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  • Bile Fascination: Pretty much the only reason anyone reads it.
  • Complete Monster: The villains torturing Kimberly have no redeeming qualities whatsoever.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Notice how Billy is the only one not apparently aroused in the notorious "hard-on" scene. Now take David Yost's treatment on the show after his sexual orientation was made known...
  • High Octane Nightmare Fuel: Read this and you will have nightmares... while you're still awake. Hopefully you have a large support system because this story will make your life measurably worse.
  • Marty Stu: Tortura. Thinking about this may lead to Fridge Horror.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Lord Zedd by creating Tortura, who crosses it himself for what he does to Kimberly.
  • Nausea Fuel
  • So Bad It's Good / Squick: Depends on whether you find it laughably bad or utterly revolting.
  • Tear Jerker
  • The Woobie: You can't help but feel awful for poor Kimberly.