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The character page for Airmaster.

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Main cast

Aikawa Maki

Nakanotomi Mina.

A girl from a wealthy family who hangs out with the rest of the main cast despite going to a different school

Takigawa Yuu


Tokita Shinnosuke

First appeared: Ch 6, Episode Fights with a sectioned staff


Sakiyama Kaori

Aspiring supermodel. Her first encounter was when Maki & friends inadvertantly ruined Kaori's photoshoot

Shinnosuke Tokita

A fighter who uses a 3-section staff. Appeared Ep. 3, transferred to Tomato High

Mishima Reichi

A BMX-themed fighter who has a crush on Mina


The other Street fighters Maki & her friends encounter


A mask wearing Lucha-themed brawler

The League of Black-suited Gentlemen

A gang from Hokkaido that menace Maki's friends from Ep 9-11

Matoba Hanami

Appears in Ep: 12 A former student of the school Sakayami Kaori went to. Responsible for the attack that left Kaori deaf in one ear.

The Eternal

Top ranked Street Fighter

other characters

Kessaku/ "Masterpiece" Renge's cat Appeared Episode 3

Sakamoto's "Lady Friends", only seen in Ep. 5

Uzumi Mika, Idol Singer (blonde hair), Yui's a fan

Nono Rakuko, model (brown hair). Michiru's a fan. Squees over Renge

"Nanjou Remon"/ Ishige Masami, Novelist (black hair), Mina's a BIG fan

Seriguchi Tomiko/ "Drink Bar Tomi"

A Female Wrestler hoping to make it big, founder of Tag Team "Famiwrestlers"