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  • Pretty much the entirety of the Cirno's Venegance arc, right down to Cirno spouting Eggman's 'Get a load of this!' line as she fires her second to last volley of lasers.
  • In Alice in Spaceland 2, Cirno revealing that she got frozen by anti-freeze, and Alice questioning her on how that happened.
  • Same game, forgetting how to fire her shots before the final boss.
  • In Alice in Spaceland 3, Cirno speaking spanish to the Z Satellite. It goes as well as you'd expect.
  • In Spaceland Adventure 2's Normal Mode boss, Sinistar yelling "KHAAAAN!!!" for no reason. Also, if you have a certain number of Sinistar pieces, he goes Super Sayan for absolutely no reason at all, and becomes a hell of a lot harder.
  • During Spaceland Adventure 2's Extra Mode, Cirno uses five-second ice shields to defend against Renko and Maribel's last attack. As per usual with Cirno, she activates them one second too early, and both Cirno and Shikieiki lose a life. Ironincally, the Mercy Invincibility immediately after prevents further deaths from happening.