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It takes a village to raise a wiki. We're All The Tropes' own Village People[1].

All The Tropes Moderation Staff[edit | hide | hide all]

We handle all of the typical day-to-day business of the wiki such as dealing with abuse, banninations, and DMCA requests. The easiest way to contact us fast as a group is in the #allthetropes channel on

We have agreed to follow rules above and beyond the rules that apply to other editors of this wiki: see All The Tropes:Policy for Wiki Staff for the list.

Brent "User:Labster" Laabs[edit | hide]

Software and Policy Administrator
IRC Nick: labster

User:GethN7[edit | hide]

Wiki Community Administrator
Alternate Email:
IRC Nick:GethN7

Bob "User:Looney Toons" Schroeck[edit | hide]

General-Purpose Administrator
IRC Nick: What is this IRC you speak of?

Rob "User:robkelk" Kelk[edit | hide]

General-Purpose Administrator (also an admin on other wikis)
Email: Special:EmailUser/Robkelk

LulzKiller[edit | hide]

Administrator on ATT
Email: Special:EmailUser/LulzKiller
Twitter: @iamspastic
IRC nick should be the same as my username.

SelfCloak[edit | hide]

General-Purpose Administrator
Email: Special:EmailUser/SelfCloak

(More people wanted here -- let us know if you're interested in helping out)

Miraheze Staff[edit | hide]

Stewards[edit | hide]

The Miraheze Stewards have complete access to all wikis, and they do user renames. You can contact Miraheze Stewards on the Stewards' noticeboard or the #miraheze IRC channel on Freenode.

You may contact some global staff (Stewards and/or sysadmins) by emailing stewards at

Sysadmins[edit | hide]

The Miraheze servers are run by the House of SysAdmins. Contact them about downtime, server bugs, and the like. They're easiest to contact on the #miraheze IRC channel on Freenode, but you can find other information on the previously linked page.

You may also contact Miraheze system administrators by emailing staff at

If you wish to see previous versions of this policy, or you want to know when this policy was last updated and what was changed, please review the page history by selecting "History" from the menu at the top of this page.
  1. Feel free to decide for yourself which of us is the Indian, the cop, the biker, etc.