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  • There's an episode where the Rugrats are playing basketball in Tommy's yard after their parents took away all of their television priveleges. All is fine and good until Phil presents Tommy with a bowling ball. What does he do with it? Why, toss it right through the roof and damage Stu's car, of course!
    • From the same episode, Chaz attempting to take away the TV set, only for Chuckie and Kimi to latch on to his legs and drag behind him like shoes when he tries to move.
  • This conversation from "TP+KF":

Tommy: If only there was some way I could convince him...
Kimi: That I'm completely unattractive to you?
Tommy: Exactly!
Kimi: (frowns) THANKS. I'll think of something.

  • Tommy chewing out Chuckie for sucking at Paper Football in "A Deville House Divided", which leads to this gem from Chuckie.
  • The Stu and Drew arc of "Golden Boy". They've inherited an old car from Grandpa Lou, but it's such an old piece of crap that neither wants it, and they spend the whole episode trying to pass it off on each other, from parking it with a big pink bow in Drew's parking space to parking it in Stu's living room And when they decide to settle their differences and toss it off of a cliff once and for all? Lou tells them the car was originally owned by Elvis, and worth a lot of money! Why didn't we have more episodes like this?
  • This troper doesn't remember the episode (I think it may have been the Reptar one) but there's one episode where the power goes out right when a TV special is about to come on. So Dil puts on a hockey mask and takes a pole outside (presumingly to try to fix it), and every couple seconds he pops into view through the window at some wierd angles (including upside down) saying "Is it working now?". It always made me burst out laughing.
  • There is an episode where Chuckie and Kimi are working on a family tree together, and Kimi soon becomes very interested in her Japanese ancestry. The following conversation takes place:

Chuckie: So, what did you find out?
Kimi: I'm... Japanese!
Chuckie: You haven't figured that out yet?!