All Star DC Comics

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    DC Comics' answer to Ultimate Marvel. In 2005, DC decided to establish a new line of titles that will re-interpret its heroes.

    All Star's purpose is a bit different, though. Instead of creating a second DC Universe, the focus is on taking an "all star" lineup of the biggest comic creators, and giving them the freedom to do whatever they like with DC's most iconic heroes. Thus, the All-Star books are all totally self-contained, with no connection to each other, or to any other previous continuity. (Although both creators have connected them to previous works.)

    So far[when?], there have been only two titles, All-Star Batman and Robin The Boy Wonder and All-Star Superman. Reception for both is as different as night and day. While All Star Superman has been well received, won a pile of industry awards, and is generally considered the best thing to happen to Superman in years, All Star Batman has received derision for its hilariously awful dialogue, Sociopathic Hero cast, and the fact that most characters act nothing like they do in the original comics. Some have argued that Frank Miller is doing a Stealth Parody of himself (though he did say that ASBAR is Canon with The Dark Knight Returns), while others just think he has lost his mind.

    Currently[when?], only the aforementioned two have been adapted this way, but Adam Hughes has been tapped to write and draw All-Star Wonder Woman to round out DC's big three. She was due sometime in 2009.

    Tropes used in All Star DC Comics include:
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