Akiba's Trip

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A series of two games by Acquire (otherwise know for the Way of the Samurai series among others). Set in Akihabara, the otaku mecca that houses Acquire's office, the player fights vampiric creatures who pray on Akihabara's residents by tearing off their clothes. Unfortunately the player is also infected by this new threat and share's their vulnerability.

Despite the seeming Excuse Plot, the two games have well developed (and highly eccentric) stories.

An animated series with its own plot by GONZO titled Akiba's Trip: The Animation premiered on January 4, 2017. On June 6th 2019 an HD remake of the original game, with a western release, was announced for PC and PS4.

Tropes used in Akiba's Trip include:
  1. 48 episodes is a common anime length, similar to 64 episodes for western production