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Rex is the reincarnation of Leonhardt, and Leonhardt is the reincarnation of Lenion

  • My proofs:
    • For the first part, okay i think we all agree that Rex resembles Leonhardt too much
    • Remember that Chaos is the god that rules over death and rebirth, he might have planned all that happened from the very first time, he wanted to make everything right so he need someone to decide the fate of the world, and who is better suited for that than none other than his own brother Lenion? Leonhardt was imperfect because he was born as human, but Rex is different he was born as a Spirit Vessel and so he has better resonance with God and also explains why Rex and Dyshana have the strongest link compared to his ancestors.
      • This also explains why Dyshana choose Leo and opened her heart to Rex.
    • If we trust what Rex says to Ellis before the fight against Summerill about Leonhardt wants Ellis happiness, it might means that Rex wanted to say it in place of Leonhardt, but he might also says it because he feels Leonhardt guilt for involving Ellis and making her spends her short life in war, and so you see that time Leonhardt was trying to atone for ruining Ellis life through Rex.
    • Rex 3rd EX Restorer Break is combining the power of light and dark, and Lenion rules over life and destruction. Gods were supposed to honor the balance of light and darkness and who can combine the power of light and darkness if not the Highest God himself?
    • The description of Shining Light is that it is the former sword of Lenion. Only Leo and his descendants can equip the sword itself. This troper believes that this is sufficient evidence itself.
  • The first part isn't quite possible, the second is plausible though.
    • Leonhardt's spirit still exists as the seal on Lucrellia, and at the end comes back to help, so he could not have reincarnated as Rex. If we assume that Leo is Lenion, this would simply make Shining Light an Ancestral Weapon for the other four heroes as much as Leo's Golden Sword is.

Varacade was actually on the side of the Forces of Light.

  • It would make no sense for him to be out to kill Mimel if he was actually working for Summerill, as her power was needed for his plan to work. It was simply something that had to be done for the good of Agarest.
  • As for why he'd kill Sieghart? He just doesn't like humans. Especially not if their actions are going to bring ruin to the world.
  • The problem is that Ganoia, Varacade's older brother, is at the Forces of Darkness side. And he clearly stated that both Varacade and Ganoia are from the Forces of Darkness. Maybe Varacade just never got the memo and became the accidental Spanner in the Works as well? Or, he could have been sent by Deeth himself/herself.

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