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  • Ah! My Goddess: Tamiya and Otaki seem a bit...close at times (although they're both interested in Chihiro). Also there was that moment in the dream castle arc where they crush Keiichi against their chests. (While under a spell, but still).
  • This is played with occasionally in the later manga, typically in a Not What It Looks Like context; for instance, Urd pressing her open mouth to Belldandy's ... to suck out an "Ahem Bug" causing laryngitis. (The sight paralyzed Keiichi.) More recently, Urd briefly messed with Peorth's head by pretending an accidentally swallowed potion had made her fall in love with Peorth. There also a scene where Belldandy was seen in a liplock with Peorth, doing the magical equivalent of CPR, which of course looks wrong and actually freaks Peorth out Belldandy was trying to suck a water spirit out of Peorth's body.)
  • Sayoko and several other girls were clearly thinking Les Yay in an early manga chapter when Urd hooked a finger into the top of Sayoko's swimsuit and pulled it open to take a good look inside. But...

Urd: Just checking ... and mine are bigger!

  • There's a bit where Hild and Mara put together a Booby Trap that appeared to potential victims as someone or something they felt irresistibly drawn to kiss. Chihiro saw it as a cute little boy, accompanied by a cute little cat, on a cute little motorcycle. As she was just about to kiss it, Keiichi walked in, and naturally saw the trap as Belldandy ... puckered up to return Chihiro's kiss.
  • Some fans see Foe Yay between Urd and Mara. It gets better when a clone of Urd is threatening to destroy Urd, and Mara shouts, "I can't lose you! I still haven't beaten you at Tetris yet, dammit!"
  • The second season of the TV series has an ending with various couple together, symbolising various relationships in various stages. Keiichi and Belldandy, Skuld and Sentaro, Keiichi and Megumi's parents etc. However Megumi and Sayoko are shown in a shot together, walking with one or more female friends. Given the theme of the rest of the shots it does seem to imply something.