All The Tropes:Userboxes/Moods

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These userboxes are for displaying your mood.

Userbox Code to copy/paste to your user page
SMirC-mmm.svg This troper is in an introspective mood.
{{Interested Troper}}
SMirC-grin.svg This troper has a big grin on their face.
{{Grinning Troper}}
SMirC-happy.svg This troper is in a great mood.
{{Happy Troper}}
SMirC-laugh.svg This troper is in the mood for a laugh.
{{Laughing Troper}}
SMirC-doh.svg This troper is prone to screwing up. Please be patient with them.
{{Sheepish Troper}}
SMirC-dunno.svg This troper often doesn't know what to think.
{{Dunno Troper}}
SMirC-beam.svg This troper is beaming like the sun!
{{Beaming Troper}}
SMirC-wink.svg This troper wants everyone to know they've got an eye on things.
{{Winking Troper}}
SMirC-smile.svg This troper often optimistic about editing.
{{Smiling Troper}}
SMirC-facepalm.svg This troper often looks at some pages in exasperation.
{{Facepalming Troper}}
SMirC-coffeebreak.svg This troper needs their coffee to edit.
{{Coffee Break Troper}}
SMirC-wtf.svg Some pages edited by this troper are really WTF worthy.
{{WTF Troper}}
SMirC-worry.svg This troper is a bit of a worrier.
{{Worried Troper}}
SMirC-embarassed.svg This troper is easily embarrassed.
{{Embarrassed Troper}}
SMirC-shy.svg This troper is kinda shy........
{{Shy Troper}}
SMirC-crazy.svg This troper is crazy.
{{Crazy Troper}}
SMirC-silent.svg This troper doesn't talk very much.
{{Quiet Troper}}
SMirC-sceptic.svg This troper questions everything.
{{Skeptical Troper}}
SMirC-zzz.svg This troper is prone to sleeping in.
{{Sleepy Troper}}
SMirC-love.svg This troper is something of a romantic.
{{Romantic Troper}}
SMirC-cry.svg This troper is easily brought to tears.
{{Crying Troper}}
SMirC-medium.svg This troper is isn't anything in particular.
{{Meh Troper}}
SMirC-sad.svg This troper is easily depressed.
{{Sad Troper}}
SMirC-shock.svg This troper is easily shocked.
{{Shocked Troper}}
SMirC-angry.svg This troper is easily angered.
{{Angry Troper}}
SMirC-stoned.svg This troper likes to light one up.
{{Stoned Troper}}
SMirC-cool.svg This troper is in touch with their inner swag.
{{Cool Troper}}
SMirC-bored.svg This troper is easily bored.
{{Bored Troper}}