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  • King Gator's song Let's Make Music Together as it is a Non Sequitur Scene.
  • Itchy has countless funny lines in the first movie.
    • "Try that again you, and *you* are glue!"
    • "I don't care if it's his...his Bar Mitzvah! That horse is a gluepot!"
    • (after Anne Marie points out which horse will win and Charlie starts off to place the bet) "Oh yeah, sure, with what *dough* boss?"
    • (while looking for the "monster") "Charlie just know we're both gonna die!"
    • (after Charlie grabs Itchy's tail) "WHY DONTCHA *TELL* SOMEBODY YOU"RE GONNA DO THAT?!?"
      • "And your hands are cold, too!" Probably because Charlie's dead.
  • The scene in the first movie where Charlie tucks Anne Marie into bed in his cab. Bonus points for the gargoyle-esque face he makes after he "kisses" her goodnight.
  • Carface's reaction in the first movie when he sees that Charlie has escaped from the anchor.
  • Charlie convincing Itchy he's not dead.

Charlie: [shuts Itchy up] I'm not a ghost. I'm not a ghost. [lets go]
Charlie: Itchy, I'm alive! Look, Iook! Do ghosts have fleas?

  • After Charlie is okay, the whole scene with the ray gun - the gun badly misfiring in all directions, and "MORONS!!! I'M SURROUNDED WITH MORONS!"