All He Ever Wanted/Funny

Everything About Fiction You Never Wanted to Know.

For a rather morbid fic, this has some funny bits, too. Some...

  • The intros to the chapters:

Ch 1:
America: I have a bomb.
England: Shove it up your arse (lord knows I won't be putting anything up there.)

America: Fuck you too, Dad - Shit.

Japan: Dear diary; Today I was evil and England was crazy. Still not king.
—England: Pass the flamingo, dear.
  • Insane!England hunting rabbits, and his take on Father William.
  • Germany is reading a book - whose struggle, again? (It's Hitler)
  • Prussia spoiling the end of the opera he and Germany go to see - the main character dies - as if it was a given; it's opera.