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  • the beginning with the merchant;

Merchant: Here, here, come closer. (Face gets smushed against the screen) Too close, a little too close!

  • The Genie practically makes this Funny Moments: The Movie.
  • If you had to name a moment that doesn't include the Genie, it would be in the "One Jump Ahead" sequence, when Abu pulls a scimitar on the guards.

Guard: "He's got a sword!"
Razoul: "You idiots! We've all got swords!"

  • "Jafar, Jafar, he's our man, if he can't do it...GREEEAAT!!"
  • How about during the "Prince Ali" song, Jafar tries to keep the parade out of the palace only to get squashed by the door? How he and Iago look afterwards probably counts.
    • And then when the Sultan introduces him, joyfully telling "Ali" that Jafar is delighted to meet him. Cut to Jafar standing with his arms crossed giving them a Death Glare, and then mutters "ecstatic".
  • The Sultan's joyride on Carpet, which includes him telling Jafar to "button up", buzzing Elephant!Abu, and Carpet ending up falling-down dizzy.
  • "You've heard of the golden rule, haven't you? Whoever has the gold makes the rules. HUUUUOOOOYYYYYEEEEE!!"
  • Aladdin's ploy to rescue Jasmine from the marketplace after she steals an apple. It becomes even funnier as Jasmine plays along with his insanity plea.

Aladdin: Now come along, sis. Time to go see the doctor.
Jasmine: (addressing a camel while staring vacantly into space) Why hello, doctor. How are you?
Aladdin: No, no, no, not that one.

  • "I can't believe it; I'm losing to a rug."
  • But the funniest moment in the movie has to be Abu bitching Aladdin out in monkey speak, ending with his sarcastic monkey-speech impression of Jasmine.
    • No, the funniest part is the look on Abu's face when Aladdin manages to spin the monkey-tantrum into fuel for seducing Jasmine. His expression is one of rage, disbelief, and confusion all rolled into one face.
  • The Prince Ali song is funny enough in its own right, but the way it repeatedly cuts to Jasmine's utterly unimpressed face is hysterical.
  • "Tonight, the part of 'Al' will be played by a tall, dark, and sinister ugly man."
    • "I am your master now!" / "I was afraid of that."
  • "I think it's time to say goodbye to Prince Abooboo."
  • After Aladdin exposes Jafar:

Iago: We gotta get outta here! We gotta get out! I gotta start packing, your highness! Only essentials, we gotta travel light. I'll bring the guns, the weapons, the knives... And how about this picture? I don't know, I think I'm making a weird face in it?"

  • At the very beginning, there's a scene where Aladdin meets a noble, heading to the Palace on his horse. As the rude man rides away, Aladdin hollers out:

Aladdin:"Hey, look! It's not often you see a horse with two rear ends!"

  • "Al, what are you doing? Why are you bringing me into this?"
  • "Tell her the TRUTH!"
  • Jafar trying to hypnotize the sultan the first time.

Jafar: You will order the princess to marry me.
Sultan: I... will order... the princess to... (snaps out of it) But you're so old!

  • When Iago's impersonating both Jasmine and a flamingo, another actual flamingo gets the goo-goo eyes for him, tongue hanging out and everything. After tricking Aladdin, he turns around mid-evil laugh to come face to face with aforementioned lovesmitten flamingo...

Iago: Ya got a problem, Pinky?!(kicks the flamingo over)

  • "How many times do I have to kill you, boy!?"
  • The Ironic Echo when Jafar gets everything that's coming to him:

Aladdin: eeeeety-bitty living space.

  • "But remember: Beeee yourself!"
  • When Snake!Jafar has Aladdin in his coils, Iago tries to goad Jafar into crushing him and Genie comes along and nonchalantly whacks him. "Squeeze him Jafar! Squeeze him like a...*Genie nonchalantly whacks him* AWK!"
  • "Jafar! Get a grip!" GLOMP "Ak. good grip.."
  • Jafar was described as "Señor Psychopath" by the Genie who also briefly changes his face to Jafar's.
  • To anyone with a hint of genre savviness, the Sultan innocently addressing the scary man in the Obviously Evil costume as "my most trusted advisor".
  • All of Jafar's puns during his final battle with Aladdin.
  • The look on Iago's face when he spots Aladdin trying to sneak up to the lamp.

The Return of Jafar

  • New Villian Abis Mal is played by Jason Alexander, better known as legendary loser George from Seinfeld, so it's to be expected. Jafar is quick to show who is in control and its hilarious.
  • Also this bit with Genie.

Genie: SPIDERS! *turns into a Ghostbuster* Things could get ugly!

  • The scene Aladdin takes on Abis Mal's gang in the beginning is both this and a Crowning Moment of Awesome. Near the end where Aladdin is flying out on the carpet, Abis grabs on and gets taken for a ride. Abu steals the jeweled flower from Abis, who cries "That's mine!" and moves to grab Abu- letting go of the carpet. As gravity takes hold, Abu watches with a smug look on his face.

The King of Thieves

  • Right in the beginning Genie sets the tone

Genie: (looks at the flickering, lackluster "Aladdin" sign he conjured) Awww... Some of you don't believe!

  • Genie's red carpet report for Aladdin and Jasmine's wedding in "King of Thieves", especially the ending.

Genie: "Once again, this broadcast is brought to you by "Sand". It's everywhere! Get used to it!"

  • The entire scene where Genie cheers up Jasmine
  • Code Red! All manner of troops converge on Aladdin's father (it's a long story), ending with guns pointing at him declaring, "Do not attempt to move, or we will be shooting ourselves."
    • "Geronimo! Arapaho! Navajo! Pocahontas."
    • I especially love the way Aladdin rubs his temple in that "I am not being paid nearly enough for this" way.
  • I'm Thor.
  • Genie spontaneously transforming into Pumbaa and saying "Hakuna Matata!", then transforming back and saying "Whoa! I was having an out-of-movie experience", as though this particular transformation was against his will.

The Series

  • The Best Abis Mal Moment? This vid is up there.
  • The return of Iago's conscience. Apparently, Iago chained him up and dropped him into the ocean.

Iago: You were cramping my style.


Aladdin: You lost this battle the moment you made Jasmine mad.
Mozenrath: Oh no! I've angered the princess.
Aladdin: You don't get it. I've seen her mad.
Mozenrath: Oh, should I tremble at the painted toes of her dainty little feet?! I don't think so!

  • For one of Mozenrath's coolest and funniest moments, look here.
  • A merchant tries to sell Saleen a fish... whom she apparently knew.

Saleen: Charlie? You reckless fool.

  • At the end of the episode that first introduced Mozenrath, Aladdin and his friends have been manipulated to helping Mozenrath capture a creature, the Thirdac, that eats magic which he plans to use for his own ends. Aladdin is furious and returns to stop Mozenrath. He threatens that he'll release the Thirdac and sic him on Mozenrath if Mozenrath doesn't send it back to where it came from.

Mozenrath: You wouldn't. You're not that ruthless!
Aladdin: You're right - I'm not. But he is!
Iago: And man, do I feel cranky!


The Disney World stage show

  • The Disney World stage show gets one hilarious one close to the end, where Iago (probably as a Shout-Out to Return of Jafar) tries to convince the good guys that he's reformed, honestly, and starts singing about how he's become "A whole new biiiirrrd...!" Needless to say, nobody buys it.
  • This troper saw a performance several years ago where the Genie said after being freed from the lamp "I'm free! I feel like Martha Stewart!"
    • What's great about the stage show is that periodically, the Genie's pop culture references change to whatever's most popular during that time. As this troper recalls, the Genie once introduced himself as Captain Jack Sparrow.
  • Another great moment: Jafar summons Genie for the first time, but Genie is caught in the shower, singing Jasmine's "I Want" Song from earlier. Then it goes:

Genie: (sees Jafar) AAAHH! A MAN! (covers chest)