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All The Tropes is not just about tropes and the works that use them. Frequently information about an author, actor, director, producer, mangaka, composer, animator, developer, or other creator will be relevant to our understanding of the tropes in their works. To that end, we have Creator pages.

These pages document information about creators pertaining to their works and the tropes they use. Any creator can have a page if someone is willing to make it.

Creator pages are created with the Creators Page template. This template automatically lays out the proper structure for a creator page, and assigns it to the Creator category. We also have several other templates -- such as {{actorroles}}, {{discography}}, and {{creatortropes}} -- especially designed for use on Creator pages.

Note that not all pages about people will fall into this category. Some, such as The Presidents, are Useful Notes and/or Historical Domain Characters. Unlike TV Tropes, though, we count performers of all stripes -- including musicians, bands, and professional wrestlers -- as Creators.

What can go on creator pages[edit | hide | hide all]

What should not go on creator pages:[edit | hide]

  • IMPORTANT: Copying verbatim from TV Tropes is copyright infringement, and a good way to earn speedy deletion. See All The Tropes:Copyrights if you want to know why.
  • Tropes applied to the creator as if they are a fictional character. Please resist the urge to apply character tropes to Real Life people. We've had a lot of Square Peg, Round Trope issues in the past with this, so as a general guideline, it's best to apply No Real Life Examples, Please to creators. If it seems harmless, it might be overlooked Just for Fun, and there is an exception for Conversational Troping as mentioned above, but on the whole this is something best avoided.
  • Tropes that apply to individual works they've created. Any tropes listed should be relevant to their work as a whole, not to just one work. So if a trope only applies to one work they've made, please list it on that work's page instead.
  • Creator Bashing. Creator pages should not be used to complain about how much a person sucks. We're not here to hate on people. It's okay to have problems with their works, but that doesn't give you a license to abuse a creator. Please keep it reasonably neutral. If it can't be kept neutral, and/or descends into an Edit War, All The Tropes may have to lock the page -- or worse, delete it and then lock it. We don't want to have to do that. Don't make us.
  • Subjectivity and YMMV. We don't list YMMV items for real-life people. That includes creators. Please don't list Audience Reactions or YMMV for a creator.
  • Drooling. In the past, we've had pages for actresses that consisted primarily of gushing about how hot they are. This is not okay. It's inappropriate and will not be tolerated.
  1. If one or more of their works does not yet have a wiki page associated with it, please list them as Red Links to make things easier in case the page gets created in the future.