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  • Every single confrontation between Tetsuo and the military, the indecent on the carrier being of particular note.
  • The Colonel from Akira gets his when he's arrested by the Supreme Executive Council:

Colonel: Enough! Open up your eyes and look at the big picture; You're all puppets of corrupt politicians and capitalists. Don't you understand, it's utterly pointless to fight each other.

  • The battle between the Espers and Tetsuo in the Baby Room. At first, it was Takashi and Masaru trying to protect Kyoko who was in a glass bubble for her own safety. However, after Kaneda and the military intervene, and Tetsuo is both beating on Kaneda and The Military with his newly formed powers, Kyoko confronts him demanding he stop hurting everyone. While he teleported away before anything can happen between them, the fact that Kyoko, whom in the Manga was considered the weakest physically not to mention a little girl to boot, was prepared to fight Tetsuo made the moment awesome none the less.


  • It's been well established in both the Manga and the Anime, that Kaneda is one of the few people that has the capacity to take a fully powered Tetsuo on in a fight with the chance of winning. The most prominent being his first fight, where he commandeers a laser cannon. Said cannon being earlier used by soldiers with no chance of them making a hit without Tetsuo shielding the blasts. However, with Kaneda, he manages to hurt Tetsuo three times. The first time, Tetsuo shields it, but the blast was still powerful enough to knock him down. The second time, managed to wound his arm. The third time, he shoots him right through the chest and that would have been the finisher had the battery not died. Even then, he was willing to fight Tetsuo with his bare hands. When Tetsuo loses his arm through SOL (Satellite Orbiting Laser), Kaneda takes no chances and tries to bash Tetsuo's head in with a rock despite earlier being knocked down by SOL's initial blast.