegisthus. She is out for revenge on the one who killed her family led by Vashtor. Depending on your actions, you could save her, or she dies from exhaustion and from injuries.

NPC Of The First Generation


  • Karma Houdini: Kills a lot of syrium, follows his evil king, lets the Dark Knight kill Leo, and he gets away with pretty much just being there.
  • The Rival: To Leonhardt in almost every single way.






  • Smug Snake
  • "Wake-Up Call" Boss: With Largen. While the first two bossfights in the game may have been a minor step above randoms, he and Largen will put the hurt on your party with their sizeable AP, high offense and link attack use: quickly establishing the rule to be followed that boss battles in this game aren't about if party members get killed, as much as how many die, and how often they do.


King Hertzfeldt

NPC Of The Second Generation











NPC Of The Third Generation







NPC Of The Fourth Generation

NPC Of The Fifth Generation


Forces Of Darkness


The Big Bad of the game itself and the Final Boss of the fifth generation. He's the reason why the darkness is spreading throughout the continent.

  • Disc One Final Boss: He's the final boss for some endings, but for others there's much more after him.
  • Smug Snake: For all the hype that we finally get to kick the ass of the guy who started this, he just becomes smug about it when he loses.
  • The Starscream: He reveals to the party on what he would do after reclaiming his Bracelet from Winfield: to become the god of Agarest by kicking out Chaos and the rest of the gods.
  • Your Princess Is in Another Castle: So you finally defeated this guy who started this mess. Does this mean that the game is finally over and the party can finally rest? Nope, Dyshana then explains the true purpose of the pillars and what they actually do. And guess what? Summerill was apparently just in Dyshana's way.

The Dark Knight

This is the guy who curb stomped Leo while he makes Ellis flee the scene. For his other tropes, see Vashtor above.


These are the other Dark Knights that are roaming around the other continents to spread the darkness. Originally, there were twelve of them, but six got killed off before the game starts.

  • And I Must Scream: Part of their Brainwashed and Crazy; also, Agarest Senki Zero establishes that the Oathsworn simply seals them away in those story events.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: Try being that way for thousands of years.
  • Dark Is Evil: You must really be Genre Blind if you cannot see this.
  • Made of Temptation: Their modus operandi to the other countries so that they would give in to the darkness. They in turn get tempted by Summerill.
  • Wolfpack Boss: So, you're used to fighting two at the same time. Let's see if you can handle fighting four at the same time (thankfully, this only happens once in the game).

The Six Gods Of Darkness

These gods are the true final bosses of the game provided that you have reached the True Ending. While they were alluded in the prologue itself, they're more of a Giant Space Flea From Nowhere. At first.


One of the six gods of darkness, though he regrets it deeply. He at first was at the side of light, until Mobius tempted him to the dark side. He wants to go back to the light, but he can't because of his loyalty to the dark.


The god of space and time, he is also responsible for the war of the gods thousands of years ago. He did this to kick out both Lenion and Chaos so he could become the ruler. If anything, every single conflict of the gods can be traced back to him. He is sealed in Graccea.


One of the six gods/goddesses that were sealed, she represents Fortune. She can appear to other people either as a man, or as a woman and just so happens to encounter Dyshana who is one-half of Chaos. Sealed at Fendias.


The goddess of revenge. Ironically enough, she is the most composed out of all the gods, and the only reason why she even sided with the dark was just to balance things out. She is sealed in Enhambre.


The god of warbattle. He seeks to have more battles just so that progress can be made. He is sealed in Aegisthus.


The lord of the dark night, and the god of destruction and rebirth. He initially fought against Lenion due to the fact that Lenion married the girl of his dreams and that Mobius was pushing for it. He gets to be special in that he's sealed in the Boundary Plane.

In Agarest Senki 2, Weiss kills him as a Cutscene Boss in the opening. Or does he?

Characters from Agarest Senki Zero

Characters debuting in Generation 1




  • Blade on a Stick
  • Godzilla Threshold: Once she meets back up with the group, she's devastated that Sieghart has attracted a harem. There's no way she can compete. The solution? Ask Eugene how to get Sieghart to notice her.
  • He Is Not My Boyfriend: The first time this comes up, you can either agree or just ignore the accusation.
  • Lethal Chef: Averted. Her cooking is actually just So OK Its Average. She takes being told this about as well as if she'd been told she were a Lethal Chef though.
  • Running Gag: During her attempts to put advice given to her to use, she eventually breaks down and just charges at Sieghart, or does so in response to one of your choices. This usually results in him dodging on reflex and sending her screaming over a cliff.
  • Senseless Sacrifice
  • Talking To Herself: If you get Dyshana in Extra Mode. She even has the same hair color!
  • Tsundere: Type B. Oddly, it's Eugene that brings out her more aggressive behavior, not Sieghart.



Friedelinde: AH! J-Just what do you think you're doing?!
Sayane: Oh, only showing a little physical affection, to make up for all the time we've been apart.
Friedelinde: Aaah! P-Please, not in my ear!
Sayane: Oh my, have I found your weak point? *Blow*
Friedelinde: N-Not the ear!




Galios: "Have you not noticed that our party lacks for young women? We must collect some who at least appear young--"

Alice: "I beg your pardon, Galios... What did you just say?"

Galios: "Come now, master. Surely you are not losing your hearing already..."

Alice: "Galioooooos!"


Tetora /Lemona Hoch

  • Bandage Babe: She's this for a good portion of the second generation. She goes back to the look in the the post-game, simply because she feels it looks nice.
  • Big Eater: Apparently has something to do with being a mage. She eats enough that after Eugene had first offered to buy her dinner, every time food is discussed around Tetora it horrifies him.
  • Catgirl
  • Happily Adopted: By Apli and Thrisasaz
  • Lunacy: Like Sherufanir a full moon makes her excessively energetic. Incidentally this shows it was due to being a Neocolom.
  • Nature Hero
  • Sinister Scythe
  • Yum Yum: Takes a "Banana Bath" with Mimel.


  • Gameplay and Story Segregation: See Improbable Weapon User
  • Improbable Weapon User: Breakers. Why anyone let a man who'll "Peel his hand when asked to peel an apple" use one of these is a mystery.
  • Lethal Joke Character: In the first game Breaker using chracters were almost unusable due to a poor combination of stats and skill slots, as well as the weapons themselves not usually having skill slots that would compliment their own stats nor the setup of the character they were statistically good for. Cal-Vina does not have this problem, or at least not as much, to the point where he comes with the Double Needle combo skill and later on gains access to several passive abilities that ramp up any and potentially all of his stats and his ultimate EX Skill will actually destroy your enemies' SP, making it harder for them to use their own.
  • Magic Is a Monster Magnet
  • Weak but Skilled: Compared to other Onerthes his ability to see the future is almost non-existant. However when he does see something it's typically incredibly accurate and important.
    • Though it can be argued that Vira-Lorr would've seen the same vision a mile back.


Apli: "I am Apli April, of the Rem Lorient. I am servent to none; a wandering lotus flower born in moonlight. I am pleased to make your acquaintance."
Tetora: "Goodness me, it's been rather long since I've heard the whole thing."

Characters debuting in Generation 2


"If you are about to eat a meal, you might say a prayer or somesuch, yes? But you would not say you were sorry. Well, I think this is much the same. Instead of apologizing to your meal, would it not be better to thank it? Better from the eater's point of view, of course, not necessarily the meal's. So from now on, instead of apologizing... I think it better for you to begin giving thanks instead. Um...That is what I was getting at, at least. Things may have gotten a little...confusing."




"I crush with mighty blows the chains of grim fate! I shatter with quick strikes vile conspiracies! The wandering gunman, Niel L. Lagrange, has arrived! You have been surrounded! There can be no escape for you! But I am no demon! Withdraw peacefully, and you may keep your lives! Retreat, or perish! The choice is yours!"

NPC Of The First Generation






NPC Of The Second Generation


"Brawk! Buk-bukawak! (Translation: All who see me as food, step forward! With this beak, I shall destroy you!)"


Forces Of Darkness



Universal Dark Knight Tropes

Dark Knight Vashtor

Dark Knight Giganda

Dark Knight Arzest



Gods of Darkness




Characters from Agarest Senki 2

Characters debuting in Generation 1


A man who ventures into the tower along with an archaeologist named Fasti. He kills a god but unfortunately, gets the whole world into trouble so he must sacrifice his life along with three women to revive the god as penance.


A woman who appears to Weiss and tells him that he has killed a god and must atone for his sins.


A mercenary working for the guild. He then invites Weiss, Aina and Eva to his party so Weiss can gather clues of his past.


A child the party found while on a quest in the forest of Lucrellia. Claims she is from Mystetia and that she's looking for her parents. The party then accompanies her to look for them and decides to adopt her.


One of the three heroines of the first generation. A young girl who found Weiss injured on the ground, she accompanies him since then.


One of the three heroines of the first generation. She first resents Weiss for possessing the Veldafard and later on, killing her older sister even if it was an accident. She however forgives him and joins the party till she is sacrificed along with the other three people.


One of the three heroines of the first generation. She is a princess in the Aegisthus continent, but doesn't want to be one and just wants to be seen as a normal person by other people. She travels with Vice and the consequences were that she's no longer of royalty.

Characters debuting in Generation 2


The second generation protagonist. He hates his father, and his own destiny to die just like his dad just to save the world. He can either have violet hair, yellow with brown hair, or blue green hair depending on who you choose as your wife in the first generation.


The son of Jainus and Kuroe and Schwartz's best friend. He is a half dark elf and half human and dark elves are usually discriminated in society. Despite the fact however, Jude doesn't even care about it.


A young elf who accompanies the party at the behest of their leader in Enhambre. He at first despises all dark elves for having dark powers and is quite rude to everyone, including the party. He then mellows out after meeting with Shinsia, a woman who migrated to Flensberge.


A syrium who at first opposes the party. Her entire reason is to please her father so that she can get recognized. After her father abandons her, she then joins the party and sometimes assists Sena in the Item shop.


One of the three heroines of the second generation. She's a bounty hunter who's looking for the monster that killed her little brother. At first, she and Schwartz would always quarrel whenever they see each other, but as time goes on, she develops feelings for him.

Ri Ra=Rua

An onerthes who was sent by her leader to find Jainus' group because the Fendias tower gets invaded by dark forces. After it gets liberated, she is then asked by Jule to accompany the party.


One of the three heroines of the second generation. A Winged Humanoid who asks for help to cure her brother's sickness because of some curse inflicted on him. She travels along with the other party members to gather the materials needed by Danaos to help out Luster.

Characters debuting in Generation 3


The third generation protagonist. He's continuing to investigate as to who Weiss is and is trying to go to the Zendrook Pillar to find answers.

Depending on who you married, he can either have a black longcoat, a violet longcoat with a different hair style, or a white longcoat with wings.


Gray's childhood friend and the daughter of Ignis and Shinshia. At first, Ignis tells her to go home and be with her mom but Riru would like to travel with her dear older brother instead.


A woman sent by Enhambre's leader to join Gray's party. She then meets with her older brother Ignis who has a kid.


An old man who Schwartz encounters in the mountains. He then challenges Schwartz to a duel to see who was stronger between the two. One generation later, he shows up again to challenge his rival only to find out that he's dead. He then joins Gray's party.

NPC Living in Flensberge









  • Fantastic Racism: Is a dark elf and spent most of the second generation arguing about it with Ignis. By the third generation, they both mellow out.
  • Maiden Aunt: Never gets married at all.
  • Red Oni: To Kuroe's Blue even though Sena's got the blue hair.

NPC Of The First Generation


An archaeologist who traveled with Weiss in the prologue. He seeks to go back to Zendrook to find out whether the ruins are intact.

The end of his story? Not quite. He's actually Mobius in disguise and is responsible for everything that has happened in the game.


A man under the service of the royal family of Aegisthus. He has been suspected that he was in cahoots with the dark forces only to save the party by coming in with reinforcements. Thanks to his actions, he becomes king of the Aegisthus region.

NPC Of The Second Generation


A syrium residing in the Graccea region and also assists the leader of the tower. He first appears in the first generation lending a hand to the party members.

In the second generation, he has the party gather materials for him to save Luster from his death. In truth, he is secretly trying to revive Summerill.


NPC Of The Third Generation

Forces Of Darkness


Six Gods of Darkness






The true form of Fasti. He is the god of space and time and is the reason why everything happened in the game in the first place.


The god of destruction and rebirth and lord of the dark night. He was sealed in Zendrook when the game starts and Weiss killed him.

The end of the story? Nope. What had happened was that he and Weiss were talking with each other when Fasti back stabbed Weiss to stab Chaos.

Other Characters


An NPC who you'll never see in the game because she's already dead by the time you start the game. Revealed to be Real!Weiss' sister


The light goddess who Lenion and Chaos both yearn for.

  1. Technically, the list from first place till sixth was dominated by Hyperdimension Neptunia characters ,and he's ranked 7th, but it wouldn't be fun if all the dlc characters were Neptunia characters. Not to mention, he still did pretty good all things considering.
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  5. Please put any post-Reveal tropes in the Forces of Darkness section
  6. Summerill. It was mentioned in his profile from the first game.
  7. Please put any post-Reveal tropes in the Forces of Darkness section
  8. and this game as well without the technical route split on his own with nothing but a Cool Sword
  9. It's Mikoto Suou and Hanai Haruki for those who are just passing by.