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Akame ga Kill! (Japanese: アカメが斬る! Hepburn: Akame ga Kiru!?, literally meaning "Akame Slashes!") is a Japanese shōnen manga series written by Takahiro and illustrated by Tetsuya Tashiro. It started serialization in Square Enix's Gangan Joker in March 2010.

The story focuses on Tatsumi who is a young villager that travels to the Capital to raise money for his home only to discover a strong corruption in the area. The assassin group known as Night Raid recruits the young man to help them in their fight against the Empire to end its corruption.

The series is known for its graphic content.

The series was licensed by Yen Press in June 2014. A prequel manga focused on Akame's backstory, Akame ga Kill! Zero, began serialization in Square Enix's Monthly Big Gangan in October 2013. An anime television series adaptation of the main series premiered in Japan in July 2014. This is the second work in the Japanese game developer MinatoSoft's Takahiro IV Project.

Tropes used in Akame ga Kill! include:
  • Asshole Victim: Everyone whom night raid gave it too.
  • Complete Monster: has its own page
  • Consummate Liar: Mostly everyone within and without the empire. The worst of them all is Esdese, whom with a Lex Luthor-lite mentality feigns to care for others while mocking their deaths on account of being weak. Pathetically claiming to love Tatsumi when it's painfully evident, even to him, that she cares for no one but herself based on her philosophies. Rejecting bribes from some of her crooked clientele while purposefully aiding in the stateside stagnation and moral decay by killing off her employers rivals and leaving some survivors of her genocidal campaigns to oppose her in the future. It's her job to protect the nation she serves from threats but she abuses her position of power to cause them instead.
  • Crapsack World: The setting of the story as a whole. Fairness, justice and humanity are all the concepts of a sad joke which are regularly sodomized on an annual basis by the Jerkass Dissonance of its setting.
  • Humans Are Bastards: The whole theme of Akame ga Kill; in laymen's terms as the stories premise goes "Just as humans eventually rot away, countries collapse, as well. Even the imperial capital, which has prospered for a thousand years, is now a living hell of corruption."
  • Humans Are Morons: The Empire is the absolute worst place to live and yet the Gullible Lemmings who call it home don't even have the sense to pack up and leave given how horrible a place it is.
  • Loser Protagonist: Tatsumi, in a nutshell. Coming to the empire only to get his wallet stolen, ended up the main cause of his comrades in Night Raid dying, his constant ineptitude rearing it's ugly head whenever on mission; often needing to be rescued as a result, wasting time protecting idiot civilians who stayed at the capitol which is ground Zero of the freaking civil war, in battle with a giant mecha teigu no less.
    • Same can be said of Wave on the Jeagers side, given what a complete and utter idiotic ignoramus he is. Having spent months working under a psychopathic war criminal yet never realizing just how decadent and reviled a place the shithole till after the family of a comrade died due to Wild Hunt's antics.
  • Puppet King: The emperor is this too a tee, a small-minded simpleton being manipulated by a Fat Bastard and his cabal of lowlifes in order to run the kingdom like their own personal Sodom and Gomorrah. Them and others like them all because a useless Bratty Half-Pint was too stupid and too impressionable to realize the real cause behind his parents demise was the same Scum that got him his crown in the first place.
  • Straw Hypocrite: Constantly acting as though she was never into it. Esdeath profited just as much if not more off all the conflict, turmoil, strife and corruption she and the cabal she worked for committed during their irresponsible reign. Often times displaying just as many reprehensible, if not contradictory tendencies compared to any corrupt politician or sleazy noble of the empire.
    • Constantly and selfishly thought of possessing Tatsumi despite the fact he was disgusted with her horrible personality. Regularly going on about falling in love and stolen hearts when she herself was/is/always has been apathetically blunt in pushing her selfish agendas due to being stronger than everyone else.
    • Acting in a subordinate role to that weakling Honest and his cabal of spineless schemer and manipulator flunkies who run the Wretched Hive straight into the ground. Despite all of which obviously going against her sense of superiority due to right of might and bent out of shape survival of the fittest mentality.
    • The author practically highlights just how much of an awful, evil, hateful, universally reviled subhuman the general well and truly is whenever trying to humanize that Slime Ball. She condescendingly mocks her subordinates for dying on account of being weak, flat out telling Tatsumi that another one of his friends died while begging him to join her cause, Convincing idiot fanboys that working for her was not the same as working for the empire. Even when that harridan is fighting their wars on the lopsided ruling bureaucracy's behalf, wars which Esdeath herself caused in the first place. All while showcasing emotions which she herself did not have nor ever did truly reciprocate with anybody.
  • Wrong Genre Savvy: Wave and Run are foolish enough to think they can reform the empire from within, despite knowing full well just who and what they serve. It never occurred to them that the Slime Ball general they serve helped contribute to the Wretched Hive everybody lives in. Nor that she willing aids in keeping the shithole they call home as just that, an all around crap sucky place to live just so she can revel in more war, strife and otherwise despicable times to personally lord and profit off of a perpetual battlefield by killing all of Honest's political nay-sayers. Largely by loaning her fanboy soldiers out as personal rent a thugs in the capitols.

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