Albion/Nightmare Fuel

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  • Dungeons. Just imagine those dark and clearly alien hallways with the sounds of water dripping, chains ringing, heavy doors opening and closing, animals howling, combined with eerie music and monsters growling and jumping out from behind the corners or just standing motionlessly and waiting for you to approach, not to mention the occasional magical or alien phenomena or complex mechanisms you come across every now and then which must all be figured out while dealing with these circumstances. And let's not forget the total darkness waiting when the lights go out.
  • The dungeons could have been the RPG equivalent of Silent Hill with a more complex sound system since the creatures almost never had any kind of footstep sounds. It was pretty spooky as-is.
  • Goes double for the old Former Building, one of the very first dungeons you end up in. The monsters jumping out from behind the corners isn't the worst of it. You also get to meet Man-Eating Plants, cave trees that run away if you touch them, moving roots dangling in your face that you need to pass under, corridors with pulsating walls, and giant insects that love to come REALLY close and make annoying sounds that can make you jump when you least expect it. Sweet dreams.