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Fridge Horror

  • In Aliens, it's considered a strange fluke of luck that Ripley's shuttle was actually discovered, and it might have gone flying through the universe forever, with Ripley still asleep. However, it is *because* the shuttle is discovered that every character in the movie (and possibly the next two) that dies meets their fate. After all, it's not explicitly spoken but strongly implied that Burke is responsible for the colonists exploring the alien wreck because he wanted them to be impregnated so that he could somehow... make a profit from the R&D? Burke also knows of the alien wreckage only because Ripley told him the story. So, the colonists had lived on the planet for 20 or so years without a problem until Ripley's shuttle is discovered and she told the suits about the alien presence on the planet. It might have been better for all involved for her to have never been rescued...

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