All He Ever Wanted/Tear Jerker

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This epic fanfic is not fluffy.

  • Bonjour. Je pense que mon pays est mort."
  • "...are you my mommy?"
  • To the effect of "As China braids his hair, his hands do not shake."
  • "Dieu. You're supposed to provide a cigarette, first."
  • England wants to comfort America and Canada at the funeral, but can't.
  • "He said - and I quote - She loves me, and she is beautiful."
  • Not actually from AHEW, but, from Pagliacci: "Put on your costume and powder your face. The people have paid you, and they want to laugh. And if Arlecchino steals your Colombina, laugh, so they will cheer. Turh your distress and your tears into jokes; in one funny face you can hide all your pain... Laugh, Paglaccio, though your love is broken. Laugh at the pain which has poisoned your heart."
  • That Romano goes to Confession for Veniciano and that Veneciano laughs at him when Romano leaves.