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  • Whats the first thing Jerry Cantrell said to William Duvall?
    • "nice hair"
  • "you insult me in my home you're forgiven this time.
    • Things go well, your eyes dilate you shake, and I'm high? there's no pressures besides brilliance let's say by day 9"
    • FUCK
  • Yeah Nothin Song Stick to your mouth like peanut butter on the Brain AYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Nothin ever stays the same.
  • I wish I could just HUG YOU ALL.....but I'm not gonna.
  • The band's 1993 Headbangers Ball episode, full stop.
  • Footage of the band cutting up on their Music Bank DVD is frequently hilarious; one such instance is Layne singing "Bleed the Freak" like a lounge singer.
  • Their early Hair Metal material.