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Due to ATT using MediaWiki, we have namespaces, much like TV Tropes, but they work differently, and below is a description of the namespaces and how they work on All The Tropes:

  • Main - the main namespace. All actual content goes here.
  • Talk - Discussion namespace. All main namespace pages have talk page counterparts.
  • User - The name space of our users (aka Tropers). Each troper has their own user space, and can create as many subpages here as they wish.
  • User Talk - Counterpart discussion pages for each user.
  • All The Tropes: Project namespace. Policy pages and pages with information specific to this wiki go here, and all have a corresponding discussion namespace where these pages may be discussed.
  • File - Pages for uploaded files, giving a description, thumbnail display, link to the full file, and so on. Images may be discussed individually on the talk pages for that namespace.
  • MediaWiki - Site code or site messages go here. This area can only be edited by sysops, but users may discuss changes on the talk pages.
  • Template - Template namespace, these can be transcluded onto other pages to provide added functionality.
  • Help - Help documentation for the MediaWiki software.
  • Category - Our equivalent of TV Tropes's index pages.
  • Thread - All pages that are threads created by the LiquidThreads extension.
  • Summary - Archival for forum summaries on the old DPL forum.
  • Forum - Archival space for our old forum, though some of our current new forum pages reside here as well.
  • Widget - Namespace for Widgets added for the Widgets extension. Editable by sysops only, new widgets may be requested on the forums.
  • Trope Workshop - Our namespace equivalent of TV Tropes YKTTW namespace. New trope pages can be worked on and discussed here.
  • Module - Namespace used for templates using the Lua coding language.