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  • Kira Finster only being in 8 episodes. Her and Chas were always so cute in there interactions. Both in this series and Rugrats.
    • It also bugged me that they never had a baby together.
      • Maybe I say this because I knew a couple like them in real life (married, both have one child from a previous marriage/relationship, etc) but they probably thought about it but decided against it since they already had two children in between them and either figured "Why bother?" or decided against it because they probably couldn't support a third child financially. (Is it ever really specified what they do for a living?)
        • Chas was a Bureaucrat but then quit in Rugrats to run the coffee ship with Kira. In All Grown Up! he is running the coffee shop with Bettie. So I assume Kira was a stay at home mom or something. But financial reasons could be a possibility.
        • Seriously? Their house/neighborhood is really nice! Nicer than mine by a long shot, and my family could easily support a third child. I doubt money is a problem.
  • Who lets a twelve or thirteen year old babysit an eleven year old?
    • It doesn't seem like that much of a stretch, that's around the age most kids are able to be given some responsibility, and it wouldn't so much be baby-sitting as much as having an older kid keeping an eye on them.
    • Happened to this troper when he was eleven. Granted, that was the last time I had a babysitter but it does happen.
  • What is Chuckie's problem with Tommy dating his sister? He knows he's a perfectly nice guy.
    • Yeah, but the three of them grew up together. As someone pointed out on the YMMV tab, the Westermarck Effect would be in full force by this point.