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  • In the first movie, after being captured and cocooned, Miller manages to free an arm, arm himsef and kill the facehugger that was leaping at him.
  • The Alien "Grid"'s Dynamic Entry, Impaling Chopper Predator from behind and lifting him to his fate, doubling with Crowning Music of Awesome
    • and Grid's battle with Celtic Predator, the entire movie deserves to be seen just for that scene.
      • Oh hell, Grid himself: after xenomorphs were reduced to stupid Mooks for most of the former AvP Franchise, you get a heroic and badass one to kick predator asses!
  • Lex manages to kill two adult Aliens and holds quite a bit of the responsibility for the defeat of the Queen as well. Made especially awesome as she was never armed with anything more useful than a spear, Ripley would be proud.
    • A Predator obviously thought so, too, marking her as kin with alien blood.
  • Weyland using a Flamethrower!

Weyland: Don't you turn your back on ME!


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