Agony in Pink/Headscratchers

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  • Lord Zedd, an Evil Overlord who's been in the business for well over ten thousand years, has never heard of torture before now?
    • Made doubly improbable by how even Ivan freakin' Ooze, despite being Sealed Evil in a Can for even longer than that, knew about the Spanish Inquisition...
  • Kimberly is a gymnast who manages to execute some extremely impressive kicks and splits. If that's the case, it isn't exactly a certainty that Kimberly's hymen would be intact in spite of her sexual virginity. I am not sure of the probabilities here (not having the requisite anatomy myself) but one of this troper's female acquaintences had her hymen broken by performing a split when she was doing ballet. Also, this fic is set after Kimberly had done a lot of fighting; doesn't this elevate the possibility of an accidental hymen-breakage?
    • You're right, odds are she's broken her hymen already just from fighting. And you can have it broken by doing the splits/horseback riding/gymnastics/a hard fall/masturbation/etc. The more you know!
  • Lord Zedd can just kidnap the Pink Ranger without any trouble? Why didn't he do that before?
    • You know, you're right there. Especially considering how, in Agony in Red, he then kidnaps Jason, kills him with absolutely no retaliation, then captures Trini. (The fic ends immediately before her being brought to his torture chambers.) Why doesn't he just capture everyone at once, then torture them at his leisure? Or just kill them?