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  • Not that it should matter because he's cool, but how DID Omaha become president if he's from Africa?
    • A lot of Americans don't even know this rule.
    • Faulty translation, perhaps? In the Italian translation he says "I was born in America, but for a while I lived in my father's home village in Africa," paralleling Barack Obama, who was born in America but spent most of his childhood away from the States.
  • I thought this manga was supposed to be about high-tech roller blades? How did it suddenly become a battle manga with aircraft carriers, guns, the spirit of Barack Obama, and...and...oh God, I need a drink.
    • It was never about them, so much as the people and society that uses them. The whole story has been building to the upcoming confrontations. So just sit back, relax and enjoy the Beyond the Impossible Limit Breaks and Fan Service.
      • Why wouldn't the military get involved? Even ignoring the initial military funding, tiny, incredibly powerful and efficient motors are definitely something worth going to war for. Not to mention its established that there is a huge conspiracy revolving around ATs, the technology, and the gravity children/brain chargers. Plus, Ikki is fighting specifically to stop ATs from moving farther away from the skating roots. That's the whole point. Have a drink anyways, but come back and re-read it when you're sober.