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There are five ways to create a new page at All The Tropes:

1. Click on a pre-existing Red Link.
This will immediately open an edit window for creating the page.
Note that if you click on a Red Linked category name you will not go directly into an edit window, but instead be presented with a page that will tell you the category has no text in it, and will offer the options to search for it elsewhere or create the page, all of which will be Blue Links.

2. Insert a new Red Link for your desired page into an appropriate page and click that.
Links are created by placing double square brackets around the name of a (new) page, like so: [[Your Page Name Here]]. When you save the page, this becomes a link to the page with that title; if the page does not exist, the link will appear red, and clicking on it will take you to an edit page where you will be able to create the new page. (If the page already exists, the link will be blue and you'll need to either create a disambiguation page, come up with a new name, or add a media type and/or year in parentheses at the end, if it's a work.) Clicking the new Red Link will, as above, take you to an edit window.

3. Search for your intended page name in the wiki.
If your new page's name doesn't already exist, you will be presented with a "Search Results" page where you can create it. At the top of the results will be a bold-face prompt reading Create the page "Your Page Name Here" on this wiki! Clicking this Red Link will once again open up that edit window we've been going on about.
If your page name does turn out to exist, well, see the advice for name collisions in item 2 above.

4. Type the new URL directly into your browser.
In your browser's address edit field, enter followed by the name of the page you want to create (like so: Page Name Here) and hit Enter. Just like the "new category" example in item 1 above, this will bring up a new page that will tell you the page you want has no text in it, and will offer the options to search for it elsewhere or create the page, all of which will be Blue Links. Click the "create this page" link to create the page.

5. Use the Page Creator.
This is a special page where you can simply pick one of a few basic kinds of pages, enter the name you want, and go directly to an edit window pre-populated with a page template. Currently it provides shortcuts to new index, work and trope pages (although the Trope Workshop should always be used for new tropes); it also provides a shortcut to a non-specific new page (where you need to select the desired template).

For more detailed (but more generic) help on creating a new page, you can also refer to Help:Starting a new page.


  • Remember that page names are case-sensitive, and that we follow the commonly-accepted style rules for when to capitalize and when not to. (In general, unless they're the first word in the page name, conjunctions, prepositions and articles are lower case, everything else is uppercase.)
  • Remember also that MediaWiki permits punctuation and accented characters in page names.
  • Pages for tropes should always be created in the Trope Workshop; this will help catch potential duplicates and lame tropes, give it a better name, and refine the overall trope. See Trope Workshop Guidelines for more information.
  • Works Pages Are a Free Launch and don't need to go through the Trope Workshop, but the page should have at least a few tropes on it -- don't just post a naked description. See Works Page Guidelines for more detailed instructions.
  • When creating any sort of page, please put in a little effort and do it right:
    • Follow our Style Guide.
    • Flesh it out some; don't make Wiki Magic do all the work (lest you incur the wrath of the gods).
    • Add appropriate Categories to the page. If you're manually creating the page without using one of the page boilerplates, don't forget to add one for the page name itself.
    • Link to your page from some other places in the wiki. Just use your trope or examples list -- and it's okay to copy text from your page.
  • Don't forget to set up redirects when you create a page. If you think another person may search for the page you've created by using a different name or spelling, please create the proper redirect(s). See Help:Redirects and Creating New Redirects.
  • And, most importantly, feel free to ask questions in the Forums.