Alien vs. Ninja/Awesome

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  • The entire final battle. Just kept upping the ante. Shall we tick off a few highlights?
    • Our wounded hero faces off against the last adult alien. He fights her with a sword until it gets lodged in the alien's tail. He draws a second sword. The alien draws the sword out of her tail and they duel.
    • The hero's sword gets cut in half, so he draws the gun and fires a few times. The alien knocks it away... then picks it up and shoots at the hero (who dodges in awesome fashion).
    • Hero gets alien in a sleeper hold until foam starts coming out of the alien's... blow-holes?
    • Alien sprouts giant bat wings.
    • Alien takes off into the sky, and we think she's gotten away... but no, our hero is actually holding her by the feet! Let the mid-air combat commence.